Review: Biotherm Life Plankton Essence

Truth be told, I haven’t tried anything from Biotherm before. Every time I walk past the counter, I am usually distracted by other brands nearby. I have already kind of figured out what skin care works for me, and I am content to use whatever I have at the moment. Curiosity does get me though, and when I was asked if I wanted to try anything from Biotherm, I admit I was a little excited and a little apprehensive. What if it doesn’t work on me? The first product I tried is an essence. It is a lotion that is infused with all the potent serum goodness, and it is the Biotherm Life Plankton Essence /┬áRM198 (pre GST).


Biotherm life plankton essence


I LOVE the colour. It is very superficial, but looking at it reminds me of the ocean. The essence is very liquid, a little thicker than toner. Before using the essence, I shake the bottle and then pour about 4-5 drops on my palm. I then rub my palms together and gently pat it on my skin. I prefer to skip my toner and use this right after cleansing, before other serums and moisturizers. There is a slight scent to this essence, and funny enough, it reminds me of after shave. HAHAHA! It is by no means unpleasant though.




This essence promises visible change in 8 days where you’ll see brighter and more hydrated skin. I don’t know about the brightness because my skin is quite light already, but my skin is visibly more hydrated. I kid you not. For the purpose of testing this product, I went off all my hydrating serums. And yet, this one bottle of blue green goodness not only keeps the hydration level, but pushed it up a notch. Consider me impressed! How can I tell? First, fine lines are less visible and skin looks more plump and smooth. Foundation goes on like silk and no more flakes! Since I started this blog, I’ve been scrutinizing my skin at an unhealthy level, but even up close – very close, my skin actually looks good! After a month of using this, I have incorporated the Biotherm Aquasource moisturizer in my day time routine, and the result WOWed me. If you have dehydrated skin, YOU MUST TRY THIS.

I can’t vouch for the rest of the claims such as skin that is brighter, more even toned and more radiant. All these can be slightly achieved when your skin is properly hydrated anyway. And I also cannot tell you that my skin looks 3 years younger in 8 days. Truthfully, my skin now is better now that 3 years ago. LOL!


Biotherm life plankton essence ingredients


So you know what, guys? I think I’ll stop buying toner altogether and use this instead. It’s THAT good. I do wonder though… if you’ve used the same product for a long time, does it reduce its effectiveness? Science geniuses, HALP?? Has anyone of you tried this essence before? If you have dehydrated skin, maybe flaky, and foundations don’t sit right. Do yourself a favour and try this. I hardly tell anyone to go buy anything, but this one is GOOD STUFF.


life plankton essence


What do you do when your skin is in need of a hydration boost? Please share. I think keeping skin hydrated and protected against sun damage are really important to keeping our skin look younger than it is. So I’m all ears! If you’re interested in this, I’m sure it’s already available at all Biotherm counters nationwide.


xoxo Lily


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