My Fitness Journey: To Start

Every journey has a destination. In every action, there is intention. For something so personal like health and fitness, the intention must come from yourself. No one else can do it for you. The desire must be there so that you can stick with it when the going gets tough. You see, for me, I’ve already pictured the end in mind. I want to be stronger so that simple daily chores will not exhaust me. I want to be able to carry a one year old Ashton in one arm, and heavy groceries in the other arm and walk to my car without huffing and puffing. I want to chase my 6 and 8 year olds until they fall on the ground but I’d still have the energy to do more. Accidents aside, I want to live long enough to actually actively PLAY with my grandkids. That, my friends, is more powerful than any bikini body I used to have in mind. The shape of the body will come with the effort I put in. The weight of my body has to reduce for me to do that, and with all these in mind, I know I can stick to the changes I’ll be doing to my lifestyle. That’s right. Lifestyle change didn’t mean much to me until I was pregnant with my third one and how useless I felt with the weight that came with it. I was literally heavy and slow with aches all over my body. I don’t want to feel that ever again.


My fitness journey chloeash



With the long term goal in mind, I also have short term goals. They are simple things like being able to do splits, pull ups, chin ups, head stands, etc. If things go well this year, I’d like to go on the Viper Challenge with my husband in 2016. These are little pit stops that will allow me to assess my progress. On the vanity side, there are certain clothes I’d like to look good in and to keep track, I only need to take measurements. Bearing in mind though, a smaller waist line does not equate a stronger me. I can just go on a caloric deficit and lose weight and muscles along with it. This is the new era where women not only want to look good, but we also want to be STRONGER!


Lots of words there but what do I do? Right now, I am 7 weeks postpartum. Doctor advised me to do low impact exercises to start, before progressing with higher impact stuff after 3 months postpartum. Coincidentally, there’s this 30 days of yoga thing going on now, and I took the opportunity to go with the program. I am doing Yoga with Adrienne’s videos on YouTube and I love her! She has a soothing voice, has a sense of humour and explains really well. I have been squeezing in her routine every morning when Ashton is asleep and I feel energized! Lack of sleep can do crazy things to one’s mind and yoga helps me re-focus. With this, I am easing into it, strengthening my core and body and awakening the muscles that have been resting for a while. When my body is ready, weight lifting is definitely part of the plan.


The most important thing. I am what I eat. Other than eating healthy and following certain macros (portions of fat, carbs and protein), whatever I put into my body also needs to be documented. For this, I use the app My Fitness Pal. I am still figuring out what my body reacts to and looking back at what I eat will shed me some light. I eat clean for the entire week, taking a break by having a cheat meal at the end of the week. The cheat meal makes me feel better and if I think I could go on without one, I’d skip that cheat meal. Knowing I have the option makes me feel less tied down.

In short

I just started this so I’m still figuring what works and what doesn’t. Change will take time and accepting that makes me more patient. I know what I want and while getting there will beĀ painful at times, just imagining BEING there helps me stay motivated. Also, not thinking about it too much or make a big deal out of it works for me too.

I will check back a few weeks later and let you know my progress. Perhaps a month later after I’m done with the #30daysofyoga? I hope I’m not all over the place here with my thoughts. They’re usually all jumbled up in my head, many thoughts come in all at once. It’s also difficult to write nowadays because the flow and momentum (of writing) is always interrupted by the little baby.

Anyway, thanks for reading. It’s a good exercise for me, to organize my thoughts the best I could. What’s your goal for 2015?


xoxo Lily