Sunday Stash Shopping #36: My NYE Look

I didn’t have anything planned for this post initially, because I haven’t been wearing much makeup. As luck would have it, there was a housewarming party on New Year’s Eve that I had to attend. We didn’t stay up late for the countdown, and I had a baby to take care of, but it was good to go out for a short while and have a few laughs with friends. So anyway, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the makeup I used. The look is a little understated, very simple, but polished and put together. First, the base.




Goodness, how important is this for me right now! Diorskin Star foundation is all sorts of awesome for me. There will be a full review up in time to come. I use the foundation mostly at the centre of my face, and the NARS radiant creamy concealer under my eyes, setting the base using this Diorsnow powder. This brightens my skin just a little more. Then, I filled in my brows using Shu Uemura brow pencil. For the eyes, I used cream shadows. I put Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick Golden Bronze on my lids and brightened it with Golden Pink on the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my waterline using a grey pencil (MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number) before adding more definition with a liquid liner (Bobbi Brown Ink Liner). Liquids gives the most precise cat eye flick. Mascara to finish off the look. You can of course add falsies to add more glam, but that’s not the look I’m after.


eye cheeks


For the cheeks, I used a very subtle highlighter by Bobbi Brown, the Brightening Brick in Pink. Instead of using a pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, I used an earth toned blush (This is an old blush by Dior, and I can’t remember what shade it is) and applied it on the hollows of my cheeks. To complete the look, I opted for a neutral lip, a combo which I’ve been enjoying, despite the fails I experienced in finding the right nude lipstick. I fill in my lips using No7 Perfect Lips Pencil in 20 Nude, then top it off with Diorific in Delicate Shock.




Here’s a close up of my eyes, and how it looks overall.


eyes NYE look


Do you like it? I feel like I’m a little rusty in the makeup department. Definitely need consistent practice 🙂 How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Stayed home or went out?


xoxo Lily



  • Perfectly polished is right! You look glowing and gorgeous Lily! I have the Dior Star Foundation, but I don’t know-I feel it emphasizes my pores! What do use to apply it? A brush?

    • Hey Tracy, try a Beauty Blender type of sponge! That changes EVERYTHING!

      • I tried that but it still doesn’t look right. 🙁

        • Ugh so sorry to hear that 🙁 I did hear it could emphasise pores on dehydrated/dry skin!

          • Yeah and that’s me-dehydrated! Guess I’ll keep plugging away and moisturizing and hopefully someday it’ll work.

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. I tried using sponge, brush and fingers for this foundation and I found that it looks best with a sponge, like what Sunny said. If I use a brush, I also find that stippling it in is the way to go. Give it another go? Oh, also, I do notice that my skin must be adequately moisturized. Probably not a good foundation for dry skin.

      • Yeah, I did try my sponge but it still doesn’t look right around my nose especially. I don’t know I guess I’m a PORE FREAK HAHAHAHA. 😛 My skin isn’t so dry anymore actually-it’s getting back to being combination now thanks to menopause, so I don’t know. I’ve been mixing it in with other foundations, and I like it that way. Just not on its own for some reason…

  • Happy New Year! And that’s a nice understated look. I’m actually with Tracy on the Star foundation. Have been testing a sample of it but not wowed 🙁 Going to play a little more and then decide once and for all.

    • Hey Paris, have you tried to apply with a beauty blender type of sponge? I think that’s the key to making Star wow!

    • Lily

      Hi Paris, happy new year to you too! It’s nice to hear from you and I hope you had a good break. There is a bit of a learning curve with this foundation though. But I found a way that works great, and I agree with Sunny. Sponge is the way to go!

  • Happy new year, Lily! That is a gorgeous look! Definitely something I’d wear myself as well 🙂 I need to take another look at the Bobbi Brown shadow sticks. I have one and didn’t like it too much because it requires a blush to be properly blended out, but I heard that’s not the case with every shade.

    • Bella

      Hey Sunny I think the less dark shades are wonderful…I used Golden Bronze, Golden Pink and that pinky nude colour all summer. Whereas the chocolate brown one and Velvet Plum are unblendable.

      • Yeah I have the plum one! I can blend it out with a brush, but that totally defeats the purpose of using an eyeshadow stick in my opinion.

        • Bella


    • Lily

      I don’t have any problems with blending. In fact, for this look, I didn’t even use any eye brushes. I just smoothed out the edges using my fingers 🙂

  • Bella

    I love this look Lily, and I am very interested in your Diorskin Star review!! It’s first to try on my list should I ever make it to a beauty counter again, but the talk about pores alarms me. Happy New year!!

    • Lily

      Happy New Year Bella 🙂 Thank you and yes, I’ll be posting the review soon!

  • Liz

    You look great! Loving all the face powders in this post – I have a terrible lemming for that Bobbi Brown one – or something similar like it.

    • Lily

      This Bobbi Brown highlighter is so subtle! No crazy blings, that’s for sure. It adds just that tiny bit of light, and I can wear it on a daily basis without looking too made up 🙂

  • You always look so polished, Lily! I have the colorless version of that BB powder and I love it – going to do a post soon!

    • Lily

      Thanks Larie and I can’t wait for your post! I haven’t tried the colorless version and I’m curious now 🙂

  • Lily

    Thank you Paige

  • Oh, you look so beautiful!! I just love your freckles, and your face, girlfriend! 🙂 Keep kicking it on that Dior powder! That thing is SO pretty! I know you’ll be showing off full pan in no time!

    • Lily

      And there I was, thinking of getting rid of those freckles one day. Laser removal is so common here. HAHAHA! Thanks Kristen 🙂

  • I am so jealous of your smooooooooooth smooth skin! <3 You chose a great look, the eye make-up is so lovely and soft and the lipstick color is fab.

    • Lily

      Aww, thanks Melissa.

  • Such a beautiful look and what a way to start the year!

    • Lily

      Thank you Noodles 🙂

  • This is as close as you can get to a perfect natural look, love the makeup! 🙂

    • Lily

      Thank you Xuvious 🙂

  • Jaa

    Love love love the lip color, Lily! So soft and pretty! I didn’t do a whole lot on NYE but that’s how I planned it. To keep it low-key for a change. Hehe.

    • Lily

      Thanks Jaa. I used to go out partying when I was still single. Now, I just don’t have the inclination to do that even when I’m bouncing with energy. HAHAH!

  • Unpaletteable

    Hey, that nude lip certainly ain’t no fail! In fact, you look beautiful.

    • Lily

      Oh this nude is OK… the other 2 nudes I tried were bad. One by Revlon and the other by LMdB 🙁