Sunday Stash Shopping #40: Tom Ford She Wolf

I know, I know. What is Tom Ford She Wolf doing here? It’s a limited edition item released last year, and I missed it. Was it last year or the year before last? I really can’t recall. Feels like time goes “whoosh”… Anyway, I spotted this at Gummy’s blog sale, and Liz was quick to snatch it. However, she decided to let it go so I gladly took it from her 🙂 So here it is, lightly used, still in great condition.


TF She Wolf


The colours aren’t all that unique, truth be told. They are however, classy and chic. I’m not even going to do a brief review, because it’s pointless. It’s not available for sale anymore, unless you could score one from a blog sale. Like me. Kind of. Anyway, I decided to do a soft smokey eye with this, because hey, that’s my style. I used the far left smokey greyish taupe all over my lid and lower lash line then blended out the edges with the middle shade. Added a little bling smack at the centre of my lids and finished off with grey pencil liner and mascara. Voila! Here it is.





I have been staying indoors quite a lot the past couple of months, so I think I got a tad bit lighter. My Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Light is not light enough, so I mixed it with the CC Cream to lighten the shade. I just squeezed some of both on the back of my hand and mixed them together before applying onto my face. Here’s how much lighter it got. (Picture on the right) Top swatch is BB Cream in Light and bottom swatch is the mixture of BB + CC. A bit lighter and that’s just what I needed 🙂 It also became more neutral, less yellow / warm but the difference of undertone is minimal on my skin.


mixing base


Here are the products used for this look.


base lip and cheek eye


And the end result? Here.


look2 look1


The other day, I wore ONLY the middle shade all over my lids and lower lash line + mascara and the look is much softer, more subtle but still chic. So far, I quite like this palette, and this is also how I do my base lately. Mixed BB+CC, conceal, powder. What have you been enjoying lately?


xoxo Lily



  • Liz

    I knew you’d make it look hot. Glad I picked it up for you, LOL! 😉 😉

    • Lily

      Thanks for picking it up for me 😉

  • PRETTY! I like it just for the name hahaha! Tom Ford eyeshadows are something I have not splurged on. I don’t know if I ever will get one, unless it was something like this.

    • Lily

      I wonder if Tom Ford is into repromotes…

  • First thing came to mind with the name She Wolf was Shakira. LOL Anyway, I love the story how you got this LE TF. Haha~ I wanna experience Tom Ford too!!! I hope this year. Same here, my skin complexion got lighter for the last few months but this coming March, I will be hitting the beach but the bad thing is I don’t have any darker foundations here. Oh dear. lol.

    Pretty photos as usual!

    • Lily

      Thanks Laarni. No darker foundations? A great reason to go shopping 🙂

  • Lilian

    Gorgeous! Love the look 🙂

    • Lily

      Thank you Lilian

  • Bella

    I love both looks! I don’t use She Wolf nearly enough, but when I do I always really enjoy her! Grays that I can actually wear :).

    • Lily

      Bring it out and howl! Hahah

  • Hey Lily, what a stunning look! I actually swatched She Wolf at the airport when it was released, but I definitely had to pass because it leans too gray on me, and as a general principle grays don’t turn out that well on my skin tone. Love how it looks on you tho!

    • Lily

      Thanks Sunny. I’m lucky to be able to wear most colours so it’s more a matter of whether or not I enjoy using it. And I love greys!

  • You always come up with the best looks 🙂 I have to be careful with gray, but I like this palette a lot – it looks so wearable but also like you can easily amp it up for sultry sultry sultry.

    • Lily

      Thanks Larie. And yes, a versatile trio, very much so!

  • Emma Bovary

    Adore this look on you, so lovely! I often shy away from darker shades like this as they make me look even paler, but I still think I’d like to try!

    • Lily

      I love the contrast between pale skin and dramatic eyes/lips. So sexy! You should really try it, Emma.

  • You look stunning as always, very natural and beautiful. Lipstick is so pretty and your usual blending techniques, love!

    • Lily

      Thanks Sara. The lipstick is an unexpected love! So easy to wear and goes beautifully with smokey eyes.

  • you are the QUEEN of subtle smoky eyes. Love this!

    • Lily

      Thanks dude. I find it more difficult to make smokey eyes dramatic. Lol lol!

  • Jaa

    I wonder who will be the next owner of this palette! 😉 I love the subtle smokey eye you did here so much, Lily! BUT I LOVE YOUR BROWS EVEN MORE. Perfection is an understatement!

    • Lily

      My brows? Goodness, it’s all over the place so I had to draw it fuller to camouflage. Hahaha I guess it worked. Thanks Jaa 🙂

  • GummyVision

    This looks beautiful on you and I love the lip you paired it with!! Does this eye look last well on you without eye primer? And lolol @ this palette…it’s like a cat with 9 lives, though hopefully third time is a charm!! Thank you so much for the link love!! xoxo 🙂

    • Lily

      Hey Gummy, yes, this lasted on me for about 5 hours without a primer. Didn’t go beyond that though. Fingers crossed, third time’s a charm 🙂

  • Shu Ting

    GLAM is the only word I have for you, Lily. 😀 Love your makeup look!

    • Lily

      Aww thank you Shu Ting 🙂

  • Looks great on you! Glad it made it your way 🙂

    • Lily

      I’m glad it came my way too 😀