Review: Budget Friendly Biore Makeup Removers

Makeup removers are something I go through really quickly. I apply makeup rather often (used to be daily when I worked full time) and even when I don’t apply makeup, I’ve been using tinted sunscreen and I prefer to remove it with something other than my facial cleanser. That’s just me. I like my cleansing balms and I splurge (review of The Body Shop’s here, Bobbi Brown’s here, Omorovicza’s here, Clinique’s here, Eve Lom’s here). I also like my cleansing oils and I have been trying a few, but when it comes to budget makeup removers, I find myself swaying toward Biore.


Biore removers


It first started with the Biore cleansing wipes which I never fail to bring when I travel. They remove all traces of makeup with ease, including waterproof mascara. No tugging or rubbing like crazy. One wipe does everything. Then, I tried their bi phased eye makeup remover (the pink bottle). At that time, I was only using Lancome’s Bi-Facil, and since I discovered this, I’ve been repurchasing this more often. Dare I say, it’s just as good, but cheaper! It gets the job done fast and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. If you knew me the slightest, you’d know I can’t stick to just one brand. I alternate between Biore and Lancome, and have recently purchased one from Dior. However, it’s good to know that when I want my wallet to take a break, I can fall back to this.


Biore cleansers Biore cap


Biore’s cleansing oil is also another option if you want something affordable, or just dabbling with cleansing oils. One thing with cleansing oils though, is that you’d never know which one will break you out. I remember trying DHC because many people were raving about it, and it broke me out after using it for a few days. This one is fine with me, but I’m sure it causes breakouts in some people as well. Biore’s cleansing oil is not all love, but for the price, I can’t be complaining too much. The texture is not as thick as Shu Uemura’s and it has a slight berry scent. While some cleansing oils work only on dry skin, this works on wet skin as well. I find that this rinses off best with warm water or there would be residue on the skin. It also does its job best when I use 2-3 pumps each wash. 1 pump will cover the entire face or course, but not all traces of makeup will be removed. I don’t use this every day because I find that this dries out my skin a little, so I alternate this with one of my cleansing balms.

** In case you’re interested, Bobbi Brown’s cleansing oil review here, and Dermalogica Precleanse review here.

Both these cleansers are available at pharmacies nationwide, and they are also available at supermarkets. Very easily accessible at about RM25-35 depending on the promotion at that time. Have you tried any of these? What are you using to remove your makeup lately?


xoxo Lily


Ingredients (top: cleansing oil, bottom: eye makeup remover)

cleansing oil ingredients eye makeup remover ingredients

  • Biore isn’t NEARLY as cool here LOL. This sucks. Hahahaha!

    • Lily

      You guys get way cooler things most of the time!

  • I am jealous that you have an easier access to Kao Biore products! I love their “weakly acid lotion (or somthing as the ebay sellers would translate. LOL) as well as the cleansing stuff & sunscreens!
    I loved how effectly it melts away all my makeup including wp mascaras, but the cleansing oil kind of irritated my eyes. I’d love to try the eye makeup remover, though!

    • Lily

      Lol at weakly acid lotions. I absolutely love their makeup wipes. I should include that in my coming giveaway 🙂

  • I was at this Japanese store in Lausanne this weekend and I discovered that they carry Biore! I did a little dance, lol 🙂 Gonna do some research and see what I should pick up. Thanks for this review!

    • Lily

      Awesome! I hope you get the eye makeup remover.

  • Jaa

    I purchased both of these when I went visit Thailand last year! Love ’em! 🙂 I think they do a really great job for the price! 😀 Haven’t tried the wipes, though.

    • Lily

      I like the wipes even more!

  • Liz

    Asian Biore seems so solid. All we have here are the pore strips and some cleansers or something. Bah.

    And I found a lot of decent eye makeup removers in the drugstore but they all tend to have horrible packaging, like they’re all designed by men without fingers or something.

    • Lily

      Men without fingers. Hahahaha!

  • Hi Lily!
    I love Biore Eye Makeup Remover too! I am on my third bottle and keep loving it.
    Haven’t tried their cleansing wipe, think I’m gonna buy it when traveling.
    And now I am using extra virgin olive oil as a cleansing oil. Haven’t broke out my sensitive skin so far

    • Lily

      I think you’ll like the wipes. They’re my travel staple. Removes everything!

  • Like Jaa, I purchased these too when I visited Thailand a few years back! Definitely one of the best drugstore makeup removers! There’s no Biore here in the PH so I experimented with a Korean brand, MISSHA and it’s okay, less oily than Biore but a tad more expensive.

    • Lily

      I haven’t tried anything from Missha but I read that its BB cream is one of the better ones out there. Too many foundations still in my stash to want to try it though. Haha