NARS Audacious Lipsticks Anita and Audrey

The NARS Audacious Lipsticks were launched when I was heavily pregnant and I finally got to try them! My friend was going to KL for her meeting, and I got her help to get them for me. I bought Anita and Audrey sight unseen, only based on online swatches. I’m lucky I got these two! I wanted Charlotte as well, but it was out of stock. These were RM96 each and my friend was so kind to give these to me as my belated Christmas present ๐Ÿ™‚


NARS Audacious


First of all, the sleek masculine packaging. I like. I also like that it is magnetized so the cover snaps shut. I also have this urge to get 2 more so that I can arrange the tubes of lipsticks to make out the word “NARS”. At the moment, I only have NA and it’s bugging me. Is this a marketing strategy for people like me? Am I the only weird one? And once I have the 5th lipstick, does it mean I have to get 3 more? LOL! I’m not going to talk in depth about these lipsticks because I’m sure you’ve read them somewhere already. These were everywhere the past few months. NARS Audacious this, NARS Audacious that… I was getting sick of them at one point, and then I got really curious. The formula is creamy but not slippery. It is not drying nor is it moisturizing. The colours go on opaque in one swipe and the pigmentation is great. They last for at least 4 hours on me (drinking only) but once my lips touch something oily, the lipstick’s a goner.

Sophia the Makeup Blogette has swatches and lip swatches of ALL these lipsticks which I find very helpful. We have similar skin colour so that makes it easy for me. She broke them down to 4 parts, so feel free to hop on there to have a look.


Audacious lip swatch


Lip swatches above were taken using my phone camera, and posted on Instagram. My hair eating photo of Anita seems to be super popular. The colours are pretty true to life – it’s how they look on me. Anita (described as antique rose) is a warm-ish creamy pink on me while Audrey (described as red currant) is a darker red. I wish it was more berry, but it’s not. You can see me wearing Anita in my recent stash shopping post (here). As I said, I wanted Charlotte (described as oxblood burgundy) as well but it was out of stock. From what I can see online, Charlotte and Audrey look similar when swatched on the arm, but once worn, Charlotte looks darker. I want that! I’ve been obsessed with dark reds and berries lately, and I haven’t been able to kick it yet.

Have you tried these? What shades do you have and what do you recommend?


xoxo Lily



  • My my, look at Audrey! I WANT!

    I am still on the fence about these, and I keep leaning towards no because of the neither hydrating nor drying aspect. I’m OK with a matte lipstick being that, but for a cream lipstick, I really think NARS could do better. I do love the humongous line-up, and some of the shades are so pretty. However, with the collection I already have, I just don’t think I’ll reach for a so-so formula often.

    • Bella

      Sunny they are extremely comfortable to wear. For me, they wear more easily than the TF Lips and boys!! I know for sure that you won’t be sorry; if you can wear a Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, the Audacious lipsticks are way creamier and balmier.

      • You have a point! *looking through swatches online*

        • Lily

          I agree with Bella. These are not moisturizing on drying, but they are easy and comfy to wear. Maybe you can try them on before purchasing? Love the colours they have to offer though!

  • Audrey looks lighter and brighter on you than me! It’s more burgundy on me for sure and way darker.

    • Lily

      I wish it was much darker! And that’s my justification to get Charlotte. Heh

  • I was supposed to get Audrey next after Vera but couldnt pick between it and Charlotte so I decided to pass first. Audrey looks amazing against your skintone (we have the same-ish so these swatches are so so tempting!). I wanted to get Anita too but I felt like it was too close to Spanish PInk when worn. Love your friend’s amazing taste – those two shades are perfect for you!

    • Bella

      I have all three and they are different enough to warrant all ;). Not to be an enabler or anything ;).

      • Hahaha, thanks for the enabling, Bella! I needed it – call it a final push LOL :))) I also made a mistake, I got Vivien instead of Vera, but yes, still quite different from Audrey and Charlotte!

