Review: Dior Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation and Backstage Blender

I’ve been using the Diorskin Star Studio Makeup Spectacular Brightening Weightless Perfection SPF30 PA++ (RM170) whenever I applied makeup for the past couple of months. That’s not a lot, since I haven’t been wearing much makeup, but whenever I do, I’d reach for this. First and foremost, I was testing this foundation, and after a few wears, I really enjoy using this. I’m not going to spill what the brand says about this foundation (you can search online, and I’m sure you can read all the marketing mumbo jumbo there), but I’m going to tell you how I make it work best, and its effect on my skin.


Diorskin Star and Backstage Blender

The foundation has a gel like consistency which is similar to the texture of the Diorsnow foundation. Really, how different can the texture of a liquid foundation be? I’ve read countless reviews and most of them are raves. Those who didn’t like this foundation, I find, tend to have drier skin. Since the birth of Ashton, my skin has been acting a little weird. Sometimes it gets a little oily, but most of the time, the surface of my skin gets dry. I was also using a new serum, which I suspect gave me blackheads. You see, when I get blackheads on my nose, especially those pesky spiky ones, my fingers have that uncontrollable tendency to pinch them. While the fingers work their torture as gently as possible, my nose would kick a fuss after that by shedding some skin. Hence, flaky nose. Who here has experienced this? I’m sure I’m not alone! The point is, while the foundation sits gorgeously on the rest of my face, it would bunch up on my nose. All the flaky bits are emphasized then magnified!!!!


Diorskin Star Diorskin Star 011


To counter flake galore, I moisturized my skin VERY WELL before applying this foundation and then spritz some MAC Fix+ after I’m done. Even the method of application matters! I first applied this foundation with my fingers, and it was not love. The foundation went on too thick and the coverage was too much for my liking. It looked cakey and fake. Then, I tried applying it with my foundation brush. No good either. It got a little streaky. So, I changed it to a buffing brush. The foundation doesn’t seem to like the buffing motion, but it prefers the gentle stipple against the skin. Ah, we’re getting there. I wet my brush before stippling it onto my face, and it gives a flawless finish. I tried it with my fingers again, and you know what? I need to PAT IN the foundation and it worked great.

Then, I decided to use the Backstage Blender (RM38) provided. It looks similar to the Beautyblender I reviewed recently, but this sponge is harder and tougher. I don’t have to use it wet either. Instead of a perfect tear drop shape, it has a flat butt. Because the sponge is less flexible, there is more precision in applying smaller areas using the tip of the sponge. I actually think this sponge performs better than the Beautyblender! I put some foundation on the back of my hand, pick up some product using the sponge, then dab onto my face. The finish is the best compared to all the other methods. While I use more foundation (some absorbed by the sponge), my skin looks like it is not wearing any foundation at all. Skin is evened out, undereyes look brighter, and it can even cover some minor spots.


Dior Backstage Blender


So every time I use this foundation, I’d use this sponge. From experiments, I find that this foundation doesn’t like to be moved around much, so stippling and dabbing motions give better results. If you have drier skin, moisturize well before applying, and use a face spray after for a more dewy finish. I don’t have to set this with powder, but my skin has been a little drier than usual. If you have oily skin, setting with powder will yield longer wear. The weather here has been cool and wet for the past couple of months too, and when it’s hot, I stayed in. So I can’t tell you how it braves the hot and humid weather. I can tell you however, that if you wear this to work where you spend most of the time in air conditioned spaces, this foundation will last you the whole day. I wore this base for the last 2 looks I posted and here are the photos for reference, just so you can see how it looks on me.


look NYE look


While I can’t tell you that this foundation is so awesome it’s gonna be great on you too, I can honestly say it’s been super on my skin. I look well rested when I’m not, and I have the confidence to face the world instead of looking like a zombie. (Note: For those of you who don’t know, my third baby is now 7 weeks and I have been sleep deprived) Also, my shade is 011. It is as light as 010, but 011 is warmer.

Have you guys tried this foundation? Is it good for you?


xoxo Lily


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  • Hey Lily, I’m glad to hear you like this as well! I agree: using a sponge is definitely the best application method. This is THE foundation I reach for when I want to stay flawless-looking for longer! Most negative reviews I’ve heard indeed come from people with dry/dehydrated skin. I guess nothing is for everyone!

    • Lily

      And that is why there are so many different types of formulations. I’d be surprised if there IS such a thing that’s suitable for every single person.

  • Your skin looks amazing, Lily! Ugh! šŸ˜‰ I always apply my foundation with a sponge. I use the original Beauty Blender. I just notice that the finish looks a lot better when I pat the foundation in.

    • Lily

      Thank you Melissa. For many other foundations, I can apply however I want, but for this foundation in particular, I have to be careful how I apply it šŸ™‚

  • gah i hate the beauty A.D.D. I have. I’m perfectly happy with the beauty blender but now i want to try this Dior version!

    • Lily

      I prefer this Dior backstage blender so much more!

  • Liz

    I think it’s a decent foundation but nothing new really. A lot of finicky foundations apply better when dabbed or patted in. I’m curious to try the Forever range instead.

    • Lily

      Ah the Dior Forever foundation is pretty good. It has higher coverage and the finish is powdery. You should get a sample of it šŸ™‚

  • I’ve finished up a Diorskin Nude bottle before so I was very eager to try this. Just have too many bottles to get through first! I like Dior’s bases in general but I find that they (or at least the shades we have here) run too light and pinky. I hope they have a wider range of shades for this foundation! And I get what you mean about the blackheads – I experience the flaking/caking on the nose as well when I try to do a self-facial and pick my blackheads (always a bad idea).

