Review: Hakuhodo Misty Set

Makeup brushes to me, are daily essentials. I hardly apply makeup using my fingers, and personally, I find that a good brush makes a huge difference in how the makeup turns out. A good brush does all the hard work for you while a bad one might be scratchy, itchy and bitchy. No, a makeup brush can’t be bitchy but the nerd in me thought it sounded cool. The thing with many things is, most of the time, once you’ve tried the good stuff, it’s hard to go back to the ordinary stuff, you know? You don’t know what soft is until you’ve tried different degrees of soft! So my journey to the black hole began with my first purchase from Hakuhodo. I chose the Misty Set because it has the essentials and less overwhelming for me to handpick a few out of so many brushes available.




There are 6 brushes in this set, housed in a black brush pouch. The Misty Set is sold exclusively online at Hakuhodo USA and I bought it for $192. You can also buy them individually, and the brushes are listed below.

  • G531 Powder/Blush brush (Goat / Sokoho, 145mm)
  • G5521 Highlight brush (Bue Squirrel / Goat / Sokoho, 143mm),
  • G5523 Eyeshadow blending brush (Blue squirrel, 130mm),
  • G5507 Eyeshadow brush (Horse, 125mm),
  • G5511 Eyeshadow pencil brush (Horse, 118mm),
  • G5514 Eyeshadow smudge brush (Horse, 122mm),
  • Po810Bk (Black) Enamel brush pouch


Misty set


I will talk very briefly about them, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in comments below. I will try my best to answer. First, let’s talk about the eye brushes. You get 4 of them, and they practically cover everything you’d need. The blending brush G5523 is pinched and if you have bigger eyes, you can also use it to pat eye shadow on your lids. The eye shadow brush G5507 is quite dense and packs on colour on the lids. It is similar to MAC239 but the MAC one is firmer and places more pigments on the lids. The smudge and pencil brushes are smokey eye must haves. They blend out pencil liners and dark eye shadows near the lash line without irritating the eyes. They are small enough to offer precision and they don’t make your eyes tear when working close to the lash lines.


Misty set eye brushes


Of the 2 face brushes in the set, the highlight brush is the softest. In fact, the highlight brush is the softest of all 6 brushes. I’m not kidding when I tell you it feels like silk because you can NOT feel any individual hair scratching your face. The powder brush however, is the least soft in the set (but by no means is it in any way scratchy), and it sheds a few hairs every time I use it. A dud in the set, if I have to nit pick, which is a pity. This powder brush is dense and holds its shape. Its angled tip and pinched ferule makes this a candidate for light contouring as well. A multi tasker and would’ve been an ace if it didn’t shed.


Misty set brushes


The brushes bled a little the first time I washed them but that was a one off experience. This is an all rounder set that I find is rather complete. The brushes in here cover all that you need for a basic look and I don’t regret getting this one bit. It is best to purchase what you really want by getting them individually… if you have the time to understand the brushes offered and pick them individually, of course. Otherwise, I’d say this is a pretty good introduction to Hakuhodo brushes. Have you tried any?


xoxo Lily