Updates and Random Thoughts

It’s been a while since I dumped my random thoughts on the blog. My daily life is quite a routine, where I’d take care of the little baby, and chauffeur the girls to and from school / classes. Then, at least 5 days a week, I’d try to get my workout in, whenever I have the time. I’m lucky to have some help, so it hasn’t been very stressful. However, that’s about it. I haven’t really been thinking much at all, and it makes me feel like a robot.




I was watching some random YouTube videos after the kids went to sleep, and someone talked about getting rid of old makeup due to eye infection. Dude, I’ve had eye infection for a whole friggin month. It started with a harmless stye on my lower right lid, which then turned into a huge chazalion on the upper lid. I thought it was over and done with until my left eye decided to join the party, starting with a stye and THEN a chazalion. W. T. F. I was off eye makeup for the whole month! So, even though the infection was NOT due to makeup (I used all new stuff, mmkay?), I went through my Z-palettes and Unii palettes and got rid of old makeup. A few years back, I depotted some old palettes and singles, so I got rid of the oldest ones. (photo on Instagram here) I was sad, but I haven’t been using them anyway. And then it hit me that I really have too much. Even with my Stash Shopping posts every alternate Sunday, I couldn’t go through all of them.

There’s an old Dior (LE) palette that I depotted, and I love the eye shadows very much. I use them now and then, but there’s also a beautiful shifty purple cream liner that’s old. The texture has always been dry and hard, but it still swatches beautifully. I don’t know if I want to throw it away! But what if I get an eye infection from it? But dude, there’s no way I could find this shade ever again! But when was the last time I used this? The eff… my mind was playing ping pong with itself.

And that is why, my friends, I have been toying with the idea of letting everything go. Stop blogging, stop reading blogs, just stop it already. There are so many new shiny things, new beautiful things, and there will always be the next best thing. It will never stop. If I didn’t keep up, didn’t know any of it, the lust won’t be there. I’ll be able to use the money saved for something that I actually need. I look at the makeup thatΒ I have, and I only really need 5% of them, probably less. Then, perhaps, I’d use up something before buying something new. The craving for new things and the addiction of wanting more feels dangerous to me.

I asked myself before – if I stopped blogging, how would my makeup life be? I think I’ll just stick with that few foundations, blushes and basic eye makeup. For skincare, I’ll probably just stick to what works and will MAYBE give something new a try every now and then. It will be boring. Then maybe I’ll pick up another hobby, but the same thing will happen again. Once I like something, I am borderline obsessive. All or nothing – that seems to be both my strength and weakness.

So there really is no cure. SUCCUMB! I’d just have to tell myself that this is more economical than those with luxury bag addiction, or fine jewelry addiction. That could bankrupt a person if not managed properly. I should really be happy right? Through this unhealthy obsession, I met wonderful like-minded people, have silly chats on twitter and laugh at our so called hobby. See? I just talked myself into believing that this is a good thing. I should be perpetually sitting on a rainbow. What problem do I have? None apparently. And all those words… just to come back to square one. I’m a happy camper πŸ™‚

I guess you’re stuck with me for a little longer. Until I run out of excuses.

What about you? Is anything bothering you lately?


xoxo Lily




  • Liz

    Maybe we talk to each other too much because… GET OUT OF MY HEAD, LILY. This has been me for the last half year. I revel in this crazy obsession but at the same time want to be free of it. I was an addict before the blog and probably always will be, but I can’t help but wonder if pitching it all aside would make things “better.” Let me know when you figure it all out, LOL!

    • Lily

      Hahaha seems like most of us have the same thought. You let me know too if you have an answer ok?

      • Liz

        I might have a semi-solution for myself in the works but haven’t finalized it 100% yet. Will write a post when it’s a go!

        • Lily

          I can’t wait. Now, I’m going goo goo ga ga on all the new stuff in blog posts – especially Tom Ford Summer. I’m still holding strong, but I wish I didn’t see any of them. Hahahaha!

  • Haha. I think I’ve come to a happy place in terms of products in and out and buying habits and what I wear, etc., but I also don’t have a lot of PR interaction going on, which helps, I think. But I really enjoy this community! So even if I don’t feel like blogging (and don’t blog) for a while, I still like to hang out on Twitter and Instagram to chat, because it’s fun to talk about it sometimes.

