Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion Swatches

Do you remember my post on the new Estee Lauder liquid lip potion in Cold Fire? It’s here if you haven’t read it. There are 12 shades available in Malaysia, and I managed to get the swatches. However, Naughty Naive is missing from the swatch, so here are 11 swatches in total.



EL Cold Fire EL liquid potions swatches



The colours are:

1.    Lethal Red

2.    Cold Fire

3.    Fragile Ego

4.    Wicked Sweet

5.    Quiet Riot

6.    Pierced Petal

7.    Fierce Beauty

8.    Not So Innocent

9.    Vague Obsession

10.  Extreme Nude

11.  Naked Ambition


I hope this helps for those of you who are searching for the swatches. Which one caught your eye?

I haven’t been feeling like writing, so my regular posts will resume once I get some inspiration – or maybe once I don’t feel so lazy. Happy weekend!



xoxo Lily



  • UGGGH need!!! Which one should I get dude?

    • Lily

      You’ll look great in Cold Fire dude. It’s sexy!

  • I’m liking the look of Quiet Riot and Fierce Beauty! Couldn’t help but notice Extreme Nude doesn’t look very ‘nude’, it seems to be coming off as a bit more rose? =D

    • Lily

      Extreme Nude looks brown to me. LOL! Yes, both Quiet Riot and Fierce Beauty look great. Not So Innocent is pretty for every day too 🙂

  • Jaa

    These are some gorgeous colors, Lily! How do you narrow it down?! Cold Fire is still the hottest shade imo, though! I’d totally still buy that one!

    • Lily

      If I were to get one, Jaa, I think I’ll go for an easy to wear every day shade because I already have Cold Fire 🙂

  • Very helpful indeed! There are so many pretty to choose from :-O

    • Lily

      Glad you find it helpful, Melissa. You have to try these for the texture though. I love it!

  • Hey Lily, thank you for the swatches! I haven’t heard anything about these here so fingers crossed they’ll be launched soon enough! My favorite shade is actually the one you have, Cold Fire!

    • Lily

      Hi Sunny, you’re welcome! If you guys aren’t getting it, I can help you. Just let me know 🙂

  • Liz

    I’ll have to check out #8 Not So Innocent if it makes its way here. Loud lipsticks were fun for a while but I sort of want to go back to more rosy, neutral tones in fall.

    • Lily

      I have my eye on #8 as well! I was thinking of a colour I can wear anytime anywhere and that looks promising.

  • They look gorgeous! But I can’t say that any of the colors are popping out at me right now…maybe 5 or 8. I’m in a tamer mood atm, lol!

    • Lily

      How interesting that most of us are feeling that – something tamer sounds more appealing lately.

  • Quiet Riot!

    • Lily

      Are you a rebel at heart? Lol the name just gets me all the time. The colour looks great though 🙂

      • I am at heart, maybe not in practice 🙁

  • Those names are rather kinky! LOL.
    Cold Fire still stands out to me the most. The color range looks quite complete, though! 🙂

    • Lily

      You’re right Lena. Seems like there’s something for everyone here. Yeah the names. Lol!

  • Thanks for the swatches, Lily! I get what you mean about not feeling like writing…. have a good break (from the blog), and we’ll be waiting!!

    • Lily

      Thank you! A few days’ break will do 🙂 But it feels like a couple of weeks already

  • i swatched a few of these the other day, but none of the colors are really wow to me? (wow in terms of being a must buy) I do think one of the neutral shades could be really cool though.

    • Lily

      Oh, we’ve seen all the colors before, but the texture, Joyce – I love it!