Vice3 Look: Colours and Neutrals

I have created 2 looks using the Vice 3 palette. There will be 2 more, but first, I want to show you something neutral and basic using the far right column of the palette (taupes and neutrals), and also another more colourful look using the second column from the left (blue, green, navy and dirty gold). Just to remind you, here’s how the palette looks, and click here for the swatches if you haven’t seen it yet.


UD Vice3 palette


The first look is an understated neutral one. Basically, I divided my lid into 3 parts. On the inner third of my lid, I applied Last Sin. At the centre, I dabbed on Angel before using Defy on the outer third corner. Then with a small eye brush, I used Revolver to line my upper and lower lash line, before lining my eyes with Zero on the upper lash line and Demolition on my lower lash line. Then using Last Sin again, I highlighted the inner half of my lower lash line. It is a pretty basic look, something that flatters all eye shapes. Here is how it looks.




For the colourful and more playful look, I decided to use Dragon as the main lid colour. I applied it on my entire lid, leaving the outer third clean, because I wanted to pair it with Brokedown. This pairing itself doesn’t create a lot of contrast, and that’s what I wanted. I wanted the contrast to be the blues against the green and gold. With the dual ended pencil liner in Perversion / LSD, I lined both my top and bottom lash line using LSD. I then darkened the upper lash line using Heroine (winging out the line a little further than usual) and smudged out the lower lash line using Freeze. The final look is something like this.


blue green


There you go. A neutral basic look for every day and a more playful look just for the heck of it. I will post 2 more looks, one using the pink and burgundy, and the other using purple and browns (3rd and 4th column of the palette). I hope you enjoyed this, and that it gave you an idea of how the palette performs. The possibilities are endless! These are just 2 of the many many looks you can create 🙂 Have you checked out Vice3 yet?


xoxo Lily