On Rotation: Face Brushes

I decided to add a new ‘series’ on the blog. Let’s just call it On Rotation, since I’ll be talking about products I’ve been using regularly. Something like current favourites which I always fail to do! While I feature a fair bit of product reviews here, I like to stick to a handful of products for some time, just to get more use out of them. After about a month or two, I usually switch it out with something else, so that I get to use most of my stuff. “On Rotation” will be scheduled every other Tuesday, so by the time I talk about face brushes again, it’ll be a few months later.

Today, the face brushes I’ll be talking about are all from Zoeva. They are synthetic round top brushes, and none of them are scratchy. They are (from smallest to biggest) 142 concealer/buffer, 110 face shape, 102 silk finish and their latest 107 powder polish. I purchased these from the Zoeva website, and the shipping is reasonably fast. Nothing to complain about.



Zoeva face brushes


These 4 brushes complete my face makeup. I have been using the Zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush with my RMS ‘un’cover up. Instead of using my fingers as I normally do, I just swirl this brush in the little pot and apply it under my eyes immediately. My fingers are kept clean, and the concealer applies beautifully. Blends without tugging, which is very important in my books.

The 110 face shape brush can be used to apply sheer blushes or to contour. It’s the perfect size to contour the hollow of the cheeks. Since I don’t contour much, I actually use this to gently buff out liquid foundations. I don’t usually apply foundation on my entire face. I like to focus on the centre of my face (the most problematic area) and then just blend outwards with no additional product. So I use the 110 for that.



round top face brushes


The Zoeva 102 Silk Finish is the one you want to use to buff out foundations. However, I use it for a different purpose. I use this with my Dior Aurora bronzer and apply it on the edges of my face. I’ve been looking a little pasty lately, so I’ve started to incorporate sheer bronzers in my routine. I prefer to use this slightly larger brush for that. While warming up my face, the bronzer also gives my face more dimension. When I want to use mineral foundation however, I’ll use this brush to buff in the product. It’s just the right size and density, and it has some give so it doesn’t drag my face around, literally. It is also very gentle on my skin, and I love that it is not scratchy at all. My face is very sensitive when it comes to hair softness. Any scratch is not tolerated (spoiled brat!).

The 107 powder polish brush is a new addition to the Zoeva family. It is a very dense powder brush and I use it with sheer finishing powder. Instead of swiping it all over my face, I apply it using dabbing motion, concentrating on where I’d oil up. Dab and roll off. The finish is flawless, and I find that my pores look smaller (if that’s possible!).



size comparison


I’ve been using these 4 brushes for about 2 months now and I wash them regularly as well. All of them dry relatively fast but the big boy Powder Polish takes much longer. It’s the most dense out of the lot and it’s probably why it gives a very polished effect.

I think I’ll be rotating this out of my routine soon. I got myself some Koyudo fupas and I might want to start using them properly… when I’m done stroking my face with them like a lunatic! What face brushes are you using now?



xoxo Lily