Review: Estee Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector SPF 50PA++++

Last month, I reviewed the new Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening products. Of the skincare products I reviewed, I missed out on the UV Protector SPF 50/PA++++ (RM180/30ml). So I’m taking this opportunity to tell you something about this sunscreen. In short, this is a broad spectrum SPF 50 protector fortified with powerful anti-oxidants and soothing anti-irritants. It protects the skin and provides a smooth base for your makeup after.



Estee Lauder White Crescent sunscreen



If you’re expecting this sunscreen to be like most of the Japanese ones, with light texture that dries to a matte finish, well, you’ll be disappointed. If you have drier skin and looking for a sunscreen that doesn’t dry out your skin while providing moisture before you apply foundation, this is what you’re looking for. Does foundation flake on your skin? If you apply this before you apply your foundation, your flakes will disappear. However, since this is a broad spectrum sunscreen, expect some flashbacks if you’ll be taking lots of photos (with flash of course).

What I like about this sunscreen is that it really protects my skin. How can I tell? The past few weeks has been so hot, I could take cold showers 5 times a day. When I wear this sunscreen though, my face doesn’t feel as hot and the sun doesn’t hurt my skin – literally. When I don’t wear sunscreen, I can actually FEEL the sun burning my skin. That’s how hot it’s been. That’s also the main reason why I never go out without sunscreen. If I didn’t wear any makeup, I would even reapply my sunscreen after 2 hours.



Estee Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector SPF 50/PA++++ (RM180)



I have normal skin, and lately, it’s been a little drier, so I can appreciate the richer gel texture. If I have oilier skin, I probably won’t like it that much. If you have oily skin and have tried this sunscreen, please share your experience in comments below. However, do also note the extremely high humidity level in my country. If your weather is drier, it might also work differently for you. I have been using this sunscreen exclusively for the past month, as a base before my By Terry Terrybly Densiliss foundation (which I will review shortly) and I have been really liking it. You see, the foundation emphasizes the flakes on my nose, and the moisture from this sunscreen got rid of it. A good combination. I find it also works well with Chanel Perfection Lumiere which is usually very dry on my skin, even if I applied it after moisturizing my skin properly.

What I don’t like about this sunscreen is also exactly that. The texture. Sometimes, when it gets too hot, the sunscreen will feel a little heavy on the skin. Also, RM180 (before GST) for 30ml is quite steep.

What sunscreen are you using? Do you use sunscreen daily? I usually have a few sunscreens on rotation. Before this, I was using something from Sunplay, Biore, Dior and also Lancome. Now that I have properly tested this suncreen, I’ll be back on my rotation. So…. how many times did the word “sunscreen” pop up in this post?



xoxo Lily



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  • Ha ha! Sunscreen word count: 21! 😉 I’m glad this works for you and DANG – cold showers 5 x a day and burning sun-sations?! Yowchers. I know the feeling of the sun beating down on your skin to the point where you can feel the burn, though I’ve only experienced it in Mexico when we were thisclose to the good ol’ Equator. I looked Columbian when I came home. It was awesome! Anyway, as an oily person, I like NARS Pure Radiant TM with SPF 30. It offers broad spectrum protection, good coverage, and doesn’t melt.

    • Lily

      LOL Kristen. Trust you to actually count!! Hahahaha I love you!! And yes, it’s been really really hot here, and my mood is also affected by the heat. I get irritated easily when I’m sweaty and sticky when I don’t want to. I love being sweaty and disgusting after a good workout though 🙂

  • Hi Lily, i actually really enjoyed this sunscreen! I know it’s not the Japanese type, but as you said, sometimes when my skin is flakey and dry, this one is nice. It’s also not as oily feeling for a cream type of sunscreen. And gosh, i’m so glad we’re getting more rain in Singapore lately… when it’s not raining, it’s scorching out too!

