Hello Cheekbones with Clinique

This is a review of Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour (RM95) and Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight (RM95). I will also feature one of their Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palettes in Defining Nectars (RM115). These are available in stores starting this month, so if your local counter does not stock them yet, I’m sure they’ll arrive anytime soon. Are you excited about making your cheekbones more prominent if they are not already?


hello cheekbones


First, let’s talk about the chubby sticks. I thought these are very handy and for lazy people like me, the ease of use will actually encourage me to perhaps contour my features more. For contour, I usually just bring out my cheekbones. I’m too lazy to draw on my nose and jawline. Furthermore, I sweat easily, so it’s a moot point defining my nose when I’m going to rub it away sooner or later. These chubby sticks are really quite chubby. They are bigger than any chubby sticks available (though I haven’t seen previously launched chubby cheeks because they weren’t available here), but in this case, size does not really matter. I could still use them with ease.


chubby sticks


The size is perfect to draw on the hollows of the cheeks. Curvy Contour is rather pigmented. On my warm yellow based skin, this appears to be a warm brown which is dangerous because it can turn orange and muddy on me. So if you have similar skin tone, be careful how you apply this. I make it work by using a minimal amount and I blend it out like crazy. I have tried using my fingers, a dense brush and a fluffy brush. I find that Real Techniques Expert Face Brush works great to sheer out the pigmentation. The RT Contour Brush and RT Stippling brush work well too. These 2 brushes blend out the pigmentation, making it very subtle on my cheeks. The colour is not ashy enough to imitate shadow, but it does work when applied tastefully. Another way of using this is to warm up the face. Apply where you would a bronzer and blend. On a good note, it doesn’t take much effort to blend. The texture is smooth and it dries powdery.

Super Starlight is a very subtle highlighter. Against my skin tone, the soft champagne shimmers kind of disappear. However, if I apply it all over my face and step into the sun, I’d twinkle like a Stephenie Meyer vampire. I mean it in the best of ways though. If you shy away from anything shimmery, fear not! Under dim light, it gives you the perfect glow so wear this when you go out for a dinner date.


Defining Nectars


For the blush, I chose Defining Nectars to try. It is of a peachy coral hue with 3 different depths of pigmentation. The lightest shade can be used as a highlighter while the darkest shade can be used to sculpt. However, it is difficult to pick up individual shades with a blush brush, a bigger fluffy eye shadow brush is needed. Truth be told, I probably won’t be bothered with individual shades. I swirl my brush on the pan to pick up all 3 shades for a soft sheen of peachy coral. I can however, use my blush brush to pick up 2 shades together. So I can angle my brush to pick up the lighter 2 shades or the darker 2. The effect is quite different when applied on the cheeks. There are 3 other shades if you prefer something else: Defining Roses, Defining Berries and Defining Nudes.

Below are the swatches for your reference.




And here’s how I wear them. 1) No blush or contour yet 2) Draw a stripe of Curvy Contour on the hollow of my cheeks and Super Starlight on the highest point of my cheekbones 3) Here, I used the Real Techniques stippling brush to blend out Curvy Contour 4) Defining Nectars added to the apples of my cheeks


face look


So what do you think? I certainly think this is contouring made easy. And convenient. I think I’ll just leave these products on my vanity so I can reach for them easily. So far, I’m really enjoying the more sculpted look. Do you contour?


xoxo Lily


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