Fitness Check In #4

It’s been about 6 months since I started working out. I had my first baby in October 2007 and got back in shape pretty fast. It’s probably because it’s only my first pregnancy, and I was also much younger. Then, 2 years later, after the second pregnancy, it was tougher to get back in shape. I had 2 to take of, worked full time, and couldn’t find the extra time to work out. Those motivated hardcore exercise buffs will say that’s just an excuse, but really, if I had the time, I’d want to get some rest. I was beat! So I got comfortable. I got bigger. November 2014, I had my 3rd baby, and my goodness, I thought I looked like a hippo. For my 5 foot 3 frame, I was overweight. I took 2 months to recover, then started on yoga. After 3 months of giving birth to Ashton, I started lifting weights and doing high intensity cardio. 5 months after my pregnancy, I fit into my normal clothes and now, 9 months after, I can fit into clothes I couldn’t fit into for years. Am I happy? Yes. Is it enough? No.


My fitness journey chloeash


Aesthetically, I am nowhere near where I want to be. I need to lose another 2 dress sizes, at least. Performance wise, my stamina is just not there yet. On Saturday, I joined and completed the Viper Challenge. It was a 15-obstacle 10km course across the mountain. It was challenging, but do-able. It’s only 10km, while some courses run for 21km. I realized I was really afraid of heights, darn it. I wasn’t afraid of dirt and mud, but man… getting up high and swinging down was new and scary for me. So scary, I let go of my hand and fell into the muddy water. It also awakened the competitive spirit in me, because I WANT TO CONQUER IT. I need to train more, be more agile, and I also need to run more, even though I hate it. My shins hate it.

So now that I have something to work for, my goals changed for the clearer. Improve stamina, increase upper body strength, lower body weight and increase agility & flexibility. I am happy, though, that I scratched one item off my to do list. Viper Challenge done! There are other obstacle courses like this, and maybe I’ll do another one next year. 21km? Hahahaha! Not at the moment, thank you very much. But I will be training for it – for next year. Woots!


xoxo Lily



  • GOOOOO LILY! YOU CAN DO IT! I really like the challenge of staying in shape now, and most of all, being strong and doing cool things on aerial apparatuses. So that’s a lot of motivation for me. I was going to do a post focusing on arm workouts, but damn I’m so behind right now.

    • Lily

      I’d love to read that post on arm workout! I do push ups, triceps dips and other stuff with weights. If we had those cool aerial workouts, I’d definitely want to do it but we’re just not there yet 🙁

  • You go girl!

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy!

  • Thanks for the motivation! I am on a weight loss quest after gaining lots of weight due to a knee injury. Reading this kinda keeps that motivation going (have lost 9 kgs in 2 months).

    • Lily

      Oh you’re welcome and great job! 9kg in 2 months – that’s a lot. Keep it up man!

  • Come on Lily! I love reading your fitness reports 🙂 so proud of you! Hey yeah, who knows maybe next year you’ll be writing us about having done the 21km one.
    This one made me remember when I was a teenager I lived in Brunei for a couple of years, and I used t go running in the jungle in this thing I think was called the hash harriets. It was always a different route, so there were always weird obstacles and sometimes I would come home covered in mud, because you would have to swim in mud!

    • Lily

      Thanks Sofia. Oh did you have a hard time getting your clothes clean after? Those mud baths are really potent! I rinsed my clothes more than 10 times and they were still muddy. Then washed my clothes 3 times and there are still mud stains. Lol

      • I can’t remember that bit. I only remember (this is contradictory) that it was fun, and that we were all hoping there wouldn’t be any crocodiles…

  • Whoa Lily, well done! So sorry to hear you’re afraid of heights tho. I don’t THINK I am, but then again I can’t remember the last time I tried to swing down anything, let alone mud: now that I know I hate!

    I really need to start working on this baby thing soon. I’m already 31. Chances are it’ll take me a LONG time to lose baby weight. Ahhhhh.

    • Bella

      Sunny I was wondering whether you wanted to have babies!!! Wooooot, you do!! Get on it, you won’t regret it LOL!

      • Hahaha I am at two minds about it to be honest! On the one hand, they are CUTE! On the other: SO MUCH WORK!

    • Lily

      The older generation always says that the older we are, the more difficult the pregnancy will be. But it’s really such an individual thing. That said, I do support having kids earlier if you can 🙂

  • Wow, you sound motivated! You’ve already done really well from what I can read, but I think it’s very impressive and inspiring that you want to get even further and that you have set such tough goals for yourself. I’m sure you’ll reach them. I can feel the determination 🙂

    • Lily

      Thanks for the encouragement Melissa!

  • Wow congrads on reaching not only such tough personal goals but striving to achieve more!

    • Lily

      Thank you Yu Ming. I still have a long journey ahead but it’s definitely something I learned to enjoy… especially the little victories 🙂

  • So inspiring Lily!! Hey 10km is no small deal ok? I can’t even run 5km now! Anyway I can totally relate to the post-pregnancy body shape change. I’m at an acceptable weight now I think, previously I was underweight. But the shape is just all kinds of wrong, so I’ve gone up 2 sizes as a result too and dresses just don’t fit properly. My personal goals is to have up and tone up, though the stamina can definitely get much work too.

    • Lily

      Thanks Linda. I couldn’t have run 10km non stop though. All the pit stops for the obstacles were like rest stops. Hahaha! I think after giving birth 3 times, my tummy and hip areas have gone much wider than before. Have to work on them, but it takes time. Took me 8 years to get so much bigger, I think I’ll give myself at least 2 years to get as close as what I was before. LOL!