    • Lily

      I’m glad you feel that way too, Linda. Oh, Singapore might be a little cooler than Malaysia. The heat is getting annoying, really.

    I can’t take that icky sunscreen feeling here, I’d probably NEVER wear makeup where you live, unless it was in the evenings to go out.

    • Lily

      Haha Tracy. Same here… I’d freeze to death where you are. When it gets really hot here, we just need to turn on the air con full blast. Sometimes though, like the past few weeks, it didn’t help. UGH!

  • For some reason Estee Lauder never launched its highest SPF formulas here! >:-( Too bad it feels kinda heavy on the skin… Then it’s a no no for me. I use sunscreen from Glo-Therapeutics.

    • Lily

      I haven’t tried anything from Glo-Therapeutics. This sunscreen does feel a little heavier but not too heavy. I do like it when my skin gets a little drier than usual.

  • I just used up a big tube of elta MD sunscreen which I really enjoyed during the colder months. Now I opened a new bottle of Sonina Perfect sunscreen (my all time favorite), and guess what. I’m not so happy with it this time around. Maybe it is still dry and cold over here. I will wait a bit to see how it works as the weather changes, but I might have to find something else. Is there anything that last long yet hydrating on skin? No? Too much to ask for..? 😉

    • Lily

      LOL Lena, your comments crack me up all the time. Have you tried the Shiseido UV Perfector? That one is light, siliconey, good as a base and not drying. I also have been loving the Dior Capture Totale SPF50 which is tinted. And when I feel like saving up some money for some pretties, I use Japanese drugstore brands like Biore and Hada Labo 🙂

  • Uggggh I can’t deal with that kind of weather, lol! I like the Neutrogena one that I’ve been using for a while now – almost done with another bottle, and yep, I already have a backup, lol! It’s cheap and all-physical, which I seem to need coz a lot of the chemical ones break me out. I had to get rid of a lot of foundations because they had a mix!

    • Lily

      Oh no! Breakouts suck. I’m always secretly happy (not so secret now!) that my skin is not as sensitive and can tolerate a lot of crap.

  • Liz

    I started testing out a skin care system that makes me a little dry in the face, so I haven’t been very fond of the dry-touch sunscreens that I usually favour. This is expensive for sunscreen though! I do like the sound of it a lot. All that +++++! Keep cool, Lily!

    • Lily

      I know. I swear in 2 more years, we’ll get PA++++++++++++++++ to fill up the entire computer screen. LOL! It is expensive for 30ml though 🙁

      • Liz

        LOLLLLL, I wouldn’t be surprised!

        • Lily

          Let’s wait for that day and we can say “I told you so!”

  • GummyVision

    I need sunscreen help again bc the one I liked & ordered off amazon I can’t find anymore & I finished it just this morning

    • Lily

      Hi Gummy, I’m glad you liked the review! I usually have normal (and slight combination) skin, so I’m a little surprised my skin has been a little dry lately. Flaking around my nose. I’m glad I was sent this, because now I know the use of richer sunscreens!

  • Ooh I suffer a lot from dry patches maybe this will work well for me. Currently I’m using Philosophy sunscreen lotion, but its not the most moisturizing.

    • Lily

      Hi Meiko, the only thing I tried from Philosophy is their Purity cleanser and I don’t like it. I think that one bad experience kinda stopped me from exploring further. If you can find this, you should try it! Definitely a good base for dry patches. High SPF protection too.

  • Jaa

    This would be a perfect sunscreen to use during wintertime! That’s a good way of testing whether the sunscreen works on your skin (feeling hot or not in the sun). Might try that with my current sunscreen!

    And how many times did I write the word sunscreen in my comment? ;D

    • Lily

      Lol Jaa. Darn sunscreen. I have a feeling your skin will take a little time to adjust to Thailand weather. I hope it won’t go too crazy until it finds an equilibrium! I remember mine was a little unpredictable for a while. Then again, I was in my early 20s and I didn’t know that much about skincare yet.