Review: Clinique Instant Lift For Brows

The Clinique Instant Lift for Brows (RM72) is one of the new permanent items offered this month of February. I am one who is never to skimp on brows when applying makeup. It looks incomplete and the main reason for it is because my brows are uneven and they’re not as full as I’d like them to be. So I always fill in my brows and try to make them look even – otherwise I look like I have one side of my brow perpetually raised >_<


Clinique instant lift for brows both ends


I actually really like the fact that this is a duo, and that they added a highlight shade as part of it. The shade I have is 05 black / brown and the Illuminate shade is a peachy champagne. When I apply it on my brow bone, it looks a little weird because against my lighter skin tone, this works more as an eye shadow. So that’s what I use it for. There are 5 different shades of brow pencils which are supposed to last for up to 8 hours (Soft Blonde, Soft Brown, Deep Brown, Black / Brown, Light Brown) but the Illuminate is a universal highlighter. So if your skin is light or fair like mine, you might face similar issues. After filling in my brows, I swipe the Illuminate shade on my lids, blend out with fingers and apply mascara. It (the Illuminator) lasts about 2 hours on my unprimed lids before creasing. The brow filler stays on until I took off my makeup though.




The brow pencil is small and slanted. The formula is rather soft and creamy for a brow pencil, and it is very pigmented. Compared to my Shu Uemura H9 pencil in Stone Grey, this shade of black / brown is warmer and less ashy. I also need to be very gentle with the pencil or it will deposit too much colour on my brow and the pencil might break. Due to the creaminess, more blending is needed (using a brow brush) but too much blending will result in moving the brow that you just drew on. I’m making it sound a little difficult to use, but it’s not. It’s just a learning curve for me, a short one, I might add. I always reach for this to define the tail of my brows. It is dark enough and the slanted tip makes drawing more precise with the least amount of effort.

Here’s a before after photo of myself. They might look familiar because you saw my bare face from this post, and the makeup was featured in this post. Photos were taken on different days and time, hence the different tone of my skin.


before after


Erm, yeah, now that I put the photos side by side, whoa… the power of makeup! Anyway, I’m not going to think much about my tired face and you should do the same. Focus on the brows. What are you using to define your brows? Are you one of the lucky ones who don’t need to do much? Are you on the other end of the spectrum where you have too much hair and you need to tame it like crazy? Sometimes I wonder which is better or worse – bald or grizzly? LOL! This Instant Lift for Brows is already available at all Clinique counters nationwide 🙂


xoxo Lily


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