Review: Giorgio Armani Eye Tints Rose Ashes and Senso

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints. I read about them everywhere a while back and I had my eye on Senso immediately. I also wanted a lighter shade, and Rose Ashes looked interesting with flashes of pink, purple and fuchsia pearls so I got that too. I bought them sight unseen, since I could only get them online, and I’m glad to report they are beautiful!



Giorgio Armani Eye Tints GA Eye Tints



These are liquid to powder formula and they go on the lids smoothly. There’s a cooling sensation on the lids – nothing minty, just cooler on the skin. They are not very creamy and they are not oily, and they go on the skin like very light gel before drying to a powder finish. They dry rather quickly, but I find that I could still blend them after that. I guess they work like powder once dry. On my normal lids, they last about 5 hours before creasing in the inner corners of my eyes. That’s because my lids fold at the inner corner, and truthfully, there are only less than a handful of eye shadows that don’t crease there. With a primer, these eye tints last the whole day without any problem.



GA Eye Tint Rose Ashes GA Eye Tint Senso

macro swatches



Rose Ashes is surprisingly my favourite of the two. It’s a champagne beige with multi colored mini pearls and when I turn to different angles, the color changes from champagne to pink pearls to purple to even blue-ish pearls. I tried to show you in the photos below, but nope can’t capture the color shift. You just have to believe me 🙂 I also show you (in the photo below) how I wear Senso at the outer corners and you can see how well it blends in with Rose Ashes. The colors blend like buttery powders, but no fall downs from the beautiful microshimmers. Win win situation, really.

However, I’d like to note that I prefer to put the colors at the back of my hand before using a brush to apply them. I find it hard to control if I just dabbed it on my lids directly from the applicator.



Rose Ashes FOTD Senso and Rose Ashes GA eye tint FOTD



I’ve been loving cream shadows lately, from soft liquids like this to stick shadows from Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown to the elusive Tom Ford ones. I can’t wait to get my Charlotte Tilbury’s pot and stick shadows as well as some super affordable and fun Colourpops. I’ll let you know once I get them! If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll be the first to know 🙂 I also post some short reviews / thoughts on some stuff there so go have a look!



xoxo Lily