Fitness Journey Check in #2

Where has the time gone eh? It’s already half way through 2015! My new year resolution was to get fitter and stronger, and with all the hard work put in, I’m happy to report that progress is there! I’ve never been super active my entire life. When I wanted to fit into a smaller sized piece of clothing, I’d just eat less. I never thought that while I shrunk, I was also sacrificing my muscles. So the past couple of months, I’ve been working on changing my body composition – working on increasing lean mass (i.e. muscles), decreasing fats. How to do that? And guys, this will be boring if you’re not on the same journey so please feel free to check out older archives. Just go to the tabs above and choose a category you like!


My fitness journey chloeash


Anyway, changing body composition. Lift. Yes, weight lifting. Not just plain resistance, but actually lifting heavier. I used to carry a handweight of 2.5kg (about 6 pounds) on each arm, and I’d complain it’s heavy. Now, I bench a total of 40kgs and I can do 15 pushups (on my toes, not knees) without stopping. My training emphasizes a lot on legs and butt, and now I squat 50kg and deadlift 62.5kg. My ultimate goal is to do a pull up though. At the moment, I can only do half a pull up, when I used to have trouble just dangling myself >_< Getting there, slowly.


When some friends hear what I’m doing, their initial reaction is to ask if I won’t get bulky. That’s the most common question, really. Do you know how much work it takes to build muscle mass, let alone looking bulky? Instead of looking broad, I’m actually getting smaller in size. My weight is pretty much hovering around the same number so I can’t even be bothered with it anymore. I can now fit into clothes I couldn’t even wear in the last 2 years. I am more toned overall, and people, I haz a butt!


Coming in the next week, instead of focusing on strength, I will be focusing more on volume, i.e., maintain the weights I’m carrying now, but increase the reps (number of times) in a set. The objective is to increase endurance and to burn more calories, because I want to lean out more. I’ll also be incorporating cardio in my routine. I started on the treadmill yesterday (after all my usual lifting program), running for 3km in about 23 mins. I aim to cover 5km in 30 to 40 mins in the next 3 months. So now, my program includes lifting, high intensity interval training and long steady cardio. Objective: to┬álean out further.


Oh, btw, nutrition has to be on point for all these to work. Sadly, I haven’t been strict enough on my food intake. People are already seeing my progress (including my mom who is my worst critic ever!) even when I sneak in junk here and there – Imagine how much faster if I actually didn’t cheat! I’m hoping I can stay more focused on taking in clean macros so any tips on staying focused is welcomed!


xoxo Lily