Review: Dr Jart+ V7 Toning Light

This is a product I thought would be interesting – and confusing. I first thought it was skincare, but after testing, it’s more like a face primer which is more makeup than anything else. Then again, there are skincare benefits like brightening and collagen inducing, but many new generation makeup nowadays are hybrids. So, I’m just going to end my confusion and call this a hybrid. Dr Jart+ V7 Toning Light (50ml, RM169) is whiteness in a jar. Literally. It is marketed mostly in Asia and I’m not sure if you can get it elsewhere. Many people in Asia love brighter whiter complexion (in general), and hence Dr Jart+ came out with this product which brightens on the inside and out.



Toning Light



It is a white cream that is a little thick in texture, but does not feel heavy on the skin. It is supposed to be applied on top of your moisturizer, and before sunscreen. On my normal skin, I don’t feel it moisturizing enough to be used alone, even though it is said to be moisturizing. Once I apply this cream, my face is at least 1 shade lighter. No, I’m not kidding. Instantly, my face is completely brighter in the most natural way, without looking ashy. The problem comes if I apply sunscreen after this product which is supposed to be waterproof and last all day. Sunscreen seems to take away the “whiteness” almost immediately. I voiced my concern, and apparently, anything with zinc or titanium oxide will melt away the impact of this cream. Weird! However, if I apply this ON TOP on my sunscreen, this product works as it’s supposed to.

Many sunscreens nowadays are a hybrid of both chemical and physical elements, so instead of checking the ingredients of all my sunscreens, I just decided to apply this product after sunscreen and treat this as a face primer before makeup. It should be marketed this way, I think, to avoid confusion.



Dr Jart+ Toning Light texture



OK now, to see how it works. See how obviously lighter my skin is, after applying the V7 Toning Light? I could use this alone after sunscreen, and it takes away the yellowness on my skin. I think it’s great for sallow skin, and for those who do not like to use foundation. It does not cover spots, but it does blur some imperfections somehow. For the skincare benefits, it improves skin turnover, moisturizers and induces collagen generation. I can’t tell you how effectively it works as skincare, but as makeup primer to lighten skin tone immediately, it works. I have also used it under foundations, and I couldn’t tell much difference, to be honest.

Another way I like to use this is to mix with a darker foundation to lighten it. Works GREAT! If you have oily skin however, you might want to use powder foundation because after a few hours, my T-zone got oily and I have normal skin.






I think this is a pretty interesting product, and definitely a brightening product for those looking for a quick fix. It’s supposed to be in line with the K beauty trending globally, but I say, embrace your own color, whatever it is. What do you think of this?



xoxo Lily



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  • Interesting for sure! I don’t think I need to get any paler though HAHA. I’d end up like my daughter then, who can’t easily find a foundation to match her. I like the idea of using it to lighten foundations though, because sometimes even I have a problem finding a match too.

    • Lily

      No, you don’t need to get any paler. LOL! But yes, it’s great to lighten foundations, for a winter match, perhaps.

  • Hey Lily, hmm this is probably not for me! I use very few products that actually change my skin tone because I am A OK with it (OK that’s a lie. I do use a bit of bronzing products in summer). Back home I sometimes see ladies with a paler face than their neck and the rest of their bodies. I just don’t think that’s a good look!

    • Lily

      I like to use this one alone, because my face, somehow, is paler than my neck and body. So weird though. I apply sunscreen most diligently on my face. You’d think my face should be paler than the rest of my body.

      • Haha my face is paler and not quite as yellow, so I need a foundation that’s a touch warmer and darker. Otherwise I look weird.

  • Hahaha this is confusing. I like the brightening aspect, but since I use a higher sunscreen on my face than my body, usually, my face is already paler 😛

    • Lily

      LOL I would think this is more appealing here in Asia. I have some friends who would buy foundations shades lighter just to look paler. Hahah!

  • I hate products that confuse the heck out of me. I remember using a jar of Bobbi Brown something for eons thinking it’s a primer, because the BA told me so… and wondering why isn’t it helping me keep the oilier away. Then i googled it, and found out it’s a moisturizer! ROFL!! This one looks more like a moisturizer, but if it doesn’t work with sunscreen then what the heck use is it? >>oops<<

    • Lily

      LOL! I don’t know. It’s a moisturizer, but doesn’t work with sunscreens on top of it? Weird.

  • LOL. Good thinking there, Lily! I think it would be best to apply over sunscreen too but you should probably wait a bit so your sunscreen actually form a proper barrier. It sounds like this cream itself contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide already..?
    I need to use some brightening products but I will probably stick with a serum type or something. 🙂