Review: Melvita Argan+ Face Oil

I never had much luck with face oils. I tried just a couple, and then I gave up. I really didn’t want to try again just in case I break out unnecessarily. I can live without face oils, but I can’t live with breakouts, thank you very much. I first heard of argan oil from a fellow blogger, who then raved about the Josie Maran Argan Oil. I was curious, of course, but couldn’t get my hands on one. I didn’t want to spend extra for international shipping, and then to find out my skin can’t take it.



Melvita Argan Oil



A few months back, along with the Melvita Rose Floral Water, I was sent this Argan+ Face Oil (30ml, RM196). The thing about this Argan Oil is that it’s a dry touch face oil so it is lightweight and has a non greasy finish. I’ve been adding it to my moisturizer at night (just 1 drop instead of the recommended 3 drops) and no breakouts. In fact, my face looks more supple the next day without being oily. I love this most as a facial mask. I use about a dozen drops of the oil (about one full squeeze of the dropper) and use it to thoroughly massage my face and neck. It is recommended to wipe off excess oil after 10 minutes, but I just go to sleep. It is good to note that I do not get oily patches on my pillow and I do not wake up to oil soaked face. I actually wake up to baby soft skin and smaller pores! Wish the pores stay small though 😛



Argan oil dropper Melvita Argan Oil ingredients



Also, I’d like to point out this is not 100% Argan Oil, as you can see in the ingredient list. Melvita also has another Argan Oil that is pure argan oil, no other ingredients added. I believe that is 50ml, RM138. That can be used on your face, body, hands, legs, and cuticles as well. Btw, while this is a face oil, I’ve also been adding a few drops of this to my stretch mark cream – I need all the help I can get!

Have you tried this before? For someone who’s been afraid of face oils, I’m happy to report that this quelled all my fears. I did not break out, I didn’t turn oil slick and I actually really like it! If you’re in Malaysia, you can get it online here <non affiliated>. If you use face oils, what’s your favourite?



xoxo Lily



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