Review: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara is THE mascara I have to try! So I’ve been told. Many people love this mascara, and I had high expectations. I also read some negative reviews, but they are so far and few between that I thought, hey, maybe I’m part of the majority. I have very fine Asian lashes which aren’t long, but not too short either. My lashes are not dense, and yet, they are not too sparse, and thank goodness, no bald spots. I want a mascara that lengthens, volumizes and holds curls. The worst for me is a mascara that makes my lashes all droopy and sad. So anyway, in came the Armani ETK mascara.


ETK mascara


Oh yes, the heavy luxurious feel of the tube. It makes you think the product is just as luscious and sexy. The wand is quite big for my eyes, but I could make it work. The wand also looks like a regular one without any gimmicky special shape, so to me, regular is good. I’d prefer it to be smaller, but I know I have the option to buy the Clinique one if I want a tinier brush. I just have to make sure the formula isn’t too wet, or I’d risk smudging the mascara all over my lids. If the mascara comes out wet, I usually like to leave it out for a while to let it dry up a little before applying. This mascara isn’t too wet, but I still have to let it air dry for a while first.


ETK mascara wand brush size


The thing with this mascara is, it doesn’t make much difference to my lashes. Sure, maybe my lashes look a little blacker, but that’s it. It doesn’t hold the curl because my lashes drooped immediately after application, and even after 3 coats, my lashes don’t look any longer or any fatter. Erm, so, what’s the point of this mascara? I really have no idea. Here’s a before after photo to show you what I mean.


before after


It’s just a total waste of money because I can get better results using a much cheaper drugstore mascara! Every time I use this mascara, I just feel like throwing it in the bin. One day, when my patience runs out, when I’m stressed and just plain grumpy due to lack of sleep and sore nipples, I swear I’d destroy this thing. UGH!

On the more logical side, I guess this is why there are so many mascaras out there though. Depending on your own lashes and preference, there will be a mascara for you out there. I have a few favourites from Dior and Estee Lauder, and also from Lancome and Maybelline. Some Japanese brands work quite well too. So in the end, it’s all trial and error. This is an expensive error but hey, now I can just scratch Armani ETK off my list, and put it in my DO NOT BUY AGAIN list. I bought into the hype, but it’s just not for me. Next!

What about you? What mascaras work for you and what mascaras don’t work for you?


xoxo Lily