Review: La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel

I know that brands come up with catch phrases that are very attractive. AND we should take it with a pinch of salt. Then again, ah, the woes of a new mom. I take care of a newborn (now 2 months old) full time. The baby used to wake up every 2 hours throughout 24 hours for feeding. Then, there are those times when they need nappy change and plain soothing. Now that he’s a little bigger, he feeds every 3 to 4 hours and sometimes, there are bad nights when he’d wake up every hour. Some people will say “Sleep when the baby sleeps!”. Bull crap. This baby is a light sleeper in the day so there’s no way I could sleep when he does. Also, he literally catches a wink. Half hour up, half hour nap. I also have to squeeze in chores, errands and blogging. So when La Mer promises eyes that look youthful, energized and awakened, I’m excited and bloody hopeful. And I’m sure now you know why I jumped for joy.


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I have done a few reviews on La Mer skincare, and my skin takes it very well. In fact, I was surprised how quickly my skin reacts to La Mer products. I have nagged and preached about the importance of eye creams and the consistency in application, and I know a bunch of you who don’t agree. Some of you use face moisturizers, and some of you lucky ones don’t even have to use eye creams. I on the other hand, must use one. I have to be careful that the cream is not too rich to avoid milia but rich enough to sooth my drying eyes. Age is not kind to the fragile skin around the eyes and that’s where fine lines first occur. Together with lack of sleep, my eyes are dry all the time, making me feel like I should drench them in creams.


la mer illuminating eyes


I have been using La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel (RM520) every morning and night for the past month and it has been my eye savior. My eyes don’t feel dry even though this eye gel is not creamy. It is a gel (duh!) that sinks into the skin leaving it feeling smooth but not slippery like silicones. I think my eye bags shrunk and my dark circles became bearable. How much more can I say? I used the Estee Lauder ANR for Eyes and even bought a backup and then I got this. This is at least twice as powerful as the Estee Lauder ANR because I could tell the difference since I used this. I only use half a pump for both eyes, just a small dollop like the size of a grain of rice. La Mer promises to blur the fine lines around the eyes, brighten the eye area and sooth the area on contact. It is also supposed to strenghten and help protect the delicate skin in the future.

I don’t know how it’ll be in the future, but *gasp* I think it actually does as promised. Here’s a photo of me, bare faced, haven’t had any sleep that’s longer than 3 hours at one go for the last 2 months. Stressed to the max, tired as heck, I should be able to scare zombies away. I was debating whether or not to put up this photo but you need to see it to believe it. I still have eye bags but trust me when I say they have shrunk. Still some darkness under my eyes, but hey, at least they don’t look as bruised as before. Picture was taken around 6pm bouncing off the warm evening sunlight. I didn’t do anything to my face since my morning skincare routine. Slight shine and there are fine lines and redness here and there. I am 36 going on 37 baby it’s time to think, better beware of fine lines and wrinkles, baby you’re on the brink… 


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I’m not fishing for compliments, but please tell me I’m not lying to myself. Can you tell I haven’t slept much (or at all) for more than 60 days? Do I look like how I’ve been feeling? Half dead? You can always burst my bubble. I’ll just go hide for a while, but I’ll be fine in no time. To skeptics – Have I been raving about La Mer just because I want to impress the PR to keep sending me products? If you’re a long time reader, you should know how I review stuff. If it’s no good, you’d know. But this one… worth every penny.

In case you’re interested, the other products I use on my face are – Cleanser, toner, Estee Lauder Micro Essence, Estee Lauder ANR, Dior Capture Totale moisturizers for day and night. This Illuminating Eye Gel will be available at La Mer counters starting February 2015. I have to start saving up for the next bottle.


xoxo Lily


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