Review: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cocoa Mirage

Tom Ford. Just that name associates with luxury. Think beautiful packaging and the price to match. I wanted to try at least one of his eye quads, and after much thought, I decided to go for something timeless and without too much bling. Cocoa Mirage seems to fit the bill and from swatches online, it is a beautiful basic palette that flatters everyone.


Tom Ford Beauty


I think if you’ve been reading beauty blogs, you are no longer a stranger to Tom Ford Beauty products. Cocoa Mirage is one of the permanent palettes, and you might have read reviews about it already too. Let me just chip in that while the lacquer brown and gold packaging looks beautiful, I still prefer the class and heft of Burberry packaging. One is plastic, the other is not.


Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Cocoa Mirage


Cocoa Mirage has 3 matte shades and one satin shimmery shade. Good matte shades are hard to find, but these are just top notch quality. The colours are smooth and pigmented, easily picked up using fingers or even brushes. The colours go on the lids effortlessly and they blend like cream. While the colours are pigmented, they are forgiving as well. Maybe it’s because of the neutrals and the perfectly harmonious colour family, I don’t know.


Cocoa Mirage upclose Cocoa Mirage swatches


Swatches are done clockwise from top left. We have a matte cream ivory, a matte medium buckwheat shade, a matte cool dark brown and a warm coppery bronze with the subtlest of shimmer. You can see how I wore it in this post here. Have you tried any Tom Ford makeup before? I heard their blushes are really good, and the latest limited edition matte lipsticks are to die for. While I think this is a great palette, and I own 2 of his face brushes, I’m not too tempted to purchase anything else from this brand. Mainly it’s because I have to purchase it online sight unseen, and for this price, a mistake can be very costly. LOL!

Are you a Tom Ford fan?


xoxo Lily



  • I have not tried his eyeshadows but someday! This one is probably the one I’d get it since it’s matte. I love his lipsticks and would love to get those new little boys ones lol, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get them up here. You should try a blush though! I do like them!

    • Lily

      Those little boys are stealing my heart too! But no. Saw how much they are, and I just can’t. Smaller than regular sized lipsticks too! I dunno… I will try one of his blushes though. One day…

  • This quad is gorgeous!
    I can’t say I’m drawn to the brand (just yet), but it has to be something like this if I decided to invest in. As you said, sometimes good mattes are so difficult to find, and so is any basic item really. 🙂

    • Lily

      I’m not particularly drawn to everything TF either. Same with Charlotte Tilbury – a little overwhelming seeing so many posts of them. Makes me want to rebel and just ignore the brand completely. LOL! Who knows? I’m probably missing out on something totally awesome!

  • Lim Shu Cheng

    Hi Lily, I am a self confessed Tom Ford fan, I collected all the eyeshadow palettes except for Burnised Amber. Some of the palette need more time to blend but the shimmer never fail to impress me. I bought all the permanent range blushes as well. This sound crazy but I do feel that Tom ford makeup are priced reasonably in Singapore and the quality of the products impress me.

    • Lily

      Oh WOW! A Tom Ford fan indeed 🙂 I suppose it’s easier when it’s more accessible. I guess if I played with the colours personally, I’d be more inclined to purchase more. So, I’m kinda glad I’m far away from a TF counter. LOL!

  • Bella

    This is one of my favourite palettes! I do love my Tom Ford products. They are not effortless to wear, for me; they give me a very polished, made up look/feel. I have to be in the mood to enjoy them. But I purchase and own them with relish ;). For everyday, “me” makeup I have Nars, Chanel, Bobbi Brown etc!

    • Lily

      And I bet your every day “me” makeup makes you feel great!

  • Hey Lily, I haven’t tried any Tom Ford eyeshadows yet, but to be honest I haven’t really seen a “must-have!” I really like the blush I own and definitely plan to get more when I can, and I might or might not have purchased two of the boys 😉

    • Lily

      I saw the picture on Instagram! Can’t wait to read what you think of the boys 🙂

  • I feel like this is a classic palette 🙂 But I am a bit Tom Forded out (and I don’t even own anything from the line, LOL) by all of the posts about those tiny lipsticks. I mean, I like them and they look great, but EVERYONE IS POSTING ABOUT THEM. LOL.

    • Lily

      Yah, this post is scheduled… and to be honest, I’m Tom Forded and Charlotte Tilbury-ed out myself. LOL!

  • I’ve never tried Tom Ford anything, except for the perfumes, because I can’t get them around here, but this looks like such a gorgeous formula! xxx

    • Lily

      Can’t get them here either, but the internet is a convenient and dangerous place to be

  • I just bought my first Tom Ford lipstick and to be honest, I’m not sure if it is my favourite formula at all. Despite the hefty price tag, I just don’t think it’s anything that remarkable. These shadows look nice and I’m intrigued by their blush.

    • Lily

      Oh, I’m glad someone doesn’t think TF lippies to be all that! I was lemming for his blushes at one point but I somehow got over it. Whew!

  • I also like the Burberry packaging more than TF, although I do love TF’s purfume bottles.

    • Lily

      I haven’t smelled any TF perfumed before. Can’t recall what they look like either, but I’m pretty sure I read some reviews… hhmmm…

  • Liz

    This palette looks good – just like cocoa. I like the cozy looking soft brown tones lately. As for TF, I don’t know that I’ll ever shell out for it without massive discounts. I’m curious to try more but not really convinced it’s all that.

    • Lily

      I know what you mean and I think that’s also the reason this is the only palette I bought. Just can’t justify the purchase!

  • i totally thought i commented on this… argh. At any rate, I really want this and/or Orchid Haze, but never indulged because of the price. Argh! I don’t know that I can bring myself to spend much more than $50 on eyeshadow. Maybe up to $60ish… but this would be about $80+ with tax… ARGH!

    • Lily

      Oh yeah, the tax kills it. I order it from the UK because after VAT discount (including shipping), it works out to be cheaper than getting it from the US. That said, I’ve slowed down a lot in purchasing stuff, but I’m actually using up more of my existing stuff. Feels good even though the new shiny things are tempting.

      • I’m trying, though it is impossible to use up stuff! Especially when i sleep in too much nearly all of the time and use nothing 😛 lol! I’ve slowed down on my purchases too, thank goodness, though many people would probably still think my purchasing isn’t “slow” !!

        • Lily

          LOL well, if it’s considered much slower for you, then it’s slow 🙂 Everyone’s different!