Review: Esqido False Lashes in Unforgettable

I’m wearing mink coat on my lashes, yo! Hahaha! Backstory – I hardly wear false lashes. I love the idea of them, especially on my fine and sparse lashes, and I have a few of them in my drawer for special occasions but those occasions are far and few between. Also, my inexperience in false lashes led me to some really crappy ones that were so heavy, I felt sleepy every time I put one on. I then went on to buy Japanese drugstore ones, which aren’t cheap by the way. They’re about RM50 for one pair of lashes, those Dolly Wink ones, but I like them. Not as heavy, and they still looked natural. Then, I read post after post about Esqido lashes, and every time I comment on those reviews, I tell myself I NEED to get a couple to try. They looked so darn good! So imagine my excitement when I was contacted to try their lashes. I was sent Unforgettable (US$32) and Little Black Lash (US$30). I’ve only worn Unforgettable for a wedding dinner the other day (you might have seen my Instagram photo) so let me show you first how it looks, and what I think of it.



Esqido Unforgettable



It is not as dramatic as some of the lashes they have to offer, and I appreciate it. It is not too long for me, and I like that it flares out a little at the end. First, let me just tell you, it FEELS like real lashes. Second, it’s LIGHT. I didn’t feel sleepy at all! You know, it wasn’t a power lifting session for my lids. And third, it looks so GOOD on.



look3 look1 look2



Doesn’t it look like I have naturally beautiful lashes? I had to trim 1 cluster of lashes because it was too long, but other than that, they fit very well. These photos were taken right before I went out for the event, in front of my vanity. So, a little poor lighting (which emphasized my pores, dammit!) but you’re supposed to focus on my eyes 🙂

The lashes are supposed to last you quite a few wears (up to 25 times), but that’s where the setback is for me. I don’t think I can wear it more than 10 times. On inexperienced hands like mine, the mink lashes fall off as I tried to remove the lashes. I promise I tried to be as gentle as I could. I didn’t use any oil based eye makeup remover and removed as recommended (you can read it here). I still found it difficult to remove, and the last I checked, I didn’t accidentally use super glue. Anyway, after I got the lashes off, I tried to remove some residue glue on the band. That’s when disaster happened. The lashes started to fall off. I stopped immediately after I realized the beautiful lashes are losing hair! What did I do wrong? Maybe I wasn’t gentle enough? That was enough to spook me out, so I just left it as that. It’s not very dirty anyway, and maybe it’s my OCD tendencies of wanting to make it as clean as possible.

Horror story over.

I still blame my inexperience for this near disaster though. I checked the lashes again (they’re precious to me, as you can tell) and was relieved to find there are no bald spots. Hahaha! I will try the Little Black Lash soon, and I will report again my experience with removing the lashes. Maybe the second time’s better. My friends definitely didn’t have a problem with them! Check out Larie’s review here, and Liz’s review here.

Do you wear false lashes? Mink false lashes at that?



xoxo Lily



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