On Rotation: My 5 Base Products

This is my second instalment of On Rotation series. Basically, I will showcase products I’ve been using regularly and give you brief thoughts on them. It’s something like Favourites, except I might not like them even though I’ve been using them regularly. Yup, sounds about right. I’ve been talking about base products quite regularly lately, but reviews aside, I’ve been trying to put a dent to these few products.



5 base products on rotation



1. Diorskin Radiant Base in 002. This is a yellow primer that brightens my complexion immediately. I bought this a while back, and I want to use this up before I purchase another primer. I don’t use primers nearly enough, but as I age, I tend to appreciate it more. I like to use this mixed with…

2. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl. I totally bought this on a whim after watching Lisa Eldridge’s video. At first swatch, I thought this was a little too shimmery for my liking. I don’t quite like using this as a highlighter on top of foundation (read too much bling) but I do like it under a foundation. It gives the foundation a certain glow without adding oil to my skin.

The mixture of these 2 products tone down the yellow and shimmers, making it the perfect combination. I could leave it as it is, but it’s still a little too glowy. Before I add on powder, I’d apply…

3. RMS ‘un’cover up in 11. This is what I’ve been reaching for to conceal under my eyes and around my nose. It gives a very natural finish without being cakey, and the consistency is just right for me. I’ve been using it to much, I’ve already put a decent dent in the pot. This is something I will surely repurchase.



on rotation



After prepping my face, it’s become all glowy. Too much, really. So, I powder it down.

4. Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Golden Fair (W10). This is a mineral powder foundation which needs to be buffed into the skin. Used alone, I find it dry and flat and all sorts of dull. However, when used on top of the 3 products I mentioned earlier, the finish is a subtle sheen, like healthy looking skin. I’m so happy I found the perfect way to wear this foundation (never alone or under a matte primer) because it’s been sitting in my drawer for a year untouched. Now, I actually enjoy using it, except that it oxidizes. I can’t win! It goes on bright and lovely but by midday, it dulls down, to at least a shade darker. I’m giving it a few more goes before deciding whether to keep it.






I’ve also been looking a little pasty lately, so I decided to incorporate a bronzer into my routine. I use a kabuki brush to apply it at the sides of my face, on my cheeks and nose, and along my hairline. Instantly adds color to my face. At the moment, I’m using…

5. Diorskin Nude Tan in 001 Aurora which was a limited edition from a couple of summers past. It looks orange in the swatch, but against my skin, it looks very natural. I can see slight dents here and there from frequent uses, so I’m excited to see some pan action from this.


What base products have you been enjoying lately?



xoxo Lily