My Experience with ND-YAG Laser Treatments

Yes, I did it. I mainly have a huge dissatisfaction with my freckles (while I know many of you think they’re cute). I don’t have much problems with my skin since I hit 35 but it’s those pesky freckles which got darker after each pregnancy. No skincare I’ve tried could lighten them, let alone get rid of them. I’ve been thinking of zapping them off for a long time, but I was, admittedly, scared. A friend of mine got rid of hers years ago, but she had open wounds and scabs which she could not touch until they were completely healed (which took at least 7 days). She also mentioned something about smelling burnt skin. That really freaked me out. However, she did not use ND-YAG laser treatment. I did. And let me tell you, nothing is scary about it.






Yup, those are the different “zappers” (let’s not get technical here, and just use my terms very loosely!). One is to fragment the pigmentation, another to brighten and one more to even out the skin tone. I got mine done at Ko Skin Laser, which is a very well known company which has branches all over the country. They have all sorts of treatments including cosmetics surgery, but that’s only available in their main office in Klang. The ND-YAG treatment I did was done at their branch in my hometown and I’m not surprised this is the most sought after treatment as well. You need to get your skin assessed, to see what treatment suits you, but I’m happy mine are the very basic hormonal freckles. Anyway, one session takes approximately 30 minutes. Then, a cooling mask will be applied for 15 minutes, and we’re done. All in, less than an hour per session (RM800).


The Experience


treatment room


I told you my concerns and preconceptions about laser treatments. I was expecting the very worst, but you know what? I was worried for nothing. I didn’t use the numbing cream (an option you can take if you have extremely low pain tolerance) so I can tell you that it was not life threatening at all. Yes, it was uncomfortable. Every time the laser hits the skin, I could feel heat. However, the focal point is so precise and so tiny, that it felt more like being snapped by a tiny rubber band. Or being flicked using fingers. On parts where my freckles were quite concentrated, I could feel more of the heat, and honestly, more of the pain. Yes, it did get a little painful but again, nothing unbearable or tear inducing. After the treatment, my face was a little red and felt really warm, so the following cold mask was a huge welcome. Right after the mask, the heat was gone. Only some redness remained.


Home Care


skincare lineup


Skin is drier and more sensitive after the laser treatment. So all redness has to disappear before using skincare. I had to apply a special cream (ONLY) and once the redness is gone, I could resume my skincare. I was very lucky to have less sensitive skin. By the second day, redness has already gone. The freckles got darker for about a week, and then they started to fade. The skincare that complements this treatment has brightening properties. To put simply, these are the products I used which helped the freckles go away even faster.




  • Dermax Bio Perform Cleansing Oil 1CO 120ml RM128 – this cleansing oil is quite thick in texture. Reminds me of Shu Uemura ones and the good thing is, it’s scentless. Did not break me out either
  • KO Dermaceutical Perfect Cleanser 1 120ml RM198 – I find this cleanser a little drying, and it might be due to the salicylic acid in the ingredients. I need to follow with toner immediately.
  • KO Dermaceutical Perfect Radiance Toner 21 120ml RM198 – alcohol free
  • Dermax Bio Rejuvenating Aqua 11A 50g RM220 – this is a gel moisturizer that boost skin hydration due to the hyaluronic acid properties. It has a funky shaving cream smell though.


brightening products

Now comes my favourite of the lot. There’s a serum, a brightening cream and a pure Vitamin C powder. These 3 products in my books are the star of the skincare line up I have for you today.
  • KO Dermaceutical Perfect C Serum 23 40ml RM280
  • KO Dermacare Perfect Brightening Cream 30g RM380
  • Ko Dermacare Miracle C Powder – RM299 (2 Vials) (Note: Do not use with hydroquinone based cream)

The serum is filled with antioxidant to boost collagen production so skin appears firmer, and more supple. I like that the texture of this serum is very light, so I can use it day and night. The brightening cream is not oily and is absorbed into the skin almost immediately. It helps lighten pigmentation including freckles, sun spots and melasma. I love this cream especially mixed with the C powder. The powder reduces pigmentation and evens out skin tone, and can be mixed with your moisturizer, serum or even sunscreen. I use this every day and night and it’s been a few months now – both the cream and powder are in my empties bag. I’m about to use up the serum as well.


cream and C powder

Sun protection is very important after laser treatments. Well, for me, sun protection is important whether or not you’ve had any laser treatments but you know, they mean business when the sunscreen I was advised to use was SPF80! The KO Dermaceutical Perfect Block Plus Skin Perfecting Cream with SPF 80 PA+++ 30g RM380 is tinted and comes in a tub. The texture is like thick paste, and a little goes a long way. Other than sun protection, it also reduces pigmentation, smooths out wrinkles and controls sebum production. The color pigment in this sunscreen is quite strong, as it reduces all redness on my skin. I was also advised to pat on the product and not rub it in or it would clog the pores. This freaked me out a bit so I used this the least. I’m quite comfortable with my SPF50 and foundation. I’m usually quite careless in the way I apply my skincare, so I don’t want to risk breaking out, thank you very much.

Follow up


I have already gone for the second laser treatment a while back. My eye infection got in the way of my 3rd and last treatment. I will post a before after picture for you after my last treatment, however, I’m already quite satisfied with my skin condition right now. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d notice my freckles are not obvious anymore. They are still around, yes, but mostly faded and easily covered using foundation. I don’t know how much the 3rd treatment can do now. I will do a follow up post to let you know. Here’s a before after picture of my first treatment. The one on the left is my bare skin before treatment, and on the right, immediately after treatment, after mask and also with the tinted sunscreen to cover redness. Not scary right? There are no open wounds, no scabs, no itch, no nothing.


b4after treatment 1


I’ll try to schedule my final treatment soon so I can let you guys know and SEE the difference. Their skincare will be available for purchase online soon, so if you’re in Malaysia, you can try out the brightening serum, cream and powder. They are awesome! I’ll let you know the links to their official site once it’s launched in July. In the meantime, you can check out their site here <click link>.

What do you think of laser treatments? I don’t have very strong opinions for or against it – if you think you want to get it, then go get it. If you don’t like it, then you don’t. I’m very happy with my results so far (after only 2 treatments) so if you’re not opposed to it, then there’s no harm trying. Thoughts?


xoxo Lily



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