Review: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

I never used liquid eye liner much because I always found it easier to use pencil liners. I like that I can be careless with it, and if there’s a mistake, I’d just smudge it out using my finger and call it a smokey eye. LOL! However, my one and only liquid liner dried out, so I thought I’d purchase just one, just in case I needed more precision and at that time, I just wanted to buy something. So, I went to my local Sasa and searched for one that is new to me. This is how Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner came home with me. That was about a month ago and before I forget, I bought it for RM55.90.


Dolly Wink


The SA at Sasa recommended a few liners, but what drew me to this one by Dolly Wink is its super fine tip. All the packaging of Japanese brands are kawaii, so I expected nothing less from this. I’m not a fan of kawaii stuff, but there is something young and feminine about the packaging that is kinda cute…. and that thought came and went in 2 seconds. Anyhoo…


Dolly Wink liner Dolly Wink liquid liner


I’ve been wearing this quite a bit, initially just to test how it performs, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it stays on my lash line without transferring onto my lids. There was zero smudging as well, and I used this without any primer on my lids whatsoever. Usually, by the 5th hour mark, when my lids get oily, I’d get some transfers from liquid liners (except for Bobbi Brown gel liners which are solid!). This one – nada! I tested it for at least 8 hours for a few days, and the result was nothing less than impressive. I also love that this liner can draw super sharp lines, and very fine cat eye flick. The one thing to note however, is that it is not waterproof. The liner can be easily removed using water. How can this NOT be waterproof and yet stays so friggin well? I have no idea.

The photos below were taken using my phone camera when I was out and about. The one on the left shows you how fine the line can get, and I could get it very close to the lash line. I wasn’t wearing any mascara that day. The one on the right was taken on a different day, 4 hours after wear, without any primer or powder on my lids. As you can see, no smudges, no transfers, my eyelid was completely clean! I’m very impressed 🙂




Have you tried this eye liner by Dolly Wink? I was told this liner runs out pretty fast. It’s only been a month, and I don’t wear it every day, since I don’t go out often now that the little bub is still tiny. Fingers crossed it’ll last for at least half a year, before it dries out. I’d be really upset otherwise. What’s your favourite liquid eye liner? Are you a pencil or a liquid fan?


xoxo Lily


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