Review: Eyeko Alexa Chung Red Carpet Set

I remember Eyeko from a few years ago. I read that its liquid liner was easy to use for a beginner, and I bought it immediately. I was easily convinced and super happy that it worked out well. Then, I forgot about it, until Lisa Eldridge featured Alexa Chung in her video, using these few products. I didn’t get it immediately, no, but I did, eventually. Sigh. The power of suggestion.


Alexa Chung Red Carpet Set red carpet set


There are 3 items in this Red Carpet set – a mascara, a liquid liner and a cream eyeshadow in a stick. I love my Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier sticks and let’s just get to the point. This doesn’t measure up. It doesn’t suck, but it’s not that good either. On my normal sometimes oily lids, Me & My Shadow only lasts for about 3 hours (no primer). The colour then fades and creases. Depending on the primer, this can last from 5 to 8 hours. I find that NARS eye primer works best. While you get the cream shadow on one end of the pen, you get a little brush on the other. You can use it to smudge out or blend the shadow. I tried it a few times, and I prefer using my fingers or my own blending brush.


taupe brush


The liquid eye liner is nothing new. It has a sharp point and you can draw a very fine line to a bold line. All you have to do is to apply different pressure when drawing. The tip of the pen is very sharp (great for a clean cat eye flick) and it holds its shape while drawing, so this is good for learning or those with shaky hands.


Eyeko liner


Lastly, we get a mascara which promises to lengthen your lashes. I don’t know if it really lengthens. All I know is I have trouble coating my lashes. A mascara wand that looks like this is good for those with thick and long lashes. If you have Asian lashes like mine, fine, straight, short and a little sparse, then this wand does absolutely nothing. I tried different ways of applying, from zig zags to revolving turns to rubbing it in my eye balls. Nothing friggin works. Since I already used it, I can’t give this away either! *enter cuss words* So what I do is, combine 2 sucky mascaras for something average. I use Sucky 1 (Giorgio Armani ETK), let it dry, then apply an extra coat with Sucky 2 (this). The end result didn’t give me Sucky 3 thank goodness. So much work though – I know I will throw out these 2 mascaras very soon. Mental note – avoid brushes like this. Moving on…


Eyeko mascara lenghten strengthen


Here are the swatches of the liner and shadow. I like that it’s not a black liner, and I would prefer it if the taupe cream shadow is darker and not as light. Of course, the advantage of the light colour is that it’s not nearly as apparent when the colour begins to crease or fade. However, I like my smokey eye and this isn’t smokey material.




While I complain a lot, I wouldn’t fail this set. Definitely personal preference, and it’s really my fault that the mascara doesn’t work, isn’t it? Darn stubby lashes. I do enjoy the combination of the cream shadow and liner for a light defined look. It pairs very well with bold lips 🙂 Have you tried anything from Eyeko? I think I bought this directly from Eyeko’s site… or it might have been Beauty Bay. I can’t remember…


xoxo Lily



  • Hey Lily. OK that doesn’t sound good… I’ve tried their liquid liner and liked it, but I just don’t use much liquid liner anymore, and I don’t need an eyeshadow stick that wouldn’t stay put!

    • Lily

      Nothing particularly awesome about this set. So you can use your $$ on something better!

  • I’m a sucker for shadow sticks. Drugstore, luxury – I don’t care. I’m instantly attracted to them. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the Eyeko liquid liner though just because I want to know why Alexa Chung loves it so much :)) And even before Eyeko got her as an endorser – as she and the brand claim! :)) WHATS SO SPESHUL ABOUT IT!

    • Lily

      I choose to think it’s just a marketing strategy to SAY that she loves it before she’s the brand ambassador. I mean, who’d know? LOL! Nothing really special about the things I’ve tried. Just another liquid liner 🙂

  • There is a fat Eyeko pen that has Alexa Chung’s name on it – that’s the one I had (it finally dried up so I just tossed it). It was supposed to be lash enhancing and I think it was! It dried up kind of quickly, but I’m tempted to buy another one just to see if it makes my lashes pretty again…lOL.

    • Lily

      Oh, I tried the lash serum from Rapidlash before, and it made my lashes grow so much longer and thicker! Too bad the effects didn’t last. Come to think of it, I should buy it again 🙂


    • Lily

      I really hate those mascaras Tracy. I don’t know why I torture myself… but I actually BOUGHT them so I thought I have to at least use some of it before tossing them out >_<

  • Jaa

    Sucky 1 Sucky 2 – hahahaha. Seeing the photo I know right away the mascara will not work on our sparse Asian lashes. The liquid liner doesn’t look too bad for low-key days, though. The shadow stick -wow- creases up so soon huh? Guess I’ll stick with the LM and BB! 🙂

    • Lily

      Yup I’m sticking to LM and BB but I’m curious about By Terry too. Read that it’s the best!

  • lol 🙂 What an entertaining read, Lily, hee hee. You win some you lose some I guess.

    • Lily

      Yes Melissa, as in life 🙂 sigh. …

  • This was hilarious to read!! “from zig zags to revolving turns to rubbing it in my eye balls” I’m laughing my ass off!! Mascara is one of those things that you know from use #1 whether it’s a winner or whether it’s destined for a trash can holiday very soon. Even though I’m English-Irish-American Indian, I think I have Asian lashes!! Short, sparse, straight? Check, check, check! 😉 Oh I did receive one of those liners eons ago in a beauty box and I love it! It’s the easiest liquid liner I’ve ever used.

    • Lily

      No way Kristen. You have beautiful lashes! If yours is sparse, then mine is bald 🙁 And yeah, I like the liquid liner, but nothing that special? So far, the liquid liners I’ve tried all work the same way. Or maybe I’m just not observant enough. Haha

  • silverkis

    Hahahaa Lily you cracked me up! I had no luck with Eyeko either – both the mascara and liner. They just smuuuuudge 10 ways to hell for me.

    • Lily

      Hey Linda, luckily, I don’t have much problems with smudging and if something smudges on me, then it’s really bad. LOL!

  • BooBooNinja

    Ha Ha! The “sucky-sucky technique”. I’ll have to try this with my dud mascaras.

    • Lily

      And I hope you get better results than I did!

  • The first time I ever heard a mascara called sucky 1 and 2. Must be something special 😛

    • Lily

      LOL yes, so special to have earned nicknames 😛