Vice3 Look: Pinks and Purples

Here are 2 more looks I promised you! If you haven’t checked out the previous 2 looks I created, click here. For the review and swatches of the Urban Decay Vice3 palette, click here. So for these 2 looks, I’ll be using the 3rd and 4th columns of the palette. One is a purple among gold and brown, and the other is a combination of pink and burgundy. Here are how the colours look, for your reference.


UD Vice3 palette


The purple look is not as tricky as the pink and burgundy! I was contemplating how to incorporate all 4 shades, and decided not to overdo it and risk looking like a drag. It is still a dramatic look, but you know, sometimes it’s just fun to try out different ways of applying eye makeup. Just for the blog. And you. The colour placements for this look will be Alien on the inner half of the lid, with Alchemy on the outer half of the lid. Bondage is used on the hollow of my eye socket, and Sonic is placed on my lower lash line. Bondage is very pigmented, so I had to use a very light hand because I’m not a huge fan of very obvious or sharp cut crease. I used Black Velvet eye pencil to line both my top and bottom lash line so I wouldn’t look like I have sore eyes. Here is now it looks.




For the next look, I wanted the purple to me the main colour. So I placed Vanity all over my lids and a touch of Bobbi Dazzle on the inner corners of my eyes. Reign is used to add depth on the outer corner of my eyes while the gold in Lucky is great to subtly brighten up the entire look by just adding it on my lower lash line. For this look, I used Tornado to line both my upper and lower lash lineΒ πŸ™‚ Here is how it looks.




I hope you enjoyed both these looks. It is of course easier to pair just 2 colours and call it a day, and that’s what I would’ve done if I were to go out.Β I left out the first column of matte colours because on me, they are a little too light. If you have very pale skin, then they work as a great subtle day time look. DTF and Downfall are great as blending shades, while Truth is a shade I’d use on my brow bone. It’s a little too close a match to my natural skin tone, but it still works to clean up the area. Undone is a little pink for my brow bones, but it works as a lid colour.Β So now, I have provided you with 4 out of many possible looks. You can mix and match the shades to create a look, and not just follow the coordinated shades according to the columns. It’s all up to your own creativity and imagination!

So… are you wee bit tempted to get this palette? Do you want me to create more looks using this palette? Let me know in the comments below!


xoxo Lily



  • Oh that purple look! Tempting indeed! I don’t find pink easy to wear, but smoking it out a little is a great strategy πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Pinks are not easy to wear, indeed. It’s more wearable for me, when paired with grey or brown, but on a day to day basis, I hardly touch pinks. LOL!

  • Love both looks! You know I love me a great pink eye look! But that purple is really nice! I find purples are usually not nicely pigmented, but this one looks really good!

    • Lily

      All the colours in this palette are pigmented, so I was quite happy that the colours don’t turn out muddy either. I hate it when some colours look great when you pat them on the lid, but once you start blending, they just disappear.

  • You are such a wizard with colorful eye makeup, Lily! I like both of these…but especially the second, with Lucky on the bottom. So lovely!

    • Lily

      Oh dear gosh, Larie. I hardly wear colours IRL… and it’s only for the blog where I can go a little crazy. I do like the purple one though. It’s more wearable, and I can definitely see myself wearing it out πŸ™‚

  • Lily

    Thanks Laarni. I’ll try to put up more ideas, but looks like at the moment, I’ve scheduled posts until December! LOL! Will try to slot it in when possible πŸ™‚

  • Jaa

    Love both looks so much, Lily! I like how they are colorful but at the same time muted and wearable. I agree with you, there are no limits to the looks you can come up with with the Vice3! πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Right? This palette is very versatile πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    I love seeing a good pink shadow in action! Love both looks. This palette will always tempt me but I’ll just have to remain strong. I like admiring the colours but don’t wear enough myself to justify getting this.

    • Lily

      I understand what you mean though. I hardly wear colours myself… and actually, Liz, we just don’t need anymore eye shadows, period. LOL!

  • Oh my gosh, the pink/red look is WOWING me! I love that so much! So beautiful!

    • Lily

      I was hoping it wasn’t over the top, Kristen. I mean, I probably won’t wear it out though. LOL!

  • silverkis

    Beautiful looks, Lily!!! You can definitely wear both looks out, no problem!!! And on a totally unrelated note, I can’t wait to meet your lil one! All the best, Lily!!!

    • Lily

      Thanks Linda. Can’t wait to meet the little one too!