Review: Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense in Intense Chocolate is Intensely Annoying

When it comes to eye pencils, I like mine to be retractable. Takes the sharpening out of the equation. I also like my liners to be smudge proof and humidity proof. I have a lot of black liners, so I thought I’d go for brown. I swatched this brown and I immediately fell in love.






It has that cooler sooty finish, and just a hint of reddish golden flecks. It’s all love! So I bought it (RM72), and happily went home. Little did I know, this is the worst retractable pencil I bought. Retractable means literally, the ability to retract. I just couldn’t with this pencil! It took forever for the pencil to come out – and once it’s out, it is so soft, it breaks easily. OK, so maybe I took it out too much. So, let’s put some back in (so many innuendos possible, but please keep it clean, guys!). It’s an impossible feat I tell ya. Once you flop it out, it stays out!



pencil wouldn't retract Clinique quickliner for eyes



So what did I do? I had to friggin’ break it. A total deal breaker, because that renders this pencil useless. I don’t even need to talk about the formula, because if you can’t even apply it properly, what’s the point? Have you tried this before? Did I get a dud or is this just a total fail?



xoxo Lily




  • Hey Lily, aww I’m so sorry to hear this! I had the one in Ebony and here’s the thing: you can’t twist any of this back. Like the Hourglass pencil, I imagine they want to keep it as fresh and hygienic as possible so you should only twist out the amount you need. I did have to twist mine several times to get some out, and the formula is indeed super soft. Still, I think the one you got is a bit faulty.

    • Lily

      Probably faulty then. It takes forever for the pencil to come out and even when I try to push it back in WHILE twisting it in, the pencil either breaks or gets squished >_<

  • Oh no! I have this liner in Truffle (light taupe pearl, a very nice color that’s not very common) and I really like it. I do have problems retracting it into the body of the pencil if I get too much out, but I can get it in by pushing it down with my finger.

    • Lily

      I tried pushing it back very gently, but ended up squishing it. Hehe

  • Oh dear…. I have this in the black colour and I’ve never twisted it too much so never had problems hehe. Mine is a VERY intense black and I have to smudge it out. It’s so soft that at sometimes it even gives me panda eyes, which might sound horrendous, but I don’t mind because it looks a bit rebel rock chic on me, which I am not so I like pretending to be lol.

    • Lily

      Oh messy black liners are edgy! Not horrendous at all. Rock on! LOL 🙂

  • Aw what a disappointment. I don’t have any Clinique liners period, guess I will avoid them. Reminds me of the time my Marc Jacobs eyeliner completely fell out of the pencil…the whole thing just slid out! Not buying anymore of those…

    • Lily

      Oh dear, Meiko. That would annoy the heck out of me. I mean, when I buy something, I expect it to function properly. And here in my country, once something is bought, there is no return. Sucks eh?

  • Hi Lily, yes i have this in jet black… and yes, it does not RETRACT. And chances are, you did not swivel too much of it out, because let’s face it, you need a certain amount to work with otherwise you might be dragging the sides of the plastic around your eyes right? But the lid goes on way too tight, there’s just no room, so it smushes whatever’s left there in. I just couldn’t stand it and it’s in my junkyard pile now.

    • Lily

      Yes what you said. I can’t get lots out anyway, unless I have 10 minutes of patience to swivel it out. I’m still going to try it, when I have the patience… and maybe I should put it in the fridge and see if it works better hardened.

      • ok let me know, i may dig mine out when I have some time too. Although from what I remembered, it’s too black and too soft….

        • Lily

          Yeah, that was an idea, but I couldn’t be bothered at the moment. Teehee… will remember to let you know when I try though 🙂

  • how annoying! I tried one of these once or twice and the formula just did not stay on my eyes at all. But that was a while ago, so perhaps it has improved? Idk though, i agree that it should retract!!

    • Lily

      Right? Ugh… gets me boiling every single time, especially when the baby’s crying and all you want to do is just to smudge this around the eyes and call it a day. Guess this isn’t made for that.

  • Bella

    How absolutely annoying!!! I really feel we should be able to return dud makeup to stores used, like in the States. My fave brown eye pencils are Charlotte Tilbury Barbarella Brown and Marc Jacobs Brown (out). Once Interpol has left of course!

    • Lily

      LOL Bella. I absolutely agree that we could actually return these duds! It’s like, shop at your own risk because once you buy it, that’s it.

  • I hated these pencils. They smudged on me like crazy! Not a formula I liked at all.

    • Lily

      Bad formula and bad mechanism. Sigh.

  • That sucks. I think we all have swiveled the whole thing out to see how much is inside, only to find out it is not really retractable. No? Just me..? LOL. Well, that happened to me.

    • Lily

      Hahahaha LOL Lena! I do have that kind of inclination, but I don’t know why I didn’t do with this. Well, about an inch is gone anyway, because I was trying it a few times, to actually confirm that it couldn’t retract. Smart eh? Hahaha!

  • Liz

    LOL, love your innuendos. Sometimes I love a good, rich brown but always end up buying black for eyelining. Oh geez, why are all your posts making me want to buy something now??? *eats a pizza instead*

    • Lily

      Oh, I had pizza for lunch yesterday. Didn’t like it though. Hubs bought it from Pizza Hut and it had cheese in the crust. I nearly gagged because it was really bad cheese. Maybe it got cold but it was too much. I don’t know if I’m speaking to the right person since you eat cheese by the block, but yeah…

  • Vicki Chu

    I loved it! I have one in the same colour, I think. The sales assistant told me it’s not retractable when I was playing with their testers, trying hard to retract it back. So I guess being curious pays off. Then again the sales assistants should have said something as people would assume all mechanical pencils are retractable. It’s very smooth to apply, but once it’s set, it doesn’t budge. (In humid Malaysian weather!)

    • Lily

      Hi Vicki, I’m glad to know it doesn’t budge on you. It does move a bit on my lids though. I need to use a primer for it to stay. You’re right that the SA should mention the non retractable factor. That might have broken the deal for me though.

  • This post cracked me up! “Retractable means literally, the ability to retract.” I’m dying! 😀 I’ve never tried one of these. I am however pretty in love with Clinique’s Cream Shaper for Eyes in Chocolate Lustre. Gorgeous color, smudge-proof, fade-proof, all of the things. The only downside is you have to sharpen it occasionally but I’m a fan of sharpener liners. I just realized almost all of my liners have to be sharpened! I find them creamier. Still dying over your “ability to retract” comment!

    • Lily

      Well, apparently, I missed the memo. This it not a retractable pencil. You can only twist it out, and not twist it back in. So what do you call this kind of pencil? Don’t let the packaging fool you I guess 😛