The Forgotten: My Lunasol Palettes

I am guilty. Guilty of having so much makeup, I forget about some goodies. As I was cleaning up some stuff, I suddenly thought of something I used to love. My Lunasol palettes. I have a customized blush palette that cost me a bomb, and a few other eye palettes that I was obsessed with. I now believe it when people say superficial obsession dies with time. I’m not obsessed with these now, am I? Nope. But I still like them very much!


forgotten lunasol palettes


Here. Look at this blush palette (review and swatches here). Isn’t it all love? I made it so that I could have my warm neutral and coral blush, a highlighter and a very subtle contour. If there were 5 slots, I’d put in a pink blush too but oh well, a girl’s got to make do. Well, at least you can tell I have been using them. The word Lunasol has disappeared. In short, these blushes are harder in the pan so you can’t pick up too much pigment. They go one sheer without any powder kick up, and the colours just melt into the skin as if it’s shining from within. Yup, *love*.


blush palette


And then there were the eye palettes. They are something shimmer phobes shy away from, but trust me when I say these shimmers are done in the most classy way. No disco balls here, just very subtle, hints of shine. Japanese know their bling and they’re never in your face.


Lunasol eye palettes


There’s even a limited edition one that is untouched. Anyone wants to take it from me? LOL!


LE eye palette


I really should use these again, and stop buying new ones but who am I kidding? Hahahaha! The whole gang again…


Lunasol palettes


Have you been neglecting your old loves? I think I have to rekindle mine…


xoxo Lily