    • Lily

      It’s definitely fun to talk and keep in touch with instagram or twitter. That’s the thing I love most as a result from blogging!

  • GummyVision

    VERY timely post, as I’ve had many feels lately on such things, even exactly thinking what if I got rid of most of my stash and stopped blogging and stuff altogether??!!! But then the lust creeps back in, and especially the thoughts that eh, at least it’s a fun hobby and I’ve met so many lovely ladies in the process!! Plus, I don’t really have any other hobbies so I dunno what else I would do??? Suggestions welcome ha ha!

    • Lily

      Lol Gummy! I’m searching for another hobby too but nothing else seems as much fun. I don’t like arts and crafts because I lack patience and many other hobbies also lack the interaction of a blog. Unless it’s sports but for now, I’m tied up with a baby and it’s inconvenient. I think we’re gonna be stuck here for a while. Happily, I might add!

  • Whoaaa so sorry to hear about the stye! Poor you!

    Hmm so yeah, I have actually thought about this as well. I guess if I stop blogging, I’ll be pretty happy with what I already own. I sometimes wonder if I’ll get tired of it all, but since I still feel a lot of enthusiasm about the subject, I guess I’ll keep chugging along until I lose interest one day! For me my blog is a bit of a getaway I suppose. I’ve always needed to live in more than one world and have more than one group of friends. This is how I get to do that nowadays πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      I’m sorry for myself too. Lol lol but it’s getting better! I love the global interaction we have. United against cultural differences through love of beauty. It’s amazing!

  • Petrina Chin

    Hope your eye heals in full quickly ! I’ve been throwing out old stuff too – so sad but I need to make some room in the drawers of makeup for my impending new arrival ( lol I cleared a whole drawer of makeup just for nappies?!??) I know once bub moves to his room I will be filling it up again hehe

    • Lily

      When is the little bub arriving? Exciting times ahead for you! My youngest is now a little over 5 months and it’s amazing seeing his developments and changes every day. Don’t like the lack of sleep though! I didn’t throw out anything for his stuff. I just put his in a box. Hahaha!

  • Bellyhead

    Your EYES! D: Poor Lily! *dabs on most soothing balms*

    I echo Liz. You are in my brainz, having the same thoughts. <__o freaking me out, man.

    • Lily

      My husband called me Rocky Balboa for the whole month. He said the only thing missing is some blue black around my eyes. I really wanted to punch the lights out of him then. Lol
      Ah you know what they say about great minds πŸ™‚

  • I so agree with you. I have such thoughts every day. What is it about makeup that we need to get new items all the time? The word is not going to collapse if I don’t get the new LE palette. I have thoughts of quitting blogging because of that on regular basis…The money I spend on makeup could be used in so many better ways…But then, I have met so many wonderful people through blogging and my blog just makes me happy!! And I have put a lot of effort and time into it already so i don’t want to quit!

    • Lily

      I know what you mean, Agata! Same thought here! But I can quit my blog easily. I’ll just change the setting to private and blog for myself again. Lol

  • Well, even if you stop blogging altogether, your makeup like would be about the same and beautiful, I think. I guess we all have thoughts like this every now and then. We are bound to feel tired and even empty if we are just focused to chase all things new and bling-y. I’m still amazed that you have kept up quite a regular posting schedule despite your busy schedule. Just go with your own pace and hang out with us, okay? πŸ˜€

    • Lily

      Ok Lena πŸ™‚ Blogging and writing keeps me sane sometimes when I need a break from babysitting. I don’t want to feel like a mother all the time, if you know what I mean. Heh! And when I write, I pick up momentum really fast and I can schedule posts for 2 weeks ahead. Hence the regular posts. I don’t actually write all that regularly πŸ™‚

  • Yup, I have the same thoughts too. That’s why I took that month off at Christmas. And now, there’s so much crap to do again for me. And when that happens, I tend to shut down. I don’t blog every day, or every other day even anymore. I just blog when I want. I think that helps me deal. And yeah, all the buying gets crazy. I know now that eye palettes I’ll never use, so I just don’t go near them anymore. I hate wearing eyeshadow. I still like blush and lipstick and skincare, so those are the things I limit my purchases to now. And even blushes not so much anymore, because honestly nothing new has come out that I’m willing to pay for. On one hand, I’d love to just up and quit too, and one day I will. I’m getting old, so how much longer can I show my face hahaha! Plus, things are gonna change BIG TIME for me and my family this year I think….so, we’ll have to see how much longer I continue. But I agree with everyone! I love all the friends I’ve made and wouldn’t trade that for anything!

