Empties and Final Thoughts

This is the last empties post for the year. When I was pregnant for a good part of the year, I decided to bust out my skincare samples and use them up. I also got a little ruthless and got rid of a few older makeup items. As I’ve done with the previous empties post, I’ll give you my final thoughts of these products (mostly already reviewed) to see if my views have changed. And also to discover whether or not I’d repurchase any of them 🙂


hair and body


L’occitane Supple Skin Oil – used up this one rubbing my belly. LOL! Kept my skin moisturized and itch free during pregnancy. I’m using Clarins anti stretch mark cream now, and I think I prefer this oil. Will repurchase.

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Cleansing Oil Shampoo – yes, still as awesome, will repurchase.

Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream – Used this up too fast! Too pricey for just a month of nightly use. Even though I saw huge improvement on my feet’s condition, I can’t justify the price tag. Will not repurchase.

Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream – already repurchased.


skincare fullsize


Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask – this is my 3rd tube. Will repurchase

Estee Lauder ANR – for face, already repurchased. My staple! For eyes (the serum), I’m not too sure. Maybe!

Estee Lauder Nutritious cleanser – it’s a good foam cleanser which multi tasks. I always like to try different cleansers though, so I’m not repurchasing this not because it’s not good, but because I wander…

La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum – it’s a press sample and it really did its job! Now, if I had a job, I would repurchase… but I’m unemployed now

Lancome Bi-Facil – I always repurchase this sooner or later

Hada Labo Air Aqua UV – It works and it’s cheap. What’s not to like? Will repurchase

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti Ageing Creme – I went through this so fast! I used it day and night and the whole tub was gone in like 3 months. It was good while it lasted. Won’t repurchase for the moment because I have a few moisturizers to go through.


skincare samples


Now for skincare samples.

Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner – I really like this one. My skin feels smoother and softer. Will purchase the full size item.

Diorsnow White Reveal Moisturizing Lotion – (GWP) not the first time I used this. I like it, but darn pricey!

Diorsnow Anti-Spot Cream – (GWP) I love the Diorsnow skincare line. Made my spots go away. But at the moment, my concern is not about spots or pigmentation. I want some firming action!

Estee Lauder Timezone Eye Cream – I always get this with GWP so I won’t be purchasing the full size item.

Dior Instant Eye Makeup Remover – (GWP) This is surprisingly good. It removes stubborn waterproof mascaras so easily! It’s gentle on the eyes too. I will get the full size once I’m done with my cheapo Biore one.

Dior Capture Totale Multi Perfection Base UV – I already bought the full sized item. It has SPF50 and is tinted and is awesome. Full review to come.

Dior Capture Totale Eye Cream – hhmmm… not too impressed.



Dior Lip Glow in Coral – I used up this one. A favourite!! If they sell the coral one again, I’d definitely buy it.

Lancome Hypnose Star, Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara – they were good but I’m moving on to other mascaras. Aren’t there any cheaper good ones? Sigh

Diorshow Art Pen – dried up and it was good. Bought some cheaper ones which are just as good. That makes it better!

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage – I had to chuck this out. Been around for too long and it’s drying up.

MUFE HD foundation – yes, this is a good foundation but had to throw this out. This buddy’s getting old. I have too many other foundations sitting around to be repurchasing this




Now the creams that I tossed. MAC fluidline in Blitz and Glitz is something I like to reach for. It’s not as harsh as black, it’s dark brown with some fine glitter. I would repurchase this if I wasn’t limiting myself on cream products. The same goes to Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Gunmetal. Both were in my stash for a long time. While they didn’t smell bad and still performed, I had to get rid of them. They’re too old. So are MAC Cream Colour Base in Shell and concealer in NC20. Also, I found better concealers than this MAC one and Shell got a little too frosty for my liking.

Whew! LOOOOOOOOONG post. I feel like I’ve been writing forever. If you read every word, hats off to you. If you skimmed through the pictures and read those that interested you, yup, that’s what I would’ve done.

Just 2 more days to 2015. CRAAAAAZY!!


xoxo Lily



  • Petrina Chin

    haha i did make it till the end! which reminds me stuff i need to toss as i need space for next year’s purchases!

    • Lily

      Oh wow! Thanks for reading. And yes, out with the old, in with the new. Hahaha

  • Jaa

    Lots of empties here! 😀 I love the Diorsnow line as well but lately I’ve been looking into something with a bit of firming action, too. I’m crazy about hand creams so I went back to your original Clarins post and I am trying to figure out what the “soothing flowery powdery scent” actually smells like. LOL! Guess I can just go to the counter! ;D Sounds like a good hand cream!

    • Lily

      It’s a good hand cream indeed! Liz was raving about the Nuxe one, and once I’m done with this, I want to try that

  • Wheee that’s a whole lot of empties! I’m seeing some of my favorites here (the L’Occitane oil, ANR, and the Antipodes mask is a new find). I really don’t have much luck with Lancome mascaras tho. I can’t remember which one I tried, but it made my lashes glue together!

    • Lily

      I tried some pretty bad ones from Lancome, but this one is OK. I observed that I need smaller mascara wands to work, so when I see bigger wands, I know they probably won’t work. So I don’t even bother trying!

  • LOL Lily. I usually poke through my stuff and toss throughout the year, so I’m doing okay right now. I can’t find a good cheap mascara, either. Actually, I like Clinique’s mascaras and here at least they’re usually cheaper than Lancome, etc.

    • Lily

      Oh yea, I remember liking a Clinique mascara (GWP), so I should try them. The one I tried had this tiny wand that reached all my lashes. I can’t remember which it was though. Darnnit

  • I toss stuff all year round like Larie-did you keep your MAC Empties? You could get a free lipstick if you took them back to the store! Although, I know you don’t like MAC lipsticks LOL, but maybe one of their newer one you’d like? 😀

    • Lily

      Haha yes, I know there’s this back to MAC thing. I give the empties to my sister in law, so she could get whatever lipstick she wants. I want to try those NARS lipsticks though. One day, I promise. Hahaha

  • Liz

    I almost bought that Murad toner but ended up getting something from the drugstore instead. Wish I hadn’t!

    • Lily

      I already have this Murad toner in the shopping cart. I’m just waiting for some sort of discount before I click purchase!

  • the coral lip glow has been available in the US!! i can’t recall if it is permanent or a repromote for the holidays… at any rate i saw it at sephora pretty recently!

    • Lily

      I don’t think we have it here, Joyce, but I could be wrong. I haven’t been out makeup shopping in months!

      • Hehe, you have a baby to take care of! No time to think about that coral lip glow hehe