Fitness Check In #3

Know when to rest. Listen to your body. That’s what I’ve learned from the past couple of months. I’ve been training pretty hard for a while, 6 days a week, crazy intense cardio (HIIT and Tabata), crazy heavy lifting, and the improvement to my strength and stamina kept me going. I was hooked! Then, maybe it’s from the fatigue of lack of rest and sleep, I started feeling tired. I kept pushing myself for a few more weeks and then I injured myself. From the injury, I had to rest but I didn’t. I kept pushing and I got sick. So I only got in 2 to 3 sessions a week, and I wasn’t performing optimally. Shit hit the fan when something goes wrong nearly every week. So, I got a good lecturing from the hubs about not knowing my own body and I had to really rest for 7 whole days.



My fitness journey chloeash



Then I had to build everything all over again – not from scratch, but I lost some strength and stamina, that’s for sure. There are times to know when to take a break. Yes, I believe we need to push ourselves but when the body says no, we just have to listen. There was also a nagging thought in my head that I need to pick up yoga again. I stopped for a while because I didn’t have the time in the day to do it. But I listened to my body and started morning practice again. I don’t do it every morning, but I try to squeeze in at least 2 sessions a week, on top of my regular training at the gym. My body feels less tight, and it’s good to be able to connect to myself again. To be honest, it is very difficult to do these, stay motivated and be consistent, given there are 3 children I have to take care of. The 8-month-old needs a lot of attention, and it is tiring. But I try.

I’ve fallen off the bandwagon in eating right though. I’m trying to get back on track slowly and man, it’s tough. I’m an emotional eater. Hahaha! So basically, this entry is more about my struggles. There are always ups and downs, I know… but when I’m down, I just need to buck up and pick myself up right? If only there’s an on off button!

What do you do when there’s a setback in achieving your goals?



xoxo Lily