I wanted to try something different. Perhaps a look that makes me look like someone else. A look that makes me uncomfortable. So I decided to do this. Brows shaped using a dark grey pencil liner, a graphic eye done using liquid liner, and false lashes so thick they look like worms from afar. Nothing on the cheeks but slight contour, and dark dark lips. All are things I’d never do, and the end result? I scared myself.



look1 look2



And this last one looks like I’m about to kill someone. The photo turned out brighter because I used a reflector. Anyway…





This is nothing original because I’m sure I’ve seen looks like this somewhere. But the tough part is actually trying to make the liners look even. I was debating whether to post this, but what the heck, let’s just go with it. Sorry, no smiles. I tried but looked more like a lunatic.


xoxo Lily