Sunday Stash Shopping #48 : Dior Eye Reviver Palette

OK, here’s the post after promising you guys in the review a couple of days ago. I’ll be posting a very simple day time look using the Dior Eye Reviver Palette and just to recap, here’s what the palette looks like, together with the swatches.



Dior Eye Reviver Palette close up Dior Eye Reviver Palette swatches



While the palette looks really pretty, many of you mentioned that the shades are dupable. And you’d be right. For a neutral crazy person like me, another neutral palette is always exciting. This however, is one palette I would prefer to wear on low key days – when I want to look polished with a “no makeup” makeup look. I mentioned earlier that the lighter shades lack contrast and that they’re probably best worn alone to brighten the eyes. Let me show you what I meant.



light 1 and light 2



Here, I used different eye shadows on different eye. On your left, I used the primer (furthest left in the swatch picture) all over my lid then applied the lightest eye shadow all over my mobile lid. On your right, I used the primer all over my lid then applied the light taupe on my mobile lid. I cannot use these 2 shades together because there isn’t enough contrast and they don’t look any different on my lids. I do love how easy it is to use just one color on my lid and have a brightening effect. Here, you can also see that I did a very thin line using the cream liner in the palette. I lined my eyes using the super tiny Zoeva 310 Spot Liner brush.

Below, I used the 2 deeper colors together. The warm reddish brown on my lid and the dark brown to smudge out the liner and a tiny bit at the outer corner of my eyes. I also used it on my lower lash line.






As you can (or cannot) see, very simple understated look, not in your face, super sharp and stark Instagram FOTDs. If you’ve been following my FOTDs so far, you’d know that I prefer natural looks that are not too in your face. More conservative, as some would say, but I previously worked in the financial industry, and now a stay at home mom. I was going to compare myself to others in creative industries, but that sounded like I was bashing them. So I just deleted the whole thing. Anyway….

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and that it gave you an idea of how the palette works. Definitely pricey for a palette of neutrals that don’t go “BAM”! but there are other brands which do that. Price aside, I like this palette more as I use it more often. It’s soft, understated, chic and you can never be too heavy handed. The result is natural and classy. What have you been using lately?

Have a happy Sunday!



xoxo Lily