Review: Dior Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation and Backstage Blender

I’ve been using the Diorskin Star Studio Makeup Spectacular Brightening Weightless Perfection SPF30 PA++ (RM170) whenever I applied makeup for the past couple of months. That’s not a lot, since I haven’t been wearing much makeup, but whenever I do, I’d reach for this. First and foremost, I was testing this foundation, and after a few wears, I really enjoy using this. I’m not going to spill what the brand says about this foundation (you can search online, and I’m sure you can read all the marketing mumbo jumbo there), but I’m going to tell you how I make it work best, and its effect on my skin.


Diorskin Star and Backstage Blender

The foundation has a gel like consistency which is similar to the texture of the Diorsnow foundation. Really, how different can the texture of a liquid foundation be? I’ve read countless reviews and most of them are raves. Those who didn’t like this foundation, I find, tend to have drier skin. Since the birth of Ashton, my skin has been acting a little weird. Sometimes it gets a little oily, but most of the time, the surface of my skin gets dry. I was also using a new serum, which I suspect gave me blackheads. You see, when I get blackheads on my nose, especially those pesky spiky ones, my fingers have that uncontrollable tendency to pinch them. While the fingers work their torture as gently as possible, my nose would kick a fuss after that by shedding some skin. Hence, flaky nose. Who here has experienced this? I’m sure I’m not alone! The point is, while the foundation sits gorgeously on the rest of my face, it would bunch up on my nose. All the flaky bits are emphasized then magnified!!!!


Diorskin Star Diorskin Star 011


To counter flake galore, I moisturized my skin VERY WELL before applying this foundation and then spritz some MAC Fix+ after I’m done. Even the method of application matters! I first applied this foundation with my fingers, and it was not love. The foundation went on too thick and the coverage was too much for my liking. It looked cakey and fake. Then, I tried applying it with my foundation brush. No good either. It got a little streaky. So, I changed it to a buffing brush. The foundation doesn’t seem to like the buffing motion, but it prefers the gentle stipple against the skin. Ah, we’re getting there. I wet my brush before stippling it onto my face, and it gives a flawless finish. I tried it with my fingers again, and you know what? I need to PAT IN the foundation and it worked great.

Then, I decided to use the Backstage Blender (RM38) provided. It looks similar to the Beautyblender I reviewed recently, but this sponge is harder and tougher. I don’t have to use it wet either. Instead of a perfect tear drop shape, it has a flat butt. Because the sponge is less flexible, there is more precision in applying smaller areas using the tip of the sponge. I actually think this sponge performs better than the Beautyblender! I put some foundation on the back of my hand, pick up some product using the sponge, then dab onto my face. The finish is the best compared to all the other methods. While I use more foundation (some absorbed by the sponge), my skin looks like it is not wearing any foundation at all. Skin is evened out, undereyes look brighter, and it can even cover some minor spots.


Dior Backstage Blender


So every time I use this foundation, I’d use this sponge. From experiments, I find that this foundation doesn’t like to be moved around much, so stippling and dabbing motions give better results. If you have drier skin, moisturize well before applying, and use a face spray after for a more dewy finish. I don’t have to set this with powder, but my skin has been a little drier than usual. If you have oily skin, setting with powder will yield longer wear. The weather here has been cool and wet for the past couple of months too, and when it’s hot, I stayed in. So I can’t tell you how it braves the hot and humid weather. I can tell you however, that if you wear this to work where you spend most of the time in air conditioned spaces, this foundation will last you the whole day. I wore this base for the last 2 looks I posted and here are the photos for reference, just so you can see how it looks on me.


look NYE look


While I can’t tell you that this foundation is so awesome it’s gonna be great on you too, I can honestly say it’s been super on my skin. I look well rested when I’m not, and I have the confidence to face the world instead of looking like a zombie. (Note: For those of you who don’t know, my third baby is now 7 weeks and I have been sleep deprived) Also, my shade is 011. It is as light as 010, but 011 is warmer.

Have you guys tried this foundation? Is it good for you?


xoxo Lily


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