Review: Le Metier de Beaute Hydra Creme Lipstick in Cashmere

I found out about many different beauty brands since I became a beauty blogger. If there’s one thing I want to do, I’d want to try at least one product from as many brands as I can. Foundations are tricky because I’m fussy about shade match, I have too many eye shadows, so that leaves lipsticks and blushes. I prefer lipsticks because how wrong can it be, right? Hhmmm… actually, things can go wrong with lipsticks too. I bought the Le Metier de Beaute Hydra Creme Lipstick in Cashmere off Beauty Bay some time back, together with the LMdBΒ crease brush which I’ll talk about later.


LMdB lipstick


The packaging of the lipstick actually reminds me of Clinique lipsticks but this is more hefty. Feels heavier and more solid and other than that, nothing much to talk about. I bought the shade Cashmere sight unseen after seeing it on RAEviewer, and I thought, since her skin tone is a little darker than mine, I shouldn’t look washed out right? Erm….


LMdB Cashmere


Before I show you how it looks on me, here are some comparison swatches of the nude lipsticks that I have. Comparatively, Cashmere looks even darker than Incognito. So, if Incognito looks great on, Cashmere should be even more pigmented. The texture of this lipstick is OK I guess. I don’t like it enough to wear it out. I just wipe it off after 10 minutes and apply something with more colour. First impression is that it goes on creamy, and I don’t think this formula will dry out my lips. It’s supposed to be moisturizing while delivering you opaque colour.


nude lips comparison

L-R: Bobbi Brown Nude Beige, Dior Incognito, Clinique Curviest Caramel, Revlon Matte Balm Complex, LMdB Cashmere.


Here is how Cashmere looks on me. It might be the milky nude beige that is just not compatible with my skin tone, I don’t know. Maybe I’m wearing it all wrong! I think I just look really weird and washed out with Cashmere on. And here I am, trying my best to sport a pout without looking stupid πŸ˜›




I do wish it’s more pink beige, or even coral beige, instead of this milk beige that looks a little ashy against my more pigmented lips. If I didn’t wear darker eyes, I’d look sick πŸ™ I’m quite disappointed I don’t like the shade I picked. I’d love to love this lipstick. I know I can make it work by applying a darker lip pencil as base. But that’s not the point. I want a lipstick to work on its own, if you know what I mean.Β What do you think of Cashmere?


xoxo Lily




  • Oh, man πŸ™ What a bummer! I think this one looks ok on you on film (more than okay!), but I can totally see how it would wash you out in real life — milky pinks are hard.

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t what you were hoping for, Lily!

    • Lily

      I’m sorry too, Rae… but fret not! I know how to make it work, just more work πŸ™

  • Awww, that’s too bad! I like it on you! Maybe darker eyes still you need though. It does pull really pink on you-You are a peachy nude girl!

    • Lily

      I tend to pull out all the pinks in lipsticks, seriously! And yes, I’m a peachy nude girl, for sure!

  • I actually like it on you, Lily and I’m not just saying that. I think it doesn’t wash you out with the makeup you’re wearing on. Love that you paired it with strong cheeks but maybe a bit more intense/bolder eyes. πŸ™‚ I think it MAY look like the washed out kind when worn on its own, though. So yes, this is quite a tricky shade to work with. Also like how the formula sounds, creamy but opaque and moisturizing at that.

    • Lily

      I suppose the formula might be nice, but how often do I wear darker and bolder eyes? LOL! I just have to use this with another lipstick or liner πŸ™‚

  • Lipstick looks beautiful on you in the photo! You’re right though about the need for dark eyes. I love the idea of lipstick shades like this one but just like you, they make me look ill if I don’t have strong eye makeup on (and most days I don’t, so it ends up being unused…)

    • Lily

      You’re right. On most days, I don’t wear strong eye makeup too! Which is why it’s a bummer this doesn’t work with no makeup makeup look. Ugh!

  • I actually really like it on you! πŸ™‚ I have Cashmere and I love it a lotβ€”but I may be a bit biased towards LMdB, haha. I do think it’s too slippy at times, but I love that it’s an easy formula to wear if you don’t want to deal with your lips drying out. I love their matte range more, though. I have a red Hydra-CrΓ¨me one that’s in a matte finish, and wow, that one’s amazing.

    • Lily

      Thanks Carina! I haven’t tried anything else from LMdB. I had my eyes on their Kaleidoscope but I’m also reluctant to pay for it. HAHAHA!

  • I share everyone else’s sentiment, it looks lovely on you. But I did stop with the nude lips for a while when I thought they made me look dead, and I’m normally too lazy for the dramatic eyes.

    • Lily

      Yeah, I’m into bolder lips right now. Give me berry!

  • Hey Lily, this looks fine as long as you have interesting things going on in other parts of your face, like what you did here! I can see it’ll probably wash you out if you’re going minimal elsewhere tho πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      I know right? I guess I might have to either say bye bye to this, or I just have to be less lazy and make this work by using it with another lipstick or lip liner πŸ˜›

  • Aw, I think it looks good! So long as you have dark eye makeup, I think, and that’s fun sometimes anyway. It’s hard to find a good nude.

    • Lily

      It is darn difficult! Maybe I should call it quits, since I love Curviest Caramel. It’s just that the CC pulls pink on me, and I wanted a nude beige. Goshdarnit… Maybe it’s a sign telling me to give up!

  • silverkis

    hey Lily, i totally feel you about wanting a more interesting lip color! I’m really not much of a nude lip fan… i think it’s my skin tone and pigmented lips… makes me look like the walking dead. But I really like the look you did with your stunning eyeshadow though!

    • Lily

      Hey Linda, yes, I think it’s gotta do with our more pigmented lips! That’s why it just looks so washed out. Maybe I should just leave my lips bare for the nude lip look. LOL!

  • It’s a tricky colour, would definitely wash me out. Anything lighter than Curviest Caramel generally does but it looks good on you! I think it also depends on the rest of face, it goes well with the smokey eye. πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      It’s such a tricky colour, I got tricked πŸ™ πŸ™
      I’m off this nude lip search for now. I hate being disappointed!

  • Jaa

    Oh I feel your pain! I have so many nude lipsticks that wash me out badly but I still try to make them work by doing what you did here and that is play up the eyes! Other than that I sometimes do gradient lips to add a tiny bit of color back to my face. πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      WWAAAA!!! *sob and cry*
      Nude lips are not for me πŸ™

  • Liz

    I think that the nude shade you’re looking for is the YSL matte lipstick that came out with the leather fetiche collection for fall. It’s got the perfect hint of rose to keep the face from looking washed out. Raeview goes so heavy on the eye drama that the lipstick probably looked less pale. I do like how it looks on you here though – not a loss at all, although I get that it’s not exactly what you wanted.

    • Lily

      Now that you mention it, Raeview does do very heavy eyes with thick falsies all the time. Darn. I missed that detail!

  • I actually kind of enjoy this lighter color on you, but if you’re not comfortable wearing it out, that’s what matters! I have the same beauty blogging philosophy about trying one thing from every brand. When I first started, I was going balls out with buying a bunch of stuff from one line. Now I’ll buy a blush or shadow here and there from different brands to try out a variety of lines. I really enjoy the lesser heard of brands, too!

    • Lily

      OMG me too! I used to go nuts and just buy one of everything the brand had to offer. Now that I think about it, I was so silly! I’m a little wiser now though – read all the reviews I can, and choose something WORTH owning.

  • i think this color is really pretty on you, but I totally know what you mean! I always think light pinks and nudes look weird on me haha!

    • Lily

      Thanks Joyce! I guess we’re our own worst critics after all πŸ™‚