Review: Rouge Dior Baume 760 Garden Party

I’ve been quite the hermit. I didn’t leave the house much since late October last year… and only recently did I feel comfortable enough to leave the house to go shopping with the baby. Of course I’d go out once in a while, but no more than once a week. I mean, I’m used to going out every day. LOL! I have been reading about new offerings and I’ve been curious about the Rouge Dior Baume. I heard that it replaces Serum de Rouge but I’m not 100% sure. Is this true? Man, I really liked those Serum de Rouge. They were really good. Anyway, I decided to give this Rouge Dior Baume (RM102) a try, and I picked the shade 760 Garden Party.



Rouge Dior Baume

Garden Party



Garden Party is a sheer natural rosy red on me. It makes my lips look a little redder, a little darker, but still natural. The packaging reminds me of Chanel Coco Shines but this Dior one, in my opinion, is a little more pigmented and less slippery. Compared to the Serum de Rouge, this feels the same. The only difference is that Garden Party is sheerer. I tried on a few other shades as well, and I think they all run sheer. The Serum de Rouge however, was much more pigmented. The Rouge Baume feels like a light lip balm. It is not as thick as the Dior Addict Lip Glow and when layered, it doesn’t feel heavy either. The balmy texture is very forgiving on the lips, and I find that it conditions and moisturizes my lips as well. It doesn’t wear very long though – probably 3 hours at best and it definitely needs reapplying after a meal.



Dior rouge Dior baume



The Rouge Dior Baume is unscented. I can however smell something after taking in a very deep breath with my nose literally a millimeter away from the lipstick. To me, it means unscented. The “CD” on the bullet doesn’t last 2 applications, in case you’re curious. Here is how it looks on me, with clean skin and bright eyes. The bullet of the lipstick looks much deeper doesn’t it? Here, you see a wash of colour but I applied 2 layers of Garden Party on my lips.



Garden Party fotd



With the prices of beauty products going up, I don’t know how much more people are willing to pay for a lipstick. If you want to ask me if there’s anything better or the same in a lower price range, well, my answer is, I don’t know. I bought this because Dior is a brand I’m comfortable with, and this is something I’ve been wanting to try. I also know some people have the worst experience with this brand, so really, to each her own. I can’t tell you to run and go get this because it’s not out of this world and it’s not unique. However, I’m pretty happy with this, and have been wearing it regularly.



xoxo Lily




  • So fresh and pretty on you, Lily!
    I like Dior lipsticks, especially the Addict line. Maybe Dior finally has decided “no scent” on Rouge Dior line, too! I would love to try one in a very bright color. 🙂

    • Lily

      I would love to see you wearing a very bright color, Lena! I’ve always loved Dior lipsticks, so I’ve always been biased 🙂

  • Really pretty on you! I like Dior lipsticks! And their powders too. I agree lipsticks have gone up in price that’s for sure!

    • Lily

      Everything has gone up in prices here in our country. They just implemented GST and some merchants / retailers are taking advantage of the situation in the worst ways. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be GST in the first place. The majority of the people and our country itself isn’t ready for it. But what do I know?

      • Ahh, I remember when they first implemented GST here too so many years ago. It’s such a tax grab, especially when there’s a provincial sales tax as well. That’s odd that’ they’d take advantage of it, here retailers were scared and lowered prices as I recall.

        • Lily

          People here are greedy. That’s what I can say

  • Hey Lily, I love Garden Party on you! Personally, this is not my favorite Dior lipstick formula ever, but I really need to try a deeper shade. Part of the problem is really my own, since my lips eat rather than project color. The lighter ones just don’t show up on me that well!

    • Lily

      Hi Sunny, yes these are quite sheer! I really like the balmy texture though. If you have such pigmented lips, you can even get away with wearing none at all! Best nude lip 🙂

  • Yeah, the prices definitely went up significantly! I think it’s like you said, though – everyone knows what they like and what’s worth it to them! I think it’s pretty, and I would pay for something that I got a lot of use out of (something wearable with a comfortable formula) that made me happy to apply!

    • Lily

      Yes that’s right! It’s just that I’ve been reading so many self righteous posts and tweets, it kinda pisses me off sometimes. LOL!

  • I know that this might be somewhat unrelated but have you tried the Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gels? They are the lipsticks in his collection.

    • Lily

      Hi Harivaindaran, I’m sure the Lovemarc Lip Gels are in the Marc Jacobs collection but I haven’t tried any lipsticks from MJ actually. I know a friend who loves his lipsticks though. You might enjoy her blog too! Go to Beauty Reflections blog. Tracy is amazing!
      The only thing I’m trying from MJ is the bronzer brush, which is pretty good! I have yet to write a review on it, but maybe one day. So many things to write, so little time.

      • That’s nice. Thanks for the suggestion to Tracy’s blog.
        FYI, Sephora currently has a promotion for the Lovemarc Lip Gel; they’re being sold at MYR 66 a piece. With GST, we could all use promotions on cosmetics anytime we can grab them. On the Sephora US website, the very same lipsticks cost USD 30 a piece. If you do pick them out, I would love to read a review on them!

        • Lily

          Do you work at Sephora? Lol

  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure there are similar formulas out there for less money. That said, Garden Party does look fantastic on you.

    • Lily

      Yeah I’m sure there are… but I’m kinda too lazy to even find one? Takes too much effort. LOL! I have really good experiences with Dior, so I’m sticking with it 🙂

  • Liz

    I have the hardest time shelling out for sheer shades, but these “baumes” are so pretty that I sort of want to! I think some of them layer up pretty well, so maybe at some point down the line. But the price of lipsticks are soaring to an all-time high and it’s making me extra picky.

    • Lily

      Oh gosh, talking about sheer lipsticks, I kinda regret getting those YSL candy balm thingies. Super sheer and so slippery they move around even beyond the lip line sometimes. So annoying.

  • With regards to what you say about all the prices going up in beauty products, with regards to balmy moisturizing sheer lippies, now here’s something in a lower price range: the Clinique Chubby Sticks. Ok, even though Dior obviously has a more glam packaging, but do you think the concept of the formulas are comparable?

    • Lily

      Hi Sofia, I find them quite different actually. Dior is more moisturising and the colors I find are more pigmented than the Chubby Sticks. The Rouge Baume is also creamier and more comfortable on the lips. The Chubby Sticks are much lighter and wear off much sooner. I love my Chubby Sticks though, don’t get me wrong. And also those Chubby Stick Intense!

      • Thanks for the comparison Lily! So I’ll stick to the Chubby Stick for my “no makeup” days and check out the Dior too 🙂

        • Lily

          I used up all my Chubby Sticks. Once I use up another sheer lipstick, I’d get another.

          • Gosh, I have a few colours but have used up 2 super strawberries and about to purchase a 3rd!!! it just goes so well with one of my pot rouges for a barely there no make up look..

            • Lily

              Oh I like super strawberry! One of the few pinks that flatter most skintones.

  • Oh my lord, Lily, you look stunning here! So happy and fresh and jazzy! Love this lipstick on you. Totally worth reapplication!

    • Lily

      Thank you Kristen 🙂