    • Lily

      Are you moving to Disneyland? ?? I don’t think I can blog every day. I’d go a little crazy. Haha! I’m now curious of the change you’re talking about. I’m so nosy!

  • Ha ha! I love you, Lils! “This is why I’m done with blogging, but then again, forget that, I love you all and I’m not going anywhere!” I can relate. I haven’t been good at keeping up with blog reading lately which is normally what I excel at (to the detriment of not wiring new posts for my own blog!), and then we went away for the weekend and I didn’t focus on anything beauty blog related and now my bloglovin’ is up to 228 unread posts. Ummm…uh oh, spaghetti-o’s. I also relate strongly to the fact that if I didn’t blog or read blogs, I would be out of the makeup loop and probably pretty satisfied with what I already have. I am getting MUCH better at letting things go that don’t work for me. I bought 2 lipsticks at the drugstore yesterday, they both look like hell on me, so they’re both in a padded mailer bound for a friend who can pull off both the colors I can’t. Normally, I’d keep on trying to make ’em work and they’d eventually get lost in the stash and collect dust. Now, I’m all about ridding my stash (and life) of things that aren’t bringing the happy as quickly as I realize it. It’s brought a nice feeling of peace. There are some things I hold onto that need to go, but I plan to have a major clear out in a few weeks and just ask myself 2 simple questions when considering keeping something or letting it go: 1.) Do I LOVE it and feel happy just thinking about it? 2.) Will I actually USE it?
    I’m glad you’re not going to abandon the blog. I think if you can really maintain a strong mental focus about buying only what makes you feel intensely happy (& is also useful), you should be able to wade through the stream of newness and only pick up things that really make your heart sing. Mucho love and happy selectionary purchasing! Yep! Selectionary is a word. πŸ˜‰

    • Lily

      Oh new word! Selectionary!
      Yes I hear ya. Thing is, I don’t need anything new so I won’t need to buy anything. It’s just the lust that’s hard to control. I still buy things that’ll make me really happy but I think they’re just collector’s items. Like the Dior My Lady blushes πŸ™‚

  • Hey Lily, I had guessed that blogging while trying to manage 3 children (which is the most important thing in the world) must be a bit tough. Enjoying and caring for your family comes first. I have to say that whatever you do I enjoy the connection we’ve made over the seas, and you are one of the people that sort of got me into this blogging thing. Let me tell you I’m sort of getting out of my current blog, for many reasons. Obviously not cooking is NOT one of them, but cooking cool stuff at night hen there is no good lighting to photograph is a factor… but… I might start a beauty blog. Oh no, not another one in the world! πŸ˜‰ Fear not, I want to make it different. Anyway, if you still enjoy it, then go ahead! I’m sure your girls like this bit of your world hehe.

    • Lily

      Hi Sofia, I wish you all the best in your new journey! For me, my blogging motto has always been simple – blog for fun and if it’s not enjoyable anymore, I’ll stop. It’s still enjoyable because I love writing. I grew to enjoy photography too, thanks to this blog.
      However, it’s my attitude and uncontrollable lust for new things that prove to be a problem. I’m now still staying strong, holding back on purchases. I’m trying the one out one in technique. No new purchase until something is emptied πŸ™‚

      • Oh I totally get it. If I do the beauty blog, sure I’ll do reviews but I dont want to buy things just because of that. But I also want to focus it as an industry insider that I am, I’m sure I could think of a few interesting things! You know what, I always say to myself: no purchase until something is empty, thinking oh now I’ll save a ton of money. As soon as I say that, half of my skin care products suddenly all run out at the same time, lol! πŸ™

