Results: Laser Treatment for Freckles with ND-YAG

Do you remember me sharing my experience getting my freckles lasered off? It was <here> in case you didn’t read it. Just to summarize though, it was not as scary as people made it sound. There wasn’t any open wounds either, so recovery time was really just waiting for the redness to go off, which only took about 24 hours for me. My friend got her freckles lasered at a beauty salon, and instead of using this, I think it was the IPL or something like that. However, her freckles became scabs, and she had to wear a face mask to conceal her face for about a week. She also couldn’t use any skincare for the entire week, just water, and she said waiting for the scabs to fall off and heal was the longest week she experienced. LOL! I’m glad I chose ND-YAG instead!

Anyway, here’s the immediate before after photo. This was taken immediately after my first treatment. Look at those freckles all over my face!


b4after treatment 1



Honestly, I only went one more time after that. In total, I only got 2 sessions on my face. The treatment took about 45 minutes, but in all honesty, while I really wanted to go the third time, I just didn’t have the time! Also, because the results were so impressive, I was already happy with my face that I just didn’t have the motivation to go again. Hahaha! So my advise to you is to maybe get individual treatments instead of signing up for a package because you might not need so many treatments.

Here are 2 close up shots of both sides of my face. You’ll notice some faded freckles which did not entirely go away. I’m OK with that. A little foundation and my face looks flawless. Also, who goes that near to you to see these tiny shadows anyway? At 37 years old, I’m happy with my naked face. I’m sure you see a huge improvement compared to the before photos. If you’re a long time reader, you might also notice the difference in my FOTDs. No, I didn’t photoshop those freckles away, they really are gone 🙂



after left after right



Will I recommend this treatment? YES! But only if you’re comfortable with laser treatments. I have tried all sorts of skincare, brightening and whitening, just to get marks gone. Pimple marks fade easily, but not freckles. I guess many will consider laser as a very aggressive treatment, but hey, just RM800 (<USD200) one session, and after 2 sessions, THIS is the result. Cheaper than all the serums I’ve used and none got rid of my freckles. Just sayin’.

Caring for the face after laser treatments is also very important. That means using sunscreens every single day without skipping, and for me, I also reapply. Sun protection is utmost important if you don’t want freckles to form again. Heck, it is important whether or not freckles are in the picture.

So there you go, guys. Those of you who have been sitting on the fence, have I given you a little push? Hahaha! Thanks to Ko Skin Specialist for this opportunity.


xoxo Lily