    • Lily

      I think we share the same problem. Buying new bases is just a crazy idea – it’s already a problem trying to use up one. LOL! And blackheads are a pest!

  • silverkis

    Hey Lily! Thanks for this detailed review, and yes I found Dior Star to not work so well where I have dry bits either (which is all over the face seriously). And yes, the blender works best with this foundation. I actually put it aside for awhile, but recently took it out and started mixing in some oil before application, and it is lovely!!! Try it!

    • Lily

      Oh thanks for the tip Linda. I’ll try to mix a drop of face oil to see how it works. What a genius idea!

  • I was wondering about this foundation. Love Dior for providing a good range of light shades with clean yellow undertones. I have been using my old Shu foundation (which I think is very similar to the Lightbulb), but I would need something long lasting in spring. Definitely will check this out as well as the sponge. šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Good to know Lena. I wonder if you guys get the shade 011 in the US. I have a feeling you might need that shade because 010 is a little pink and I’m guessing 021 might be a little dark on you.

  • I’m glad it works for you! But I can’t get it to look good on me no matter what I try. It’s so FINICKY and I have ADD when it comes to foundations, so eh. And I’m not about to go buy another freakin’ sponge when I have my Beauty Blender that works with everything else. I don’t like the idea that this foundation works the best with JUST this sponge. I think I’m giving up on it. Although, I do mix it in with other foundations and it’s sorta’ ok. I also think there’s a huge gap in shade range from the lightest to the second lightest shade. LOL Negative Tracy or what HAHAHA. Sorry to be such a downer on your lovely review! It does look so perfect on you and I wish it would on me too!

    • Lily

      I’ve tried well loved foundations that don’t work for me too. And it really isn’t worth all the effort just to make it work. So many other options. I do love the finish of this one though šŸ™‚

  • This foundation continues to interest me, but I have several to finish before I venture out into new buy land. Great review and photos – this base looks beautiful on your lovely skin! And yes, I too can relate to the nose blackheads/pinching/flaking action!

    • Lily

      Thank you Kristen. I have a few foundations to use up too, and I just can’t see it happening!

  • i keep meaning to grab a sample of it, as it seemed nice when I swatched it! Interesting that you think it might not be great for dry skin.. I’ll be sure to try a sample first then!!

    • Lily

      So far, most negative reviews come from those with dry skin. I can understand though, since this foundation does emphasize flakes. Skin needs to be thoroughly moisturized before applying this foundation šŸ™‚

  • Jaa

    Holy smoke it looks so natural on you, Lily! Or is it because of the wonder blender?! ;D I’ll probably wait until it gets warmer to try this foundation because right now the weather is below zero and my skin is a little on the dry side!

    • Lily

      I really like this foundation! I’m also trying another method to apply this. Stippling it in with a wet brush works really well too šŸ™‚

  • Hsien Lim

    Im using Star currently and love it so much. Unfortunately the Sephora BA suggested wrong shade kind of greyish which I need to mix with other foundation. I interested on Dior Forever, need your advice. TQ šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Hi Hsien Lim, sorry I missed your comment. Shade match is very important. I personally prefer Star to Forever though. While Forever is also pretty good, I prefer the finish of Star. If you can get your hands on Diorskin Nude, that’s pretty good too. The new one is the Diorskin Nude Air, which is a serum foundation. You might like that as well. I’m afraid liquid foundations are all about personal preferences, and about trial and error. Perhaps get more samples to try out?

  • Lily

    Hi Krithi, I’m so sorry I’ve been missing comments! It’s been a few months since you bought this foundation now – how are you liking it? I’m pretty sure we have the backstage blenders here so if you need help buying them, just let me know. Thailand is my neighbour country after all šŸ™‚

    • Hi Lily
      thats alright ,looks like u seem to be busy …
      Yes im really loving the foundation ..the fact that it is light weeight and gives good coverage is what I love šŸ™‚
      thanks so much for your help ,Im in India and it might be far and tough process to send the stuff here šŸ™

      • Lily

        Oh you’re in India! Sorry, thought Thailand šŸ™‚ I can still help you buy if you want. Postage might be more pricey though.

  • Tiffany Wang

    I’ve heard such great things about this foundation! How would you compare it to Diorsnow? It’s been so hard to find diorsnow reviews in English, but your review of it made it sound like the most amazing foundation of all time! And now this looks like a great alternative. On the Dior site, it looks like Diorsnow has higher coverage than Diorskin Star – did you find that to be true? I’m also curious to see which is more hydrating and has longer lasting power. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    • Lily

      Hi Tiffany, I find that the Diorsnow is brighter. While they are of the same number 011, Diorsnow is a tad bit lighter shade wise. You are right to say Diorsnow has slightly more coverage too. I would say Diorskin Star is lighter and blends much better while Diorsnow is slightly thicker, hence the difference in coverage. Both of them last well on me (I haven’t worn them past the 8 hour mark) and none of them dry me out. However, the Diorskin Star emphasizes flakes more than the Diorsnow.
      I hope that helps!

      • Tiffany Wang

        Thank you so much!! This was definitely really helpful! Quick final question – of the two, which do you prefer and why?

        • Lily

          Hi Tiffany, this is a tricky question to answer. Both work really well on my skin actually. At the moment, my skin doesn’t need much coverage, and I prefer lighter foundations – sheerer coverage and also lighter on the skin. Because of these few factors, I’d choose the Diorskin Star. When my skin changes in the future, my pick will be different as well šŸ™‚