Review: Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Balm and Exfoliating Gelee

I’m having a hard time churning out reviews, because I’ve been feeling uninspired. I feel bored when I have to review average or mediocre things, and while I do not guarantee reviews for products sent, I still feel responsible and obliged to do one. This review, however, is not an obligation, because I really want to share with you! Biotherm has these 2 Biosource cleansers and I really like them, especially the Biosource Cleansing Balm (RM138). The tube you see is actually the Biosource daily exfoliating cleansing melting gel (RM125) which is a gel cleanser with tiny pumice stones, fragments of low density volcanic rocks that exfoliates the skin gently.



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Let’s talk about the cleansing balm first. Let me just mentioned that I was pleasantly surprised because this is scentless! So far, all the Biotherm products I’ve tested are pretty heavily fragranced. This cleansing balm however, has none. It is a solid balm in the tub. I like to use a spatula to get some on my palms, and it melts into a very light oil when I rub my palms together. It is light in texture, but gets everything off my face and eyes easily – including waterproof mascaras. I gently massage my lids and lashes in circular motion and the balm DOES NOT sting my eyes at all. THIS IS A WINNER, you guys. Affordable too! Then, all I have to do is use water to emulsify, and wash off. You don’t need to use a wash cloth if you don’t want to.


I usually follow the balm with the cleanser. It has a pretty strong citrus scent so you might want to note that if you’re really sensitive to smell. I don’t mind it. The natural exfoliators are very tiny, and they are very gentle on the skin. I’m glad these are not synthetic microbeads because they are really bad for the environment. Just do a search on “microbeads bad for environment” and you’ll get heaps of articles. I’ll link to Liz’s post >here< because she’s the one who brought this to my attention. Some countries even ban the use of microbeads. I doubt this will happen in Malaysia in the near future, but if companies willingly take a stand against using microbeads in their products, they stand so much taller than their counterparts. So much more dignified, so much more powerful.



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So yeah – I’m all for the cleansing balm, people… and the exfoliating cleanser feels really good. Makes my face feel clean and smooth without all the squeakiness. We don’t want to have squeaky clean face, my friends. Just nice comfortable not drying face 🙂 Have you tried these?



xoxo Lily




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