Review: Chanel Duo Eyeshadow Misty

I’ve had this duo for a few years now. It’s one of my very first Chanel eye shadows. If you’re wondering why I’m only talking about it now, well, I wonder about that too. I picked this up because for eye shadows, I love purple and I love taupe. This happens to be a taupe-ish purple duo so … need I say more?


Chanel duo 40 Misty


I used it to death for a few months at one point and I think you can see the wear, but not apparent. I have a feeling eye shadows grow itself. They never seem to die. As always, for my eye shape, I like to use the lighter colour all over my lids then the darker colour to add depth at the outer corner of my eyes and on my lower lash line. The photo below makes the colours look more pink than it really is, so I took another one with neutral background.


Chanel Misty Chanel duo Misty


The eye shadow duo swatch beautifully, with good colour payoff and smooth texture. I wouldn’t say these are buttery because they’re not soft to touch. They work well with brushes as well as fingers. Surprisingly, the 2 applicators included work quite well too. The sponge applicator is used to pat on the eye shadow on my lids and then the brush is used to blend out the edges. Good for touching up or emergency painting 😉


Chanel Misty swatch


I have been giving away quite a few makeup items to relatives and this duo is something I am keeping. That says quite a bit considering the amount of eye shadows I have. Sure, I may not wear this every day… heck, I haven’t been wearing much eye shadows, period… but I like to have this because I just really like it. Do you have any Chanel duos? Anything you like?


xoxo Lily