The Forgotten: My Lunasol Palettes

I am guilty. Guilty of having so much makeup, I forget about some goodies. As I was cleaning up some stuff, I suddenly thought of something I used to love. My Lunasol palettes. I have a customized blush palette that cost me a bomb, and a few other eye palettes that I was obsessed with. I now believe it when people say superficial obsession dies with time. I’m not obsessed with these now, am I? Nope. But I still like them very much!


forgotten lunasol palettes


Here. Look at this blush palette (review and swatches here). Isn’t it all love? I made it so that I could have my warm neutral and coral blush, a highlighter and a very subtle contour. If there were 5 slots, I’d put in a pinkย blush too but oh well, a girl’s got to make do. Well, at least you can tell I have been using them. The word Lunasol has disappeared. In short, these blushes are harder in the pan so you can’t pick up too much pigment. They go one sheer without any powder kick up, and the colours just melt into the skin as if it’s shining from within. Yup, *love*.


blush palette


And then there were the eye palettes. They are something shimmer phobes shy away from, but trust me when I say these shimmers are done in the most classy way. No disco balls here, just very subtle, hints of shine. Japanese know their bling and they’re never in your face.


Lunasol eye palettes


There’s even a limited edition one that is untouched. Anyone wants to take it from me? LOL!


LE eye palette


I really should use these again, and stop buying new ones but who am I kidding? Hahahaha! The whole gang again…


Lunasol palettes


Have you been neglecting your old loves? I think I have to rekindle mine…


xoxo Lily



  • They look amazing!!! And those blushes look SWOON-WORTHY for sure! I’ve been neglecting most of my makeup lately to be honest…I’ve been going to the gym every day, so I haven’t been wearing makeup because I sweat like a sinner in church lol! I can’t imagine wearing makeup-I’d look like a melted old freaky lady lol!

    • Lily

      I don’t understand how some women go to the gym with full makeup on. Gross! Those who workout right after work, i understand. But there are some who put on makeup just to go to the gym. Why?

      • Right? I don’t get it. And even I was coming from work, I’d use a makeup wipe to remove my face makeup at least.

        • Lily

          WORD!! That’s what I do too! I’d remove all traces of makeup after work before my workout. I have seen those who do Boxercise with full on dark smokey eyes. Totally a WTF moment. Hahaha!

  • Liz

    I totally drooled over this brand when I was in Singapore but didn’t know if they were actually any good and passed. Should have taken the time to google some swatches and picked one! Glad you rediscovered them.

    • Lily

      If you like Japanese style makeup then you’ll love these. Understated bling, medium pigmentation, very natural on ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Duanne Lee

    For sale?

    • Lily

      Lol lol I’m thinking about it

  • Oh there are a lot of things that I am supposed to use way more often, but like you said, we have way too much by now (yet we’ll never have enough)!

    • Lily

      Is it our fault that we have way too much though? It just happened. LOL!

  • Unpaletteable

    That blush palette is gorrrrgeous, perfectly composed. It’s sending me in the direction of Ichibankao, noooo!

    • Lily

      LOL thanks. I had a headache trying to choose the 4 shades to put in the palette. I’m happy it worked out well though. These are great sheer blushes. Hard to make mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Unpaletteable

        Mmm, as a blush (and contour, and highlight) n00b, that sheerness really appeals. I love blush, it’s just abit scary putting it on my own face!

        • Lily

          Oh yes, the sheerness is mistake proof. I love that these are very wearable too.

  • oooh I dont have anything from Lunasol. These look so purdy! The eye palette with all the golds and browns ..SO GORGEOUS!! i dont blame you for wanting to buy every one that comes out lol. But yes Im so guilty of neglecting my old loves too:s Trying harder this year to use what I have but yes…definiltey guilty!

    • Lily

      I tried last year with Project MAD. I’m debating whether or not to set up another instalment of the MADness ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bellyhead

    ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve seen your blush palette before and that is just so perfect! LOVE!

    • Lily

      Thank you Belleh! I was offered by a friend to buy this from me, but I’m hesitating. I’m a blushfiend at heart. HAHAHA!

  • Jaa

    A life of a beauty blogger. ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess that’s why you do the Sunday Stash Shopping series so that you can rekindle with your old makeup! I love your customized blush palette!

    • Lily

      Yes and the life of a makeup junkie? I got so many but still want shiny new things! *cursed*

  • This is one brand I have yet to experience: LUNASOL! Ugh, those eyeshadow palettes look unbelievably tempting. I’m sure if I saw the limited one in counter – I wont be leaving without it!

    • Lily

      LOL I was once obsessed with Lunasol. It’s died down a lot because after a while, everything seems to be the same with this brand. It just got boring.

  • silverkis

    Oh tell me about it!!! I was just staring woebegonedly at my Lunsol palettes… so pretty, so much potential, but for some reason just unloved. Sigh, always new shiny things.

    • Lily

      I’m debating whether or not to let them go. I love them but I don’t think about them much. Does that mean I actually don’t love them that much? LOL!

  • BooBooNinja

    I’ve visited your post on the Lunasol blush palette over 10 times before you wrote this little ditty.
    Prettttttty. Yay for giving it some love.

    • Lily

      Hahaha… I am debating whether or not to let this go though.