Fitness Check In #4

It’s been about 6 months since I started working out. I had my first baby in October 2007 and got back in shape pretty fast. It’s probably because it’s only my first pregnancy, and I was also much younger. Then, 2 years later, after the second pregnancy, it was tougher to get back in shape. I had 2 to take of, worked full time, and couldn’t find the extra time to work out. Those motivated hardcore exercise buffs will say that’s just an excuse, but really, if I had the time, I’d want to get some rest. I was beat! So I got comfortable. I got bigger. November 2014, I had my 3rd baby, and my goodness, I thought I looked like a hippo. For my 5 foot 3 frame, I was overweight. I took 2 months to recover, then started on yoga. After 3 months of giving birth to Ashton, I started lifting weights and doing high intensity cardio. 5 months after my pregnancy, I fit into my normal clothes and now, 9 months after, I can fit into clothes I couldn’t fit into for years. Am I happy? Yes. Is it enough? No.


My fitness journey chloeash


Aesthetically, I am nowhere near where I want to be. I need to lose another 2 dress sizes, at least. Performance wise, my stamina is just not there yet. On Saturday, I joined and completed the Viper Challenge. It was a 15-obstacle 10km course across the mountain. It was challenging, but do-able. It’s only 10km, while some courses run for 21km. I realized I was really afraid of heights, darn it. I wasn’t afraid of dirt and mud, but man… getting up high and swinging down was new and scary for me. So scary, I let go of my hand and fell into the muddy water. It also awakened the competitive spirit in me, because I WANT TO CONQUER IT. I need to train more, be more agile, and I also need to run more, even though I hate it. My shins hate it.

So now that I have something to work for, my goals changed for the clearer. Improve stamina, increase upper body strength, lower body weight and increase agility & flexibility. I am happy, though, that I scratched one item off my to do list. Viper Challenge done! There are other obstacle courses like this, and maybe I’ll do another one next year. 21km? Hahahaha! Not at the moment, thank you very much. But I will be training for it – for next year. Woots!


xoxo Lily