Sunday Stash Shopping #52: Benefit Bossy

I was de-cluttering and found an old eye shadow I bought because of Lisa Eldridge. She seems to have the ability to make me buy all sorts of things I don’t need. Anyone here with the same problem? I’m much better now though. This is one of the products she said she loved on eye brows. An old Benefit eye shadow, Bossy. It’s a matte shadow, and it’s a cool dark brown which pulls ashy. The thing about this shadow is, it also looks good on its own for a simple understated look. I’m all for simple and almost there makeup. I like mine a little undone – not too done up, you know? Something that might take a little bit of effort, but not trying too hard. This is easy. I made a pretty good dent in this eye shadow, but it’s getting old, so I’ll be tossing this out soon.

For today’s look, I only used 5 products.



products used



One is the Dior makeup base I’m trying to use up, Benefit Bossy on my brows and lids, mascara (actually, it’s Estee Lauder’s black lash primer), blush (Chanel Frivole) and lipstick (Chanel Liberte). The Dior Radiant Base 002 evens out my skin tone, enough for me to skip foundation. I think I have 2/3 left of the bottle. Keep it up, Lily *pats self on the back* I’ve also been skipping powder because my skin’s been acting weird. Sometimes it’s dry, sometimes it’s oily. Anyhoo…

Here’s the finished look. Bossy seems to look cooler on my lids and warmer on my brows. I didn’t realize that until I saw these photos. See? FOTDs actually do help šŸ™‚ I have naturally lopsided brows. One is higher and the other is lower. One has an arch while the other is straighter. Story of my life. So I usually use pencil to try to balance them out. It’s difficult using just powder but for this post, I’ll just leave my brows looking weird. Who needs perfectly balanced brows, right?



look2 look1



Erm yeah… bags and dark circles. I figured I could’ve used some concealer there, but heck, I’ve been lacking sleep because I’m taking care of a baby, and proud of it! Eeps, I think I also see some flakes on my nose. Gah… whatever!

Hope you liked today’s look. What have you been wearing the past couple of weeks?



xoxo Lily




  • Hey Lily, this is a put-together everyday look! I have that same problem with Lisa Eldridge tutorials. I end up wanting a lot of stuff! Frivole is so pretty. Seeing it makes me regret that I didn’t pick it up!

    • Lily

      Frivole will look so good on you Sunny! I remember Lisa did a video on her Korean haul and I wanted to get everything. Good thing I didn’t šŸ™‚

  • Your eye makeup always looks so nice! It doesn’t look like you’re just wearing one color! And I’ve never thought your brows are uneven. Really?
    Ms. Eldridge’s videos don’t really affect my purchase because I usually skim through her videos not paying much attention to specific products. I did buy some Revlon cream blush because of her, though. ;D

    • Lily

      Thanks Lena. I wanted to try the Revlon cream blushes but they didn’t reach here. A pity really, because I read some pretty good reviews!

  • I was sort of focusing on the same sort of things today! Clean but with a bolder lip šŸ˜€ MAC Moleskin is kind of like this Benefit shadow – matte and sort of neutral-gray. At first I was like what is the big deal, but then as I keep using it, I’m like OK YES, I UNDERSTAND.

    • Lily

      Really? I have to search for this MAC shadow then. This Benefit eye shadow has to be thrown out. Getting old.

  • BooBooNinja

    I’ve never noticed your eyebrows were less than ideal.
    Also, Lisa Eldridge could sell me anything.

    • Lily

      Aaw thank you. Maybe it’s because I hide it well. Heh

  • Pretty and perfect! I love a good workhorse eyeshadow, and I prefer one shadow looks lately anyways. I’m so lazy lately and don’t want to blend LOL.
    And yeah, I’m the same-I want everything Lisa Eldridge uses too hahaha. The Lancome new stuff for Fall she’s been showing I already want hahaha.

    • Lily

      I saw the palette she developed in action in one of her videos for Lancome. Looks like it’s going to be sheer seeing how she had to dip into them so many times just for a wash of colou4r!

  • Ah, I just love your smile, Lily! You are beauts! Psshhhhah on nose flakes?! Good for you for flexing your biceps and attempting to use up that Dior base. I know you can do it! And dude, my eyebrows are also not even. One is lower and starts closer to my nose. I always have a bit of struggle when it’s time to fill them in!

    • Lily

      Thank you Kristen! I guess many of us have uneven brows. And yes, I feel you! Don’t you think that if you filled them in without correcting them, the unevenness look even more pronounced?

  • You’re a beautiful mother Lily šŸ™‚ this reminds me I need de clutter I probably have stuff that is getting too old, sigh sometimes I feel like it’s such a waste, that I should just buy and use one product at a time, but that would be so boring!

    • Lily

      Aaw thank you Meiko. I’ve been pretty ruthless in throwing old makeup. Better than breakouts or eye infections right?

  • Jaa

    You know how much I adore your brows, Lily! They are naturally perfect to me! Bossy is very natural on. Lately I’ve been seeing more and more eye bags on me and I actually think they look cute. LOL. Am I weird??

    • Lily

      Thank you Jaa. I think small eye bags are ok. I mean, look at Korean makeup where they even fake eye bags! But when you have huge ones like mine plus those dark circles, not attractive, man. Lol!

  • Pretty! Loving that lip color. Lotsssss!

    • Lily

      It looks very natural on. I’ve been using it quite frequently lately šŸ™‚

  • Liz

    This is pretty hot for someone who takes care of THREE babies. Four including the husband, lol!

    • Lily

      LOL thanks Liz. What a compliment!

  • I have lopsided brows too!!! And they’ve just been getting worse!!! I swear the more I stare at them brows, the more lopsided they grow! LOL! Good luck finishing up stuff….. i’m working hard on mine too!

    • Lily

      HAHAHA I know what you mean. The more I look at them, the more lopsided they are!