        • Lily

          Oh, I wanted Vera as well, but I think I need to head on down to NARS to try all of them. I wonder how different Vera is from Charlotte. Sometimes dark reds are just that, and nothing too different. But since Bella said they’re different… hhmmm…

  • Bella

    Lovely shades for you! LOL at the way you keep mentioning the hair. I have Audrey and adore it; I also have Charlotte and she is definitely a lot vampier!! She was my go-to winter night out lippie…

    • Lily

      LOL that strand of hair must bother me a lot. Hahaha! Ah, if only Charlotte is available!!! Guess I have to wait until they re-stock. And I’d want to try Vera as well. Wonder if they’re very different on…

  • I want Anita to become my new best friend! Ugh! So pretty!

    • Lily

      You have to get it then!

  • Like I already said on your Instagram, I think I need Anita – especially when you compared it to my favorite Bite Sable. But I’m still waiting for some of the hype to die down and to see if people are using these Audacious lipsticks when no one’s constantly promoting them online ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lily

      I thought the hype already died down. Lol! If you’re not too fussy about the texture, then you’ll love these ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I want a cheerful pink like Anita! But funnily enough, I haven’t really been in the mood to shop for makeup, lately. Fun to see them on everyone, though – helps me make my list!

    • Lily

      I have those moods too! And my wallet thanks me for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Two very nice shades you got there! I like that they make a variety by themselves, too.There are so many similar shades in the range, sometimes seeing 3-4 similar shades in one post weirdly bugs me.
    This won’t stop me from admiring all the vibrant Audacious lippies on my favorite bloggers, but I’ve kinda decided againt the range. Lipsticks with intense color payoffs and opacity is yet something I need to learn to love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lily

      You’re right about some shades being very similar though a friend pointed out to me that the different undertones in those similar shades actually make a big difference. I mean, there are so many reds but there’ll be at least one that’ll suit pink, yellow, olive or whatever skin undertones. I thought that’s kinda true ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Both look amaze on you! Making want to hoard a bunch of these. The all too big launch has been terrified I’ll want to get them all, so I’ve been avoiding it altogether… But who knows for how long? You take amazing pictures with your phone! I can’t seem to get good facial closeups with my iPhone, and I’m hoping to keep my IG full-face selfie free (very paranoid my RL friends/family will find out my all too expensive makeup addiction)

    • Lily

      I use my Samsung Note 3 which is already quite old. Takes decent photos!

  • Liz

    Glad you finally got to indulge. It’s a little scary that I now recognize the shade names even though I’ve yet to own one, lol. I tried Audrey on at the store and it looked much darker and vampier on me than it does on you here. It looked kind of similar to some other shades I already had so I left it. It also looks a bit like Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum? Fanny and Grace are now left on my list!

    • Lily

      Crushed Plum is more purple than Audrey. Maybe the swatch here looks lighter because I used my phone to take the photo. In real life, it’s a tad bit darker, but not vampy ๐Ÿ™‚ OOOh, I have to check out Fanny and Grace.

  • LOL! “I also have this urge to get 2 more so that I can arrange the tubes of lipsticks to make out the word โ€œNARSโ€.” I can totally relate to this sentiment! I really like both of these shades on you. I own Anita, and we’re getting on better now than when I first got her. I still find it very drying and my winter lips struggle big time with the Audacious formula.

    • Lily

      I can imagine how it can be uncomfortable during dry winter season, Kristen. For this, I’m lucky. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one here to wants to complete the word NARS!! Makes me feel more normal ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jaa

    No wonder why your Anita IG post was popular! It’s such a perfect pink! I only have one Audacious lipstick and now I’m questioning whether I should even buy another one because then I will want 2 more to make the word NARS. LOL! Your friend is so nice! I’m always happy when my friends buy me makeup. Haha.

    • Lily

      LOL yes, we should have more friends who buy us makeup ๐Ÿ™‚