Do Certain Lip Colors Make You Look More Youthful or More Mature?

My mom always says that red lips age a person. She prefers sheer nudes but I always think brighter colors make a person look more lively, more cheerful. Bright lips instantly perk up a woman’s complexion and I always tell my mom she looks so much better with them on. She, on the other hand, thinks it’s too much. I was wearing a more opaque rose lip color the other day, pretty tame, if you ask me, and she said it made me look older. I had to remind her I’m turning 40 soon. I’m not 18 anymore. It’s OK for me to look mature, and not a bouncing teenager. I have 3 kids of my own, mommy!! Perhaps I’m still just a baby to her.

But anyway, I got curious. Do different lip colors make us look younger or older? More playful or more serious? I believe lighter shades and pinks are playful, which might be associated to being youthful, and darker colors more mysterious and sexy, hence more mature. Here are a few photos of me, wearing the same makeup throughout, except for lip colors. Do I look different as I progress to darker lips?

FYI, I was wearing Tom Ford Summer 2015 Naked Bronze (cream shadow only) on my eyes and Chanel Joues Contraste Tumulte on my cheeks.



lip change



So, what do you think?


xoxo Lily