Review: Rouge Dior Brillant 888 Soho

I recently purchased the new Rouge Dior Brillant in 888 Soho. I was debating which shade to get, and I was immediately attracted to this bright fuchsia pink. There are 12 shades in total, with 4 “It” shades being 999, 775 Darling, 468 Bonheur and 808 Victoire. I don’t have anymore info for you other than what I get from Dior’s official website.


Dior has created the Couture lip balm gloss with lipcare oil, a Rouge Dior that is simply Brilliant.
Rouge Dior Brillant subtly shapes and brightens lips with precision thanks to a pen-like applicator that dispenses the “perfect dose”. Formulated like a liquid balm, its formula boasts an exclusive Dior mix of 3 lipcare oils and a complex that teams vitamin E with an active ingredient known for reactivating collagen synthesis. It comes in a range of timeless couture shades.


Dior gloss rouge brilliant 888 Soho


Now, I’m not really a gloss girl, and I prefer my glosses to be lightweight. So, it’s a pretty big deal for me to purchase a lip gloss myself. The Rouge Dior Brillant differs from Dior Gloss Addict in formula and in packaging. The wand is a sponge tip with a little well that is supposed to dispense the perfect dose. The texture of this is also a little thicker and tackier than the Addicts, which I suspect is due to the lip oils. For a gloss, the colours are quite pigmented and I like that it has the shiny jelly finish on the lips.



details Soho swatch wand


Here is how Soho looks on me. I like to wear it with a clean base and just a touch of light eye makeup.



look Soho



See that while it swatches pretty intense, it doesn’t really look like it on my lips. It’s a gloss after all. However, I have to say that it does look brighter in real life. These retail for RM102 (before GST), which I think is pretty steep but I guess we’re paying for the brand name as well.

What do you think of these?



xoxo Lily