Sunday Stash Shopping #49 : Tom Ford Naked Bronze

I debated with myself for a long time whether or not I wanted to get the Tom Ford Naked Bronze (LE). It’s not available where I live, so I had to get someone to help me get it, and it’s expensive. I only have one item from Tom Ford, that is the Cocoa Mirage palette, and while it’s good, it’s not amazing. I read up on many reviews about Tom Ford cream shadows and I haven’t read a single negative review. The cream shadow is a repromote (Spice) and I really like how it looks. So I bit the bullet and got it. Boy, did I wish I got the peach one too. I friggin’ love Naked Bronze!



Tom Ford Naked Bronze



I’m not going to review this because I bet you’ve read lots about it. I just want to say that my lids are normal to oily – not so oil slick that everything slides off, but when I use cream shadows, creasing usually happens after the 3rd or 4th hour if I didn’t apply primer. This Tom Ford cream shadow however, stayed on my lids without budging the entire time I wore it. I didn’t take it off until after 8 hours. The intensity of the color remained and there was no creasing. I was floored! It was definitely a WOW factor. A little goes a long way, and I could wear it sheer or opaque. When it’s sheer, it’s a light warm bronze and when I layer it, the bronze becomes beautifully metallic with a wet glossy finish. Absolute love.

I created 2 looks for you. One is how I’d wear it for a casual day out, and another is how I’d wear it for a night out. I use just the cream shadow for day, and for night, I’d add the powder shadow for more bling. Different lip color also changes the look dramatically. Here are some of the products used.



products used



The Shiseido blush goes with pretty much everything, so it’s a no brainer. For the day look, I used Coco Shine Liberte and for the evening look, I switched it out for something bolder in Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus. For the evening look, I also added more liner to intensify the look. I also used blue liner instead of black because blue and bronze are a beautiful combination! Both the photos were taken in different time of the day, hence the difference in warmth. The daytime look is warmer due to the sun and the evening look is cooler due to lack of sun. Either way, I hope you get the idea. This is the difficulty of not having consistent lighting like a ring light, or Kino Flo or something like that.



day look evening look


There you go. That’s how I like to wear Naked Bronze. Hope you enjoyed this post!



xoxo Lily