Sunday Stash Shopping #42: Berry Noir

You guys should know by now I have this obsession with dark reds and berries. It started with Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum, and then NARS Audrey. Crushed Plum is a little more purple than Audrey and when worn, Crushed Plum is darker when Audrey is redder. Bobbi Brown added a few new colours to its Creamy Matte Lip Colors and as soon as I saw the NAME Berry Noir, I knew I had to get it. Yes, it’s that bad. It got to the point where I only have to see the name and want something. I need to admit myself into rehab soon. But… The name has dark berry all over it and I’m not too far off. Thanks, my friend, for surprising me with this gift!


berries swatch


See? Berry Noir is definitely more vampy and it looks like I have indulged in too many glasses of red wine… minus the purple teeth and gums. The thing with this shade is I need a brighter pink blush to lift my complexion or I’d look washed out. The photo below takes away a lot of the blush from my face, but I hope you can still see some pink there.




So how about it? Too dark, too vampy for day? I broke all the makeup rules and wore this out on a hot sunny day. Who cares? No one gawked at me so I guess nobody else cares either 🙂 If you like statement lips, GET THIS! It’s a new and shiny shade, and damn, the color stays on and on and on…


xoxo Lily