Review: Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation, Powder and Loose Powder

** Warning, lengthy post **

Dior released its Diorskin Star late last year, and in less than a year, there’s another new foundation. I’m very sure you’ve already heard of it by now – nearly every blog I read has mentioned or reviewed this. It’s the Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation (RM191 / 30ml). Accompanying its launch are the powders – pressed (RM199) and loose (RM204). While Diorskin Star is a weightless foundation that gives you medium to full coverage, this serum foundation is even more weightless and gives you a sheer finish – your skin but better. This is VERY different from another serum foundation I reviewed recently, so just erase all preconceived notions of this and start fresh. Let’s go!



Diorskin Nude Air Foundation



Like all other serum foundations, this comes in a heavy glass jar and a dropper to dispense the foundation. The foundation is an extremely fluid talc-free formula, and shaking it before applying is a must. The reason is this foundation is made with oils (hence serum foundation) so you need to make sure the oils mesh with the pigments well before you apply. The oils also evaporate instantly, making this foundation set rather quickly. I can’t dot this foundation all over my face before blending it out. I need to work it as I go – something to note. Ah, also, the fragrance is quite strong. It stays on for a good few minutes, so if your nose is sensitive, you might want to test it out properly before purchasing.






One thing I want to mention about the packaging is that, of all the serum foundations I’ve tried, this is the LEAST messy. Points for that, Dior! I freak out when I can’t keep my foundation bottles clean, but this one has kind of a rubbery barrier hidden INSIDE the bottle, so the dropper can go in and out of the bottle without messing up the mouth of the bottle. Genius! OK, I realise not many people appreciate this little detail, but for someone with slight OCD tendencies, this is brilliant. See picture below. Dirty dropper doesn’t touch the sides of the bottle. Woozah! Okay, enough of that.



less messy cover



As the name implies, this serum foundation is infused with skincare goodness. This foundation, with continuous use, is supposed to improve our complexion, giving it radiance and glow to the skin. Honestly though, I read through all of Dior’s foundation leaflets and they all say that. Bahahahaha! OK ok, not funny. Even though I appreciate skincare benefits in a foundation, I use foundations NOT because of them. I use foundations for better looking skin when I need it! If I have beautiful skin to start off with, I’d skip foundation altogether. TRUTH!

So how does this Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation work as a foundation? (Finally, Lily, after all the nonsensical blabbing, you’re JUST talking about the foundation now??) This is foundation that makes me look and feel like I’m not wearing any foundation at all. This formula dries semi matte and on my normal skin, it is fantastic. It does have the tendency to settle and emphasize on dry flakes, so proper moisturizing is important. It lasts the whole day on me, doesn’t oil up, doesn’t oxidize. It works even better with the powder. With the powder, the coverage is ever so slightly increased (since both powders don’t offer much coverage to begin with). The pressed powder actually minimizes the look of pores on my face. I was like WHA???!?!! Really???

Erm, yes, really.



Diorskin Nude Air Powder

Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder



I do have one grievance about the foundation though. It’s the shade availability. I usually use 011, but they do not make it in this shade (WHY!?!?!!). So, I was sent 010 to try, and on my skin tone, it leans pink. The coverage of this foundation is sheer enough not to matter terribly, but it still looks a tad pink which makes me look… well, a little off. I’m just very picky when it comes to shade match. It’s the key to foundation looking natural. Anyhoo… Here are the swatches for those of you interested.






OK, so here is where I show you how the foundation looks on me. Here’s a scary picture of my bare face. Unevenness on my face, a little darker around the centre of my face, weird patchy nose, redness here and there, and pores.



bare face Diorskin Nude Air Foundation result



Now, the after picture. My face looks way lighter, but this is also due to the shift in lighting when I took the photo. I use natural daylight and the sun and clouds just wouldn’t sit still. As you can tell, the coverage is quite modest, and you can notice some flakes on my nose. Skin tone is evened out, some redness concealed. Pores at the sides of my nose are still visible, so are some pigmentation. However, once I set it with powder, the pores don’t look as obvious. If you see the photo above, it’s really obvious that there are less pores on the side that I set with powder (left side of the picture). Definitely more polished and airbrushed, and the bonus is, the powder doesn’t add any weight to the foundation.



Diorskin Nude Air Foundation ingredients



The Diorskin Nude Air serum foundation is not drying on my skin even though the finish is quite matte. After a few hours of wear, it looks even more natural albeit the slightly mismatched shade. I would say this is definitely an every day foundation for the weightless, no foundation look. Great for those with combination oily skin as well, but I’m not sure how it would fare on really dry skin. If you have dry skin, I’d recommend the other serum foundation which gives you beautiful glowy finish.

Have any of you tried this foundation / powders? Do you like it? What foundation are you using now? Or rather, what foundationS are in your current rotation?






xoxo Lily



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