        • Lily

          LOL Sofia! Next time, don’t say it, just think it… to avoid being jinxed. HAHAHA! And yes, I’d love to read an insider’s point of view. I can’t wait, Sofia! I’m getting excited for you πŸ™‚

          • Oh thanks Lily <3 Latest update: I've finally agreed to myself on the name for it. So as soon as I find the time to, I'll start setting up the blog! πŸ™‚ But this Friday we have a student piano concert/part, so it may have to wait till after that. I have to practice πŸ˜‰

            • Lily

              Oh!! I miss participating in piano concerts. We used to have at least 2 every year. I haven’t really played for so long, my fingers are rusty

  • Jaa

    Funny you chose to write on this subject right now because I also am going through the same thing! I’ve been without my makeup stash for almost 2 months now (they’re being shipped to me by sea). I only have a few items from each category (lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, etc.) with me and I’ve been pretty content to use what I have that I almost forgot about the rest! It makes me realize that I can actually be happy with what I have right now and there’s no need to buy anything more. Of course, this is speaking from a “normal” person’s point of view. But we are beauty bloggers right? Things are different with us! So right on we keep buying more and more. LOL

    I’m glad you decided to stick around, though. The beauty blogging world wouldn’t be complete without Chloe Ash! πŸ™‚ I hope your eyes feel better by now. Eye infection is scary!

    • Lily

      My eyes are much better now Jaa. Thank you! And I feel you. I think we bloggers aren’t really that normal. A normal person won’t have 2 drawers full of eye products that don’t get used. If I stopped blogging, I’ll be completely happy with what I have without adding more, but we’ll see. I change my mind all the time, so I’m not surprised I won’t have a care in the world next month, and have these feelings all over again the following month. HAHAHA!

  • omg i’m sooo so glad you changed around at the end… i was going Nooooo don’t go Lily!!! I feel like i barely got to know you, and I really enjoyed our lil chat over the weekend! I’m same as you… I wouldn’t use the expired makeup, but I still hoard (see my recent IG post about untouched palettes!)… maybe for shade comparison purposes? Delusional. But i’m definitely buying less… and yes, before makeup, i was into scrapbooking. Really into it, and i still have half a bookshelf of papers and materials and tools. So, you’ll definitely find another hobby. Might as well stick to something you’re already good at! ;P

    PS: I hope your eye infection cleared up!!!

    • Lily

      Hi Linda, my eye infection cleared up, thank you! Yes, it was nice chatting. The thing I love about blogging is that I get to make new friends who actually become real friends! It’s amazing. I think that’s the only thing that’s hindering me from stopping altogether. You guys are just too cool!

  • Hehe sometimes I wonder about my needless buying too, but it’s true, buying designer makeup is pennies compared to buying designer clothes/purses (something that I don’t think I can do, I would see that $3000/purse and think how many blushes/lipsticks I can get with that, no thank you!). This is a good reminder to throw away some of my old stuff too….i too have a very old discontinued cream liner that is a unique blue and doesn’t smudge, I love it but it’s sooo old, it doesn’t smell of anything gone bad so I will keep it until it does!

    • Lily

      HAHAHA! My thoughts exactly when I think about the thousands of $$ going to a single bag. I could buy LOADS of Tom Ford, Dior, you name it πŸ™‚ I mean, I go through phases… I still buy things, but I’ve cut down a lot, that’s for sure!

  • Shu Ting

    Lily, whatever you do, don’t stop writing! You don’t always have to write about cosmetics and skincare, but keep on writing! πŸ™‚ Lately I’ve also stopped buying new shiny stuff. I trimmed down the contents of my makeup bag for the Songkran trip in April, and I could survive with so little items I brought along! The summer sun is killing me so most of the time I’m bare-faced anyway! Everything would just melt away so why bother? :p
    Have you found out the culprit of your eye infection, Lily? I can imagine that must have hurt like hell!! Ouch!

    • Lily

      Thanks for your words of encouragement Shu Ting! Those pesky bumps are gone, but my eyes have been super dry lately. It’s just been rather annoying, more than anything else. Not painful, thank goodness!