Review: Koyudo Fupa 01, 02, 14

Aren’t these little kabukis cute? I saw plenty of these on Instagram (evil!) and got really curious. I was directed to CD Japan if I was interested, and that was where it started and ended. I have here 3 fupas. 01 (5520 yen) is a blush brush, 02 (4320 yen) a foundation brush (both goat hairs hence more density and less give), and 14 (9000 yen) is a gray squirrel powder brush. Gray squirrel hairs are much softer and usually need gentler care.



Koyudo Fu Pafupa 01 02 14



I was very excited when I got these. I mean, I wasn’t happy I got taxed one Dior lipstick worth of $, but I was stoked I finally got to try these. Perhaps it’s due to my higher expectations that I find these a little ‘meh’. First, they shed. Like crazy. That’s a huge turn off for me. I never expected them to shed so much! I’ve been using these quite regularly since I got them a few months ago and they’re still shedding. If you have these, do yours shed? Does it stop shedding? Both fupas 1 and 2 aren’t that soft either. They are not prickly by any means, and not scratchy, but some synthetic brushes are even softer. They are also very dense, and work well when you want to deposit more color. I’ve been using Fupa 01 with my baked Chanel blushes and they apply beautifully. I’ve used Fupa 02 with mineral powder foundation, and it buffs in the product very quickly.

However, if you’re planning on getting either fupa 1 or 2, I’d suggest you look at Zoeva’s synthetic line. The Zoeva 102 silk finish brush is quite similar to Fupa 01 actually, just a tad bit smaller, but way gentler on the skin. That, my friends, is where my disappointment is. A much more affordable brush performing better. I guess “you get what you paid for” doesn’t apply here.




top down view



Fupa 14 sheds too. It doesn’t shed as much as the other 2, but it still sheds. This is much softer, more gentle on the skin. I like to use this for blush instead of powder. It diffuses the blush perfectly, for a very natural blended look. It does cost twice as much so there’s your difference. I’m probably sounding like a spoilt brat though. By no means are these brushes sub par, and they ARE soft… just not as I expected.

The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment, I guess. Perhaps these will soften with more use? Advice?



xoxo Lily