Not A Review: Dior My Lady Blushes

I’m sorry but these are limited editions and I don’t know if you can get them anymore. I just wanted to photograph them, because they’re so gorgeous to look at. I have 002, 003, 006 and 007. I have this absolutely insane urge to collect all of them, but as you can see, I’ve already missed out a few. I also haven’t used them yet because somehow, when it comes to these few blushes, my mind just went bonkers. Anyway, yeah… I’ll use them one day. Probably sell all my other blushes and use these exclusively? Haha I don’t think so.



Dior My Lady blushes Dior My Lady direct sunlight Dior My Lady



Hope you enjoyed the eye candy 🙂 It’ll be the weekend soon. Anything planned?



xoxo Lily