Fun with Macro

It was a lazy Sunday, girls were playing on their own and little baby was sleeping. Husband was out for emergency work so I had some time to myself. I decided to take some photos instead of catching up on some much needed sleep. I used a 50mm prime lens and a reverse ring to turn it into a macro lens. Here are some shots where we take a much closer look on some beautiful things. Can you spot what they are?


Dior My Lady


Sometimes, some fine glitters or shimmers are not detectable with a naked eye. Especially when you’re not paying attention.


Dior My Lady blush


And then there are other times when things just aren’t that beautiful up close.


Dior Rosy Glow


Just like in life, when we nit pick on little things, or when we’re just too uptight, things can look messy. But when we take a step back, a little mess here and there add character and colour to our being.


Dior Spring


Also, nothingĀ is perfect. Don’t envy others because everyone’s got their own problems. I didn’t realize my Meteorites case was flawed until I zoomed in and took a closer look.


flawed packaging


Then again, when something looks this gorgeous…


shiny ball


it can look even more beautiful up close


Guerlain ball


Such is life. Unpredictable and exciting. We can either make it a stressful one, or we can go along for a ride and make it ours.


dreamy orchid


Who knew an orchid can be so dreamy up close?


xoxo Lily