Review: Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense in Intense Chocolate is Intensely Annoying

When it comes to eye pencils, I like mine to be retractable. Takes the sharpening out of the equation. I also like my liners to be smudge proof and humidity proof. I have a lot of black liners, so I thought I’d go for brown. I swatched this brown and I immediately fell in love.






It has that cooler sooty finish, and just a hint of reddish golden flecks. It’s all love! So I bought it (RM72), and happily went home. Little did I know, this is the worst retractable pencil I bought. Retractable means literally, the ability to retract. I just couldn’t with this pencil! It took forever for the pencil to come out – and once it’s out, it is so soft, it breaks easily. OK, so maybe I took it out too much. So, let’s put some back in (so many innuendos possible, but please keep it clean, guys!). It’s an impossible feat I tell ya. Once you flop it out, it stays out!



pencil wouldn't retract Clinique quickliner for eyes



So what did I do? I had to friggin’ break it. A total deal breaker, because that renders this pencil useless. I don’t even need to talk about the formula, because if you can’t even apply it properly, what’s the point? Have you tried this before? Did I get a dud or is this just a total fail?



xoxo Lily