Review: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipsticks and Moondust Eyeshadow

The only products I’ve tried from Urban Decay are their pencil liners (which I love), pencil shadows (which I hated) and the Naked palettes. I was totally in love with the first Naked palette … so much that I had to have the second one. When the third one came along though, I felt a little “Naked”-ed out so I didn’t get it. Also, I have a little too many eye shadows. Or so I felt at that time. I remember I have 2 of their deluxe single eye shadows which I sold in a blog sale. It was good but I had dupes. However, I haven’t tried any of the Moondust eyeshadows before.


UD spoils Urban Decay Spoils


Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow (RM72) now has 4 new shades, listed below.

ETHER – light purple with pink-blue 3-D sparkle and shift
SCORPIO – matte black with gold 3-D sparkle
SOLSTICE – metallic pink-red with green 3-D sparkle and shift
COSMIC – metallic white with iridescent 3-D sparkle and shift

I have Cosmic to show you, and let me tell you it is the most shifty glitter ever. It changes as you move or bat your eye lids and the swatch on my hand was glorious. I’m not a fan of such high shine eye shadows, just to make it clear, but it’s just so beautiful to look at. I was like a bug to bright light. You have to see it in person to know what I’m saying. The texture is hard but smooth and I’m glad it’s not soft and creamy or the glitters will just fall all over the place. If you prefer natural eye makeup, then Moondust eyeshadows are not for you. This is dramatic in your face bling and how you wear it is really up to you. Some like sparkly eyes, some don’t 🙂


Urban Decay Cosmic


I have read a few raves about the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks, and the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks (RM85) are just as the name says. They are the sheerer counterpart of the Revolution Lipsticks. There are 10 shades, and they are listed as below.

SHEER LADYFLOWER – sheer rose-pink
SHEER STREAK – sheer coral-pink
SHEER F-BOMB – sheer red
SHEER LIAR – sheer pinky-brown nude
SHEER RAPTURE – sheer dusty rose
SHEER ANARCHY – sheer fuchsia
SHEER SHAME – sheer berry
SHEER SLOWBURN – sheer orange-red
SHEER OBSESSED – sheer baby pink
SHEER WALK OF SHAME – sheer pale nude-pink


Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipsticks UD Sheer Revolution Lipsticks


Urban Decay describes the lipsticks as creamy, badass luxury meets sheer, pigmented color. What the heck is “sheer, pigmented color”?? It’s like, hey, I like your long, short hair. WTF? These are definitely not sheer lipsticks. I have Sheer Rapture and Sheer Slowburn, and they are anything but sheer. However, these rather pigmented, creamy lipsticks have a translucency to them. Like jelly. Just look at the swatches below and you’ll see. The colours are opaque enough to cover my natural lip colour, but they look creamy and translucent in a way. Sheer Rapture looks more like a mauve nude on me while Sheer Slowburn is a casual coral red that you wear with white tee and jeans. One thing to note though, the lipstick itself is quite soft. I notice dents on the lipstick bullet itself after a few swatches and application, as you can see in the photos below. To satisfy my curiosity, I pressed the lipstick on my lips a little harder, and I actually squished it. The lipstick.


lip swatch swatches


Have you tried any of these at Sephora? If you’re a fan of high shine eye shadows, you must check out their Moondust line. The Sheer Revolution Lipsticks are very creamy, a little too tacky for my liking, but they have an attractive lineup of colours. I also have the new Naked concealers to show you next week, so stay tuned.


xoxo Lily



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  • The Sheer Revolution lipsticks sound weird in the description but they look really nice, especially Slowburn. Kinda reminds me of jelly nail polish (?), pigmented but also with a jelly-like translucency. 😀

    • Lily

      Oh yes you’re right! Like jelly nail polish 🙂

  • As soon as I saw the first press releases on those lipsticks I just KNEW I had to get some 😉 I have Sheer Streak, Sheer Liar and Sheer F-Bomb and I love love love ’em all. The colors you have look lovely too though, especially Sheer Rapture.

    • Lily

      I just Googled all the swatches. They are gorgeous especially F bomb.

  • OOO I do love both lipsticks on you! I haven’t bought anything from UD for a long time. I used to not be interested in any of their lip offerings, but they have really stepped it up over the past year or so!

    • Lily

      I think they have definitely stepped up. I have a soft spot for Venom, the revolution lipstick.

  • Liz

    LOL, long short hair! You kill me.

    I’ve had my eye on a Moondust for ages but hate buying singles. I’m sort of hoping the lemming will leave me at some point but it’s going on for about a year now so maybe it’s just time to cave. (I like one of the old ones, Space Cowboy.)

    • Lily

      Heh. If a lemming is still alive after a year, then get it!

  • Ha ha!!!!! “hey, I like your long, short hair”! (>_<) Cracking up! I just got Solstice and it's stunning. Your description of bug to bright light is spot-on! I also picked up Sheer F-Bomb and there is NOTHING sheer about it! It's a full coverage, juicy red, and not really what I was going for. Wish I'd gone with Sheer Rapture as that's totes McGoats more my speed. Sheer Rapture looks beautiful on you!
    PS: I love your long, short hair! 😉

    • Lily

      LOL I’m sorry but I just had to take a jab at their description. It’s just for fun though… wonder if the brand gets really sensitive and drop me from their PR list, like Tracy’s experience! HAHAHA! I saw the Sheer F-Bomb swatch on Instagram and it’s beautiful too. I think Sheer Rapture will look awesome on you 🙂

  • LOL. Seriously, what is with that lipstick description? BUT they do look nice, either way.

    • Lily

      Hahaha right? Maybe they should go for “